Best Football Streaming Apps

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best football streaming apps

Trying to cut the cord? Luckily, there are plenty of great football streaming apps offering live sports streams of all kinds. Of course, most of them focus on streaming football, especially in February when Super Bowl betting is heating up. 

Watching Streaming Sports

If you’re looking for the best football streaming apps, here’s a list of some of the best on the market. Make sure you check these sports streaming sites for your favorite sports before paying that subscription fee. Plus, make sure that whichever you choose will stream the Super Bowl.

Some of the sites to watch live football offer a limited number of additional sports, but more matches within that sport are available. Among the best football streaming apps, look for ones that offer the number of concurrent streams.

Some apps have a limited number of streams available to play at one time. This is true even in the biggest Super Bowl betting apps, so pay close attention.

Keep reading this comprehensive guide to the best football streaming apps currently available on the market. At the end, free sports streaming sites will be listed after the paid services. 

ESPN+ sports streaming app


ESPN is a standard name in sports and is the cheapest of the paid football streaming apps. With this in mind, notice that ESPN+ is not going to host all your preferred games or, for that matter, all sports.

You’re not able to watch SportsCenter or any of the live NBA or NFL games that may be offered on the main channel. ESPN+ is a companion app, intended to add to your sports-watching experience rather than replace it.  

ESPN+ Library

One of the benefits of ESPN+ is the Library, hosting a bunch of extra content to add to your sports-watching experience. You’ll be able to watch unreleased shows, ESPN Films, and many more all from the comfort of this mobile app. 

✓ Good variety of interesting sports content
✓ Exclusive ESPN shows and films
✓ Completely ad-free
✗ Doesn’t host NFL or NBA games
✗ No live games – only a companion app
Hulu+ sports streaming app


Another of the best football streaming apps that won’t hit your wallet too hard, Hulu+ is a great choice for folks looking to completely replace their cable box. Offering seven ESPN channels and a wide variety of other sports content, Hulu+ is one of the most well-rounded sports live stream apps on the market.

Offering access to local channels is a great bonus to Hulu+ service– local Fox stations hosting the Super Bowl LIV in 2020 will likely be on Hulu+! Hulu+ is a great way to get preferred sports streaming without breaking the bank.

✓ Tons of sports channels including 7 ESPN channels
✓ Pay as little as $5.99 per month
✓ Get local channels based on your location
✗ Basic plan includes ads
✗ Not all features included in basic plan
CBS All Access sports streaming app

CBS All Access

CBS All Access is great for fans of college sports and CBS shows. At only $5.99 a month, CBS All Access is one of the best football streaming apps if you’re looking for college ball.

CBS All Access users can watch all the sports that CBS covers, including NCAA basketball, SEC football, and more. In addition, that $5.99 allows access to CBS shows, local sports, and news. 

✓ Great for fans of college sports
✓ Dark mode interface is great for nighttime streaming
✓ Download videos for offline viewing
✗ Fewer control options than other streaming apps; cannot restart streams
✗ Less variety than other apps
Amazon Prime Video sports streaming app

Amazon Prime Video

Thanks to its versatility, Amazon Prime Video is among the best football streaming apps. Plus, Amazon Prime hosts Thursday-night NFL games live. Also, users can add other services to their Prime app like MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, and more.

In addition to adding third-party services to your Amazon Prime account, look forward to sports-related shows and extras offered to you at a pretty decent monthly fee. Still, Amazon Prime is not technically considered among sports streaming sites and doesn’t have as much variety as dedicated football streaming apps.

Amazon Thursday Night Football

Included with Prime is access to Amazon Thursday Night Football, which is a football live stream offered through Amazon. At a maximum 4K resolution, Thursday Night Football is a great streaming experience for folks already benefiting from an Amazon Prime account.

✓ Versatile platform allowing service bundling
✓ Live streaming NFL games on Thursdays
✓ Lots of additional benefits to owning an account, including discounted shipping
✗ Few live sports available
✗ No discount for bundling services; each subscription incurs a separate fee
DAZN sports streaming app


DAZN (“da zone”), at a fair price of $19.99 a month, is among the best football streaming apps for fans of combat sports. Boxing and MMA are heavily featured on DAZN, with other fringe sports like international soccer, cricket, and darts.

✓ Watch exclusive fights without paying extra Pay-Per-View fee
✓ Replay any fight as often as desired
✓ Lots of interesting additional content
✗ Live streams restricted to 720p max resolution
✗ Poor variety of other sports– DAZN focuses on combat sports
Sling sports streaming apps


Sling is one of the best football streaming apps because of its customizability. You can purchase the Orange or Blue plan or bundle the two, in addition to sports live-stream packages and many other kinds of content.

✓ Watch exclusive fights without paying extra Pay-Per-View fee
✓ Replay any fight as often as desired
✓ Lots of interesting additional content
✗ Live streams restricted to 720p max resolution
✗ Poor variety of other sports– DAZN focuses on combat sports
YouTube TV sports streaming app

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the priciest streaming services on the market. That being said, there is quite a great offering of channels available with YouTube TV, which makes it among the best football streaming apps out there– they’re attempting to be a complete cable-replacement service.

✓ Great variety of channels
✓ Most channels in 4K with few to no ads (fast forward through ads in recordings)
✓ Save recordings for up to 9 months
✗ Not very many options to watch live football
✗ Expensive service
AT&T TV Now sports streaming apps


The most expensive among these best football streaming apps, AT&T TV Now offers Fox Sports and NBCSN. The presence of the Fox network means that users of AT&T TV Now will be able to live stream Super Bowl LIV.

✓ Great variety of channels
✓ Most channels in 4K with few to no ads (fast forward through ads in recordings)
✓ Save recordings for up to 9 months
✗ Not very many options to watch live football
✗ Expensive service
fuboTV sports streaming app


fuboTV is a behemoth of streaming, and its sheer volume puts it among the best football streaming apps in the US. Offering more national sports programming than nearly any other streaming service, fuboTV is perhaps the most robust streaming site on the internet.

On the negative side, fuboTV’s streams are all limited to 720p. It seems that fuboTV has favored quantity of content over quality of streaming, but that’s to be expected in the sports streaming market.

✓ Largest variety of sports we’ve seen
✓ Loads of bonus content
✓ Easy to navigate interface
✗ Expensive at $54.99/month
✗ 720p max streaming resolution

Choosing the Right Package

When you’re choosing a sports streaming package, make sure to pay attention to the finer details. For example, certain services only allow for a few concurrent streams at one time, so if your whole family wants to watch, make sure more than 2 streams are supported.

In addition, you may need to pay more than the monthly rates listed to remove ads or add functionality. Some of the sports streaming sites mentioned have expiration limits on DVR recordings, so if you’re looking to hoard your favorite footage, look for a service with unlimited retention of your content.

Also, many of the services listed above will have certain sports included or omitted. If you’re a fan of a specific sport, make sure to check the best football streaming apps listed below to make sure they offer your favorites.

For those of us engaging in football betting, using a free football streaming app is going to rely on your data connection and how many people are watching. Remember, betting is putting risk into your sports-watching experience. So it may be best to put money into a paid service as opposed to free sports streaming sites. 

Streaming Services & Leagues

Many of these sports live streams offer both live events and sports content. However, services offering only sports content and no live events have not been mentioned on this list.

Certain services like DAZN only offer combat sports like MMA and boxing, while ESPN+ does not offer NBA or NFL games.

The 2020 Super Bowl, LIV, is going to be hosted on the Fox network. That means that it’s important to look for streaming sites that host either Fox Sports or your local Fox network.

Several sites offering free football streaming will be chock full of ads, or malware, or even potentially be illegal in your area. To be on the safe side, choose among these best football streaming apps for a streaming experience that isn’t frustrating or potentially illegal!

Free Streams

If you’re looking to get online with a free stream, there are quite a few options. If you have a cable provider, most networks such as NBC, CBS, and Fox will allow users to log in and stream sports using their cable provider login. While not strictly free – since you need to pay your cable bill – there are no additional charges with this option.

NBC Sports offers a free stream even if you don’t have cable provider access. These streams are offered during select NBA games throughout the year. Fox Sports and CBS Sports offer similar streaming services during events like March Madness and the 2020 Super Bowl.

In addition to these streams, plenty of online betting apps will also offer free sports streaming. FanDuel Sportsbook offers a great deal of national and international sports, and you can watch live-streams directly from the app. 

PointsBet is another online service offering Super Bowl betting and free football streaming live. You can watch live football events like the Super Bowl 2020 and bet directly from the app.

PointsBet and FanDuel are only legal in certain states, so make sure you’re sticking to the law if you’d like to place some bets. That means physically being located in the state that the bets are registered in, and being of legal gambling age (21+ across the US, 18+ in Rhode Island).

Final Thoughts on the Best Football Streaming Apps

There is a huge variety of sports streaming sites out there, and each of them caters to a different set of needs. Some are good for fans of a specific sport, others are more well-rounded, while others still host a lot of behind-the-scenes content but not a lot of actual live sports.

When you’re making your choices, use the above guide to decide which sports streaming platform you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on. Just because an app costs a pretty penny doesn’t mean it’s going to suit your needs, so make sure the app you pay for offers everything you want.

Overall, these apps are trusted ways to watch your favorite sports without exposing yourself to harmful third-party software. With live sports, sports television, and extra programming and features, any of these apps will be a perfect addition to the sports fan’s smartphone.

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