Arizona Online Sports Betting 2021

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Arizona sports betting has gained some momentum in recent years, but at this time, there are still no legal betting options. Part of the problem stems from the fact that tribal casinos run the gambling industry in Arizona, and they are unwilling to give up that power.

There have been some recent bills to legalize Arizona sports betting, and those bills have gotten support from professional sports teams. Arizona online sports betting could also be included in any legislation, but that has also created some of the controversy.

Arizona has the potential to be a large US sport betting market if it ever becomes a legal option, but there is still plenty of work to be done. 

Arizona Sportsbooks

There are currently 24 casinos in the state of Arizona, and most of these locations would likely be the site of retail sportsbooks. AZ online sports betting has gotten support from some lawmakers, and professional sports teams want to have that as an option as well. 

The latest proposal had up to 20 sports betting licenses available, and these would be split between casinos and professional sports teams. If this did occur, there would be plenty of options available when AZ sports betting launched. 

AZ Sports Betting Rules

Much of the focus surrounding AZ sports betting has been around the potential sportsbooks and licenses, and rules have not been discussed. This will be the next step that needs to be taken, and it could lead to even more debate.

Arizona has plenty of professional sports teams that will help push sports betting, but there are popular college teams as well. An AZ sports betting law will have to establish rules on college sporting events. 

AZ Sports Betting Regulations

After unsuccessful attempts in 2020, a pair of sports betting bills were introduced in 2021, and both seemed to have plenty of support. HB 2272 and SB 1797 would allow AZ sports betting to be legal, and it would allow Native American tribes to become the first to offer sports betting.

These two bills have already been hung up in committee, and that signals that it might be an uphill battle for AZ sports betting again this year. Ten licenses would be available for Native American tribes, and the other ten licenses would be split up amongst the professional teams in the state.

Both of these bills are still missing some key details that will likely need to be ironed out before any official vote is taken. 


It doesn’t appear that AZ sports betting is coming in 2021, as a pair of bills have already been defeated. Native American tribes are on board with legalizing sports betting, but they want to have a monopoly over the industry. 

Professional sports teams in the state also want in on sports betting, and that could allow for betting to be done at the stadiums in Arizona. With so much left to figure out, there is not a ton of optimism that a bill will get passed soon.

Sports betting is likely coming to Arizona, but there is not a firm timetable set.

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