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TVG Review 2024

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Claim Your TVG Welcome Bonus

TVG Welcome BonusGet up to $200 Back in Wagering Credit If Your First Single-Horse Win Bet Loses
Terms & ConditionsNo exotic bets. Limit to 1 eligible wager.
Time to RedeemThe first bet must be made within 15 days following the creation of an account.
Bonus RestrictionsAvailable to bettors 21 and over creating a new account. No exotic bets. 

How to Register on TVG: Step by Step Guide

To create a TVG betting account, follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit TVG: Head over to the TVG website.

Step 2. Sign Up: Look for the “Sign Up” or “JOIN NOW” button at the top right. Click it.

Step 3. Fill in Your Details: Provide your name, email, birthdate, phone number, and create a strong password.

Step 4. Verify Your Address: Enter your mailing address and the last four digits of your SSN.

Step 5. Complete Registration: Click “Complete Registration” at the bottom of the form.

Step 6. Make a Deposit: Go to the cashier section, choose a payment method, and enter your deposit amount.

How to Place a Bet at TVG?

Placing a bet at TVG is very easy as well.

All you need to do is find the racing event you would like to bet on and click on the horse you want to back. A pop-up betting slip will appear on your screen which you should type your stake into.

From there, you confirm your bet and your bet is placed instantly. There are a variety of ways to view the odds, like fractional or decimal, based on your preference.

Is there TVG App?

Access TVG through your browser or right in the app. The browser-based client is optimized on mobile devices and provides the exact same features as the computer browser-based client. Plus, the mobile app features both the full list of races as well as the live streaming of the races.

TVG Mobile app

Likewise, the TVG app also has a race alert feature that sends notifications when a race you are interested in is about to start so you never miss out. The mobile app is ideal for users who enjoy watching and betting on horse races on the fly.

Best TVG Features

Here are the TVG top features that all horse betting enthusiasts love about this app.

Bet on races at over 150 race tracks from around the world.

Watch all the latest horse races from the comfort of your home.

Watch all the latest horse races from the comfort of your home.

Is TVG User Friendly?

The TVG site is built for easy navigation throughout. View all of the upcoming races in a box on the left-hand side of the homepage and the option to place bets is available at any time.

TVG Promo Code Homepage

To access a full race schedule, you can find the ‘Full Race Schedule’ button on the main menu bar and for old race results, click on the ‘ Past Results’ button. Special track information is available under the TVG Horse Racing drop-down menu bar.

Get instant access to live video of the races by clicking on the ‘Live Video’ button or log on to any of the TVG TV channels to watch live horse racing.

Where is TVG Available in USA?

TVG is available in 33 states. Residents of Arizona, Arkansas, California, and other states can legally place bets on TVG. However, the platform is restricted in 17 states including Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, and more.

TVG is currently unavailable in 17 states listed below.

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin
  • Washington, D.C.

🏇TVG Horse Racing Betting Options

TVG is partnered with over 150 race tracks and has thousands of horse races to choose from over the course of a week. All payouts for the races are set at true track odds which means you will get paid the same amount of money as someone that placed the bet in person at the track.

Tracks range from some of the largest racetracks in the country to some of the smaller venues across the world covering all the major tracks in North America as well as tracks in Dubai, Australia, Great Britain, China, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, and South Africa.

For a full list of races on any given day, click on the ‘Full Race Schedule’ Button found in the Horse Racing drop-down menu.

Choose between a variety of bet types like Select to Win, place or show, as well as create Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta or Daily Double.

Bet Types

  • Select to win – is the most popular type of bet, simply bet on the winning horse. The payoffs on a straight Select to win bet are relatively higher than Place or Show bets.
  • Show – For show bets at TVG, your horse must be within the top 3 places in the race. As the odds of your horse making the top 3 are much higher than winning the race, the odds will be lower than a Select to Win bet.
  • Place – Place bets require your pick to come in either 1st or 2nd for your bet to win. As you’d expect, the odds are higher than a Show bet, however, less than a Select to Win bet.
  • Exacta – one of the tougher bets to win, Exacta bets require that you pick the first and second-place finishers in the order that they finish. This means that if you pick the two winning horses in the wrong order, your bet still loses. The odds on Exacta bets are very high.
  • Trifecta – Trifecta takes your odds and difficulty of winning a step further by asking you to pick the top three finishers of a race in the correct order. The odds on Trifecta bets are extremely high, however, the likelihood of winning a Trifecta bet is not very good.
  • Superfecta – the Superfecta bet gives you the chance to bet on the top four horses of a race, however, the picks do not have to be in order. The odds of this bet vary based on the horse race but are generally on the higher side due to the large number of selections you must make.
  • Quinella – to win a Quinella bet, your horses must finish 1st and 2nd in either order. The normal way of playing a Quinella bet is to box three horses. The odds on a quinella bet are generally in the mid-range.
  • Daily Double – the Daily Double requires that your picks win two consecutive races. This betting option is not available for every race but gives very good odds when it is.

Other special bets may be available for select races so make sure you keep an eye on unique bets for each race.

TVG Handicapping

TVG provides users with a number of handicapping tools which can be used to make winning bets. TVG operates on commissions from bets and not by taking money from losing bettors, so they’re committed to providing accurate race information and a wealth of resources.

For free handicapping tips, you can visit the TVG blog or read the members-only newsletter. There are also pro-picks where professional handicappers give their expert opinions on select races.

The handicapping store is a relatively new addition to the TVG site and it presents the option of buying picks and useful information from the TVG site. The prices at the handicapping store are based on the type of information you are purchasing and which package you choose. For example, the “Daily Racing Form: Pro Picks” goes for about $4 a card.

This handicapping information can be very useful if you’re making larger bets where the price of the handicapping store purchase will be covered easily by a win. At least make sure that you check out all the available free information before placing your wagers.

Best TVG Feature: Live Horse Races with TVG

When you register for an account at TVG, you also get access to ten hours of live streaming every month. if you go through these ten hours, you can to purchase another ten hours for $3. You also get an extra hour of live streaming for $25 that you bet.

The live stream is on both the mobile app and through the website, ensuring you can watch horse races no matter where you are. As with any live streaming service, you’re a few moments behind the actual live event but they delay is negligible and it still makes sense to use this service.

Since you get an extra hour every $25 used, any avid bettor gets the live stream pretty much for free as it keeps extending the more you bet.

The live streams come from one of TVG’s two TV channels, one of the channels is in HD. To access the live stream simply click on the WATCH TVG button found on the main menu bar of every page or click on a specific race link.

TVG Horse Racing Live Streaming

What is a Super 8 contest?

TVG’s Super 8 Promo gives you the chance to win from a huge prize pool if they can correctly predict 8 races. The free to play promotion is available every Saturday and requires that you select a winner from 8 different races.

If you can choose all 8 races correctly, you can win the $100k jackpot but if you get 5 or more correct picks, you will enter a draw. Here you can win bonus money from the prize pool.

tvg super 8

What Banking Methods are Available?

A variety of secure payment methods are available to all TVG users to get money on and off the site. Deposit methods virtually are instant, with funds going into your account immediately.

How Long it Takes to Withdraw Money?

Withdrawal methods, on the other hand, can take between 3-10 days based on the method used. You also have the opportunity to fund your account in-person at TVG deposit centers.

How to Deposit Money?

You can fund your TVG account using major credit/debit cards or prepaid options. Checks are also accepted, though processing times may be longer. Some racetracks may offer in-person deposit services.

Here’s a list of available deposit methods you can use:

  • Cash at Deposit Centre
  • Green Dot MoneyPak
  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Check or Money Order
  • Banking Online Bill Pay
  • Wire Transfer

Is there TVG Loyalty Program?

TVG offers a loyalty program called Wager Rewards. Designed to reward consistent bettors, the program allows you to earn points on your wagers, which can later be redeemed for free bets or cash back.

Let’s explore how it works.

How Wager Rewards Works?

Earning points is straightforward: for every whole dollar wagered, you earn one Wager Rewards point. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for wagering credits. The conversion rate is as follows:

  • 2,500 points = $5 wagering credit
  • 5,000 points = $10 wagering credit
  • And so on…

To access and manage your Wager Rewards, navigate to the “Promotions” tab on the TVG website, then select “Wager Rewards” from the dropdown menu.

Here, you can opt-in, review your accumulated points, and redeem your rewards.

Is TVG Legit?

As a seasoned horse racing bettors, we understand the importance of choosing a trustworthy platform. So, to answer your question: “Is TVG legit?”

One thing is sure -TVG boasts a solid pedigree. Backed by FanDuel Group, a titan in the online gambling industry, TVG operates with a team of experienced professionals. This translates to robust security measures, and responsible gambling practices.

Focus on Horse Racing (for Better or Worse!)

Another thing we’d like to highlight is that TVG excels in everything related to horse racing. They offer an extensive selection of tracks, competitive odds, and even provide a live race streaming through FanDuel TV+.

However, if you’re interested in a wider variety of sports betting options, TVG might not be the best fit. Just saying!

TVG Pros👏 and Cons👎

Being horse racing enthusiasts, we decided to dive deep into the TVG Horse Racing App and wanted to see what all the excitement is all about. Immediately, we were impressed by the app’s extensive track coverage and variety of bet types. As you know, this allows you to tailor your wagers to your risk tolerance. Not everyone has the same risk level.

For horse betting fans, the app offers everything you could ask for: promotions, live streaming, and the ability to wager on races from all over the globe.

While the app is generally user-friendly, there’s still a learning curve to this one, especially those new to the game.

Now, let’s take a closer look to all the advantages and disadvantages in one place.

👍Advantages 👎Disadvantages 
Excellent security and encryptionNo access to other sports markets
Live Racing StreamingLearning Curve for Beginners
Bet on races at over 150 race tracks from around the world.Slow customer service response

How to Contact Customer Support?

The customer support at TVG is among the best in online horse race betting. Customer support representatives can be contacted via a toll-free hotline at 1-888-752-9884. You can also contact the customer support team via email at [email protected].

Replies to emails range between 1-2 days. Alternatively, use the tutorial videos at TVG to solve any common issues you might encounter. The videos are informative, with step by step instructions on common problems ranging from how to make withdrawals or how to make exotic box wagers.

Our Expert Opinion

TVG is one of America’s leaders in the horse race betting market. The site offers over 150 tracks and provides live streaming for every one of its races. You can find a range of free handicapping tips and a handicapping store that sells top information, giving you ample opportunity to make smart bets.

On top of all the useful resources, the site has a wide range of promotional bonuses which get extra cash, insurances, big cash prize pools, among other things. Payments to TVG can be made to deposit centers found all across the US or through a variety of online methods.

Yes, TVG app is entirely free.

While the app lets you download and set up your account anywhere, placing bets requires you to be physically located in one of the 32 states where horse racing wagers are legal.

Unfortunately, no. While you can set up your account from anywhere, placing bets requires you to be physically located in one of the 32 states within the US where horse race wagering is legal.

The TVG Horse Racing App underwent a rebranding in 2023 and now falls under the FanDuel umbrella.