Milwaukee Bucks Betting

This season Milwaukee Bucks betting will be especially exciting.

The team is among the top picks not only for the Eastern Conference Finals winner but also for taking the NBA finals.

Read this article to learn about best betting strategies, as we analyze for you the predictions, totals, point spreads, moneyline, and prop bets.

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Best Milwaukee Bucks Predictions

Milwaukee Bucks betting this season will be a lot of fun for the fans of this team. With over-under line at 57.5, and 60 wins in the last season, they have the highest number of projected win totals for the upcoming season.

Here are some useful tips and predictions. They are also among the top picks for this season championship winners.

The moneyline for Bucks winning the championship is at this point around +450, but it changes the closer the season-opening gets.

Milwaukee Bucks betting strategy should include the analysis of their against the spread record from last season, which was 57-32-4.

Exciting prop bets this season will concern scores of their star player, Giannis Antetokuonmpo.

When the season starts, each game will have their own lines and wagering odds set out in detail, including the point spread, moneyline and plenty of prop bets.

History Of Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks have been full of surprises since their very beginning.

That includes the story of how they got their name, the unbelievable improvement after acquiring Ferdinand Alcindor and finally winning the NBA championship in only third season of their existence.

Bucks had their home for years at the Bradley Center, one of the oldest NBA facilities.

But in August 2019 the team moved to a new, freshly opened and much more spacious arena – the Fiserv Forum.

Team Creation

The Bucks were created in 1968. At that point, it had been 13 years since Milwaukee had its own NBA team.

There was a contest for the new team’s name. The final choice was Bucks, despite this name getting only the second highest number of votes.

As one fan argued, those medium-sized deer, native to Wisconsin, were “spirited, good-jumpers, fast and agile”, just like the new team was meant to be.

Best Seasons

In 1971, just three seasons after their creation, the Bucks won the NBA championship.

In 1973-1974 season, Milwaukee won the Western Conference finals, but lost in the NBA finals with Boston Celtics.

They had a number of good seasons ever since, but no championship titles. This might change in the upcoming 2019-2020 season.

Most Famous Players

Kareem Abdul Jaber joined the Bucks in 1969, at that time still going by his birth name Ferdinand Alcindor.

He changed his name two years later, right after his team won the NBA championship. Jaber became the highest scorer in the history of the NBA and remains among the best players the league has ever seen.

His trademark was the skyhook, a variation of hook shot, which Jaber could perform from much further away from the basket than other players. He stayed with the Bucks for six seasons.

In 2013 another brilliant player, Giannis Antetokounmpo joined the team.

He is fast, skilled and almost seven-feet tall. After six seasons of multiple success, in June 2019 he received the trophy for the NBA Most Valued Player.

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