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You’ve probably heard a lot about sports betting coming to America. Sports bookies are scrambling to be the first as betting is being legalized across the United States with formerly only Daily Fantasy Sports providers like FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook leading the charge. As a sports bettor, that means you need to be on the lookout for the best bonuses and promo codes deals. Bookmakers are going to be competing with each other so that you’ll use their services. That means great sign up offers for you! Use US-Bookies to figure out which bookmakers are the best in your state and find top bonus codes.

Online sports bookmakers are sites that offer users the chance to bet on sporting events around the world over the Internet. At an online sports bookmaker, you have the opportunity to bet on competitions from all over the globe- games you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Some sportsbooks offer thousands of games and match per week. Most major services also provide handy mobile apps to place bets from wherever you might be. Get access to live streams of games, various tips, betting odds, and other great betting resources as well.

Is sports betting legal in the US?

Once, sports betting was a gray area. It was quite common for states to allow in-person sports betting at horse racing tracks and fantasy sports teams can usually be made with real cash. But straight-up sports betting was only really legal in Nevada.

However, this all changed with the Supreme Court repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May of 2018. This was a federal law that prohibited sports betting across America (with a few states as an exception). PASPA was ruled to be unconstitutional by the highest court in the land. Every US state is now free to regulate their own sports betting market in the way that makes the most sense for their residents and their needs. For lawmakers, it will be a great influx of tax revenue to go to a variety of public services ranging from repairing infrastructure to educational initiatives. For the average person, access to online sports betting presents a great new way to enjoy sports in America. Get ready because sports betting is slowly being legalized state-by-state across the USA!

Use our interactive map to see which bookmakers are legal in your state now.

This is also where US-Bookies comes into play. All the states that legalize sports betting are going to have slightly different rules and different places to sports bet. Online sportsbooks, for example, must be tied to a physical location. This means that they’ll have to partner with land-based casinos to set up shop plus create a good online product. The combinations of online sportsbooks pairing with different casinos across the US is going to be complex. It will be quite difficult for Americans to find online sportsbooks. We’re sifting through all of that information with our State Betting guides and bookmaker reviews. No matter which state you call home, you’ll be able to make easy choices and find the best bookie for your needs.

Online betting on sports in America

The United States is pretty new to the sports betting world. What are the types of things punters will have access to? Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for and which bookie you choose to register with. Almost all bookmakers cover the big leagues, the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL are sure to be major features at most, if not all online sportsbooks. Other betting favorites sure to be included are big events like the Olympics, tennis matches, NASCAR, horse racing, and soccer. But if you’re interests are more narrow, you’ll still be able to find what you want with a little extra research. Sports like lacrosse, billiards, and rugby all have carved out niches on certain betting platforms.

If you ever need a break from betting on sports (maybe your favorite team just lost) you can also find different opportunities to bet. Some bookmakers have novelty bets sections. They include bets about reality TV winners or even politics- just in case you wanted to make a Presidential election even more interesting.

No matter your preference, use the overview of your state to see which bookmakers are active where you live and then check out the reviews to help you find what you’re looking for. Also, check out one of our many “How to” guides. We’ve got information on reading odds and how to place bets on all the most popular sports and leagues. In sports betting, it literally pays to be prepared with good knowledge, knowing how to place smart bets, and finding great bonuses.

Sportsbook welcome bonuses

But before you can activate an online sportsbook and withdraw bonus money earned through Welcome Offers and promo codes, there may be certain requirements and conditions to be fulfilled. Read about them here so you know what to expect when signing up at a US sports bookmaker.

You must register for a betting account at the horse racing bookie prior to activating any bonus.

Enter bonus code
A bonus code will likely be required to be typed in during the registration process to activate the bonus. Not typing in the code may result in the loss of the bonus.

Wagering requirements may be in place which means a certain amount of money must be wagered on the site before the bonus money turns into ‘real’ money.

A time limit may apply to the wagering requirements which means you must turnover a set amount of money within a specific time frame. Money not turned over will be forfeited.

Online Sportsbooks in the US Conclusion

The legalization of sports betting in America has been a long-fought war. The repeal of PASPA was a big victory for sports enthusiasts, a whole new form of entertainment has opened up! Online sports betting websites are going to be competing for a slice of the American market. That means big deals for you. When you hear the news that sports betting is coming to your state, start looking for sports betting bonus codes. You’ll be able to find unique offers that give you access to free bets, bonus cash, money back on losses, and more.
US-Bookies can be your first step into the global sports betting community. Find the best signup offers that give you access to great odds on games that you care about.