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Danger No bookmakers currently offer their services in Texas
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Danger No bookmakers currently offer their services in Texas

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Online bookmakers in Texas
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Danger No bookmakers currently offer their services in Texas
Using horse racing bookies online American citizens can bet on their favorite horse racing events just as if they were live in-person at the racetrack. What’s more, many of the horse racing bookies offer valuable bonus codes which can give new users free bonus money to start off. To access online bookies which offer bonus codes, click on the link below.
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Online horse racing bookies are online sites which offer users the chance to bet on horse racing events over the internet. Betting at a horse racing bookie online gives you the opportunity to bet on races from all over the globe which you wouldn’t have access to otherwise, with some of the online horse racing bookies offering thousands of races a week. Most major horse racing bookies online provide handy mobile apps which can be used to place bets from wherever you may be at any given time. Live streams of the races are also available to users as they wager.

Are horse racing bookies legal in the US?

The key to the legality of online horse racing bookies in the US is the fact that users are not betting against the site but rather the site acts as an intermediary between the bettor and the racetrack. Every bet placed online at a licensed track is pooled with the wagers taken at the track. The site has no vested interest on the winning or losing of the bet, they simply take a small commission from every bet.
The main advantage of this system other than the legality is that users will always get the same odds as people who are at the racetrack. It should be noted that horse race betting is not legal in every US state. Due to State laws users may be restricted from betting on certain betting sites. You may find out if you qualify to bet at a horse race betting site by visiting the site and using the FAQ section.
Overview of American Bookmakers Betamerica does not operate in Texas


Before users may activate and withdraw bonus money earned through Welcome Bonuses they may require certain requirements and conditions to be fulfilled.

Users must register for a betting account at the horse racing bookie prior to activating any bonus.

Enter bonuscode
A bonus code will likely be required to be typed in during the registration process to activate the bonus. Not typing in the code may result in the loss of the bonus.

Wagering requirements may be in place which will give require a certain amount of money to be wagered on the site before the bonus money will turn into ‘real’ money.

A time limit may be applied to the wagering requirement which would require users to turnover a certain amount of money within the given time period. Money which is not turned over will be forfeited.
Overview of American Bookmakers Betamerica does not operate in Texas


Before you may take part in any online horse race betting you must first register for a betting account. You may also be required to use US Bookie Bonus Codes to activate the Welcome Bonus at the website. Use the following step by step registration guide to ensure you get your account up an running without any issues:
First visit the bookies website and click on the Sign Up button which is generally found on the top right hand side of the main page.
A registration form should pop-up in your browser which will require you to fill out personal details such as your Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Date of Birth, Mailing Address and Gender. You may also be required to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN.
You will also be required to create a unique Username and Password combination which will be used to login to your betting account in the future.
There will also likely be a ‘Promo Code’ field. You will need to type in any US Bookie Bonus Codes you may have to activate the Welcome Bonus.
Click on the ‘Register’ button at the end of the form to accept the terms and conditions and complete the registration process for your account.
If you run into any issues registering for your account don’t be afraid to contact the customer support team to clarify any problems you may be having.
Overview of American Bookmakers Betamerica does not operate in Texas


By enlarge online bettors will have the same options for betting as bettors who bet at tracks live in-person. Some sites may however not give users the access to every type of bet. The following are the most popular type of bets which are available at horse racing bookies online:

Select to win
when you place a select to win bet you will be simply call the winning horse of the race. This is by far the most common type of horse racing bet and the payoff of the bet will be in the medium range, with odds higher than Place and Show bets.

show bets only require that you pick a horse that will places top 3 in the race. Since it is much easier to call a horse to finish in the top three the odds will be on the lower side.

when it comes to place bets you will require your horse to finish the race in either 1st or 2nd place in order for you to win. The odds for a Place bet are higher than a Show bet but lower than a Select To Win bet.

Exacta bets will require that you pick the first and second place finishers in exact order of their finish. In the case that you pick the two top horses in reverse order your bet will still lose. The odds on Exacta bets are much higher than Show, Place and Select bets.

with trifecta bets you will be required to pick the top three finishers of a race in correct order. Due to the relatively low chance of picking the top three winnings, the odds on trifecta bets are extremely high.

Daily Double
daily doubles are special bets that give you the chance to choose the winner of two consecutive races at a track. These bets will not be available for all races. Daily double bets are similar to betting on a parlay bet between to Select to Win bets.

Pick 6
with pick 6 bets bettors must try to select the winners of six consecutive races. Because of the extreme difficulty to pick six straight winners in races a successful wager will give HUGE payouts sometimes worth millions of dollars.
Overview of American Bookmakers Betamerica does not operate in Texas

Horse Racing Bookie Resources

You will find that most major horse racing bookies in the US provide a large range of resources such as handicapping, past results and replays, predictions and a live stream. All of these resources should be used to the fullest to gain an advantage when placing your bets. Keep in mind that US horse racing bookies are not directly paying you out therefore they don’t have anything to lose by giving you as much information as possible.The live stream in particular can be very important in assessing conditions and making sure you don’t miss out on any key information about the race. Live streams will generally be free for a certain amount of hours and can be extended by betting more on the site. Live streams are available for both browser-based clients and mobile apps.

Horse Racing Bookie Online- How To Bet

Betting at most online horse racing bookies in the US is a simple process that will require users to first pick and event they would like to wager on, then pick a race and finally click on the particular horse and add the horse to their bet slip. The odds will then appear immediately on a betting slip at the side of the page. Users may then choose an amount to wager and place the wager by confirming the bet.
For bets that require bettors to choose more than one horse, bettors must first change the bet type. This is typically done by picking the bet type from a scroll down menu. The bettor may then pick all the horses they would like to wager on and again type in the wager amount and confirm the bet.
Wagering will be allowed on most sites up to minutes before the race begins giving you a chance to observe the conditions of the racetrack and examine the horses before having to place your bet.
Overview of American Bookmakers Betamerica does not operate in Texas


Most online horse racing bookies in the US give users the opportunity to access the sites both via a browser-based client and through a mobile app. The mobile app will generally have the same functionalities as the browser based client including quick deposits, live streaming and mobile registration.Users may download the mobile apps via the iTunes or Google Play stores based on which operating system their mobile device uses. Mobile betting can be very useful to users who are constantly on the go and enjoy betting and watching their favorite horses from wherever they may be.

Overview of American Bookmakers Betamerica does not operate in Texas

Online Horse Racing Bookies US Conclusion

Online horse racing bookies are a great way to get your horse betting bets in without having to go the track. The ability to bet on multiple tracks from all over the country and overseas is another major advantage to the use of online bookies. You will also be able to watch horse races via live stream on your phone or computer browser. Be sure to use all the extra resources and handicapping tips given by the online bookies to make the most educated bets possible.
Don’t forget that if you register using one of the US Bookie Bonus Codes you can start off with a Welcome Bonus. These bonuses are only valid for a limited time s don’t miss out, click on the activation links to get that much needed head start right away.
Overview of American Bookmakers Betamerica does not operate in Texas