Elite 8 Betting

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Are you already looking for the Elite 8 betting predictions for 2021, but you’re not sure which teams to pick?

Read our updated guide for the 2021 Elite 8 best bets. 

Also, don’t forget to make your future bets on the Final 4 and March Madness Finals winner.

Elite Eight betting means two things: what teams will reach the Elite Eight round, and how should you bet on an Elite Eight game? The Elite Eight round is the culmination of the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, and teams will punch their tickets to the Final Four with a win in this game. 

Your bracket is probably busted in several different ways at this point of the tournament, but that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. There are still some great betting opportunities in the Elite Eight round, and we will go over those in this article. 

Making March Madness picks is never an easy task, but hopefully, this information will give you the ammo needed to win.

The beginning of March Madness is coming closer and we are getting more excited every day for what’s about to happen. We will all have the opportunity to see basketball games played at the highest level. Events like these catch a lot of attention among bettors, therefore, predictions about Elite 8 betting are starting to appear.

We’re getting closer to the Selection Sunday and if you want to be prepared for the start of the March Madness, go through our Elite 8 picks and see exactly why we have chosen these teams. We believe that the following Elite 8 predictions are going to be useful for your future betting.

Who to bet on in the Elite 8?

Even though the NCAA Tournament is wildly different from year to year, looking at past history and results can still help us pick some teams that will advance to the Elite Eight this season. Many people love taking upsets in the first few rounds of the NCAA Tournament, but things usually start to level out by the time the second weekend comes to a close. 

We are going to take a look at some NCAA history in hopes of identifying some programs that you should expect to see in the Elite Eight this season. There will be some madness throughout the competition, but these teams are usually solid picks in March. 

Most Elite Eight Appearances By Team:

The Kentucky Wildcats and UCLA Bruins have the most Elite Eight appearances of all time, but they are followed closely by North Carolina, Duke, and Kansas. These teams are typically solid picks each season, but UCLA and North Carolina are not even going to be in the NCAA Tournament this season. 

Kentucky, Duke, and Kansas are going to be solid teams to bet on this season, and they all very well could end up in the Elite Eight. It’s important to remember that upsets typically happen during the first few rounds of the NCAA Tournament, and things tend to slow down and get back to normal by the Elite Eight. 

The Elite Eight round usually features some terrific basketball, and it’s because the best teams in the country are represented. 

Most Elite Eight Appearances By Conference:

Looking at NCAA Tournament results for a particular conference can help us make some March Madness predictions, but it can also be a bit misleading. College programs have changed conferences like crazy over the last few years, and it makes looking at past results a bit overwhelming and confusing. 

If you are wanting to make some selections based on conference strength, then you will want to have teams from the power-six conferences. The Big Ten Conference, Big 12 Conference, Big East Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference, Pac-12 Conference, and Southeastern Conference make up this group of six, and they typically send the most teams to the Final Four or the Final. 

There very well could be a team from outside of this group reach the Elite Eight this season, but these conferences will be represented. 

Look at Top 25 Teams:

One thing that can help you identify Elite Eight-caliber teams is to keep an eye on the Top 25 poll all season long, It’s very rare that a team reaches the Elite Eight after not being ranked at some point during the regular season. 

The polls and rankings are constantly changing throughout the season, but the best teams will find a way to be a part of the rankings at some point. The top eight teams in the country aren’t all going to reach the Elite Eight, but almost all Elite Eight teams are going to be found somewhere on the list. 

Elite 8 betting

Elite Eight Betting Tips

Now that we have reached the Elite Eight round, betting strategy and betting opportunities change a little bit. There are obviously just a few games remaining in the NCAA Tournament, but there are still plenty of chances to win some big money. 

Elite Eight betting strategy can be a little tricky, and there are just four games that take place in this round. Here are some March Madness betting tips to help you navigate through the four games in the Elite Eight round. 

Parlay All Four Regional Finals:

One betting strategy that you should try in the Elite Eight round is to add all games into one larger bet. Usually, we would suggest staying away from parlay betting, but this is a great opportunity to make one of them. 

You should still make a bet on each game, but combining all four of them together can earn you a huge payday. You can combine moneyline and March Madness point spreads into your parlay, but find a bet that you like from each game, and put them all together into one bet. 

There is still a chance to be surprised by the outcome in the Elite Eight, but you should have a better idea of the teams by now. 

Look at Regular-Season Results:

You should definitely do some research before making any Elite Eight betting choices, and looking at regular-season results should be one of the first things that you do. There is a chance that the two teams in a particular matchup met up during the regular season, and this game could play out in a very similar way. 

Even if they didn’t square off earlier in the year, you should be able to find some common opponents to help you make a betting decision. Don’t just look at how each team has done in the NCAA Tournament, but take a closer look at how each team fared all season long.

Location Matters:

Elite Eight games are sometimes known as a “Regional Final,” and location can play a huge role in the outcome of this game. It doesn’t always work out that teams are playing in an arena close to their campus, but top seeds usually have this advantage if they are able to reach the Elite Eight round. 

They might not be playing on their home floor, but they should have a huge advantage when it comes to the number of fans. This “homecourt” advantage will also have an impact on the total points and betting lines, and that could affect the way you bet and your chances of winning some money. 

Point Spread Betting is the Best:

There are several different bets available when it comes to Elite Eight games, but the best one to make is a point spread bet. Betting the moneyline might be a smarter play for the earlier rounds in the NCAA Tournament, but not when it comes to the Elite Eight. 

These teams are likely going to be too evenly matched, and you have a better chance of winning more money by betting on the point spread. 

Make a National Champion Future Bet:

Even though there are just eight teams remaining, you can still get some great value in making a future bet on which team will win the National Championship. Look closely at the bracket and break down each potential matchup that your “pick” will face. 

Picking a National Champion in the Elite Eight will offer a much greater payout then making the same bet in the Final Four. 

Hedge Past Bets:

If you have suffered some defeats in the earlier rounds of the NCAA Tournament, then it might be time to hedge your bets in the Elite Eight. Maybe your bracket is blown up, and you have no chance of winning your bracket pools. 

If that is the case, then it is time to try to hedge your bets and make back your money by winning some Elite Eight bets. There is also a chance that you could end up losing even more money in this round, but it’s worth a shot to try and hedge your bets by winning some Elite Eight bets. 

How can you bet on the Elite Eight?

Placing online bets has become accessible thanks to numerous online sportsbooks being launched in certain US states. The law regarding online sports wagering has been regulated, and now in some states, you have the opportunity to place bets in a matter of minutes.

We’ll explain how it goes. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to bet on your Elite 8 predictions in no time:

  1. Visit the online sportsbook or basketball betting app and create an account by filling out the necessary fields in the registration form;
  2. Select your payment method and make the first deposit;
  3. Having done that, visit the sports section and select the March Madness game you’d like to bet on;
  4. Select the odds, enter your stake and you’ve successfully placed a bet.

All you can do at that point is to watch the exciting Elite Eight game and see what the outcome will bring you. We hope that our predictions will help you make the right Elite 8 betting decisions.

Should you pick the Elite 8 now or wait?

Now that we’ve presented you with our Elite 8 predictions, it’s time to decide when is it best to place bets, now or later? While we can’t give you a correct answer to the question, we can present you with some facts. In front of you, there are two options.

The first one is to place your bets now based on the Elite 8 predictions. Here, the upside is that, if you win, the payout would be amazing. However, the downside to this option is that the chances of you winning are slim.

That’s at least what last year’s March Madness showed us – you can never be too sure when it comes to bets. Everything is possible, and the outcome of the games sometimes can’t be predicted. It can be hard to nail down how to bet on basketball.

The other option is to wait for the Tournament to begin, follow the games, and then place bets. At that point, you’d have more insight into all the teams’ performances, and you’d know their weak and strong points. Yes, the odds would be closer to evens, and the payout would be smaller, but, the chances of you actually winning are much bigger.

Which one you’ll choose, it’s up to you. We hope this has helped you in deciding which option is the best for you.

Summary of Elite Eight Betting

You should probably give yourself a pat on the back if you have survived the first three rounds of the NCAA Tournament, and are still placing some bets on the Elite Eight. The Elite Eight is just four total games, but they are likely to be four of the best games of the NCAA Tournament up to this point. 

Betting on the Elite Eight round will give you an opportunity to narrow your focus on each of the four games, and you should be able to make some great picks. There likely won’t be any huge surprises in this round, and you should feel more comfortable making some bets. 

Try to identify that teams that look like a National Championship contender, and make a future bet on them. Hopefully, you’re also able to hit a huge four-game parlay to make up for your other betting losses throughout the NCAA Tournament. 

The Elite Eight is a great two days of sports, and it can also be a great two days for you in terms of making some money on March Madness. Regardless of what bets you make, or how those bets play out, be sure to enjoy the Elite Eight games this year. 

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