About US-Bookies

US-Bookies.com has been created in 2018 with the goal of offering American betting and gambling enthusiasts a source of reliable information in light of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow states to legalize sports betting.

Behind this website, there is a team of people passionate about sports and technology, a team that aims to empower iGamers through transparency and innovation. US-Bookies.com is your source of up-to-date information regarding the latest developments within the betting industry in the US.

US-Bookies has been created by Better Collective, a leading developer of educational platforms within the iGaming industry.

Our Vision and Mission 

At Better Collective, we take transparency seriously and we integrate it in every process and decision we implement. Our vision is to empower iGamers through transparency and technology, and our mission is to make sports betting and gambling entertaining, transparent, and fun.

We encourage our users to have fun but to also make educated decisions and to play responsibly at regulated online sportsbooks.

What Will You Find on US-Bookies?

US-Bookies.com is a platform dedicated to the American bettor. Here, you can find information regarding the legal sportsbooks by state, as well as information for those new to sports betting.

Moreover, we keep a critical eye on the developments of the iGambling market and update the lists of legal sportsbooks in each state.

Furthermore, we meticulously test the websites and the apps of the sportsbooks featured on this site, and we share with you our thoughts and opinions as reviews.

Read more about Better Collective’s expansion to the USA and find out our future plans for US-Bookies.com.

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