Arizona Online Sports Betting 2021

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Online sports betting became a reality in Arizona on April 15, 2021. Governor Ducey signed an updated tribal gaming compact and the associated pieces of sports betting legislation into law. Sports betting was uncertain in Arizona because of disagreements between the state government and tribal casinos, but the parties were able to compromise.

There were some recent bills to legalize Arizona sports betting, and those pieces of legislation were supported from professional sports teams. Professional sports franchises and online betting operators were critical in the legalization of AZ sports wagering. Without these groups, sports betting would have been nonexistent in the state.

Legislators have the goal to launch online sports betting by September of 2021. When AZ begins online sports wagering, the state could become a significant part of the US sport betting market.

Arizona Sportsbooks

There are currently 24 casinos in the state of Arizona, and most of these locations will offer retail sportsbooks. The state’s sports betting law allows for mobile and retail sports wagering. The bill will provide up to 20 online books to be available to bettors in Arizona.

The 20 online sportsbooks will be split between the tribal nations who run casinos and the professional sports organizations. Each party will be able to open ten online platforms. The combination of retail and online sportsbooks will give AZ a prominent betting market.

AZ Sports Betting Rules

Sports betting is legal in Arizona and there are a few rules that have already been established. You must be 21 years of age to bet on sports in person at a retail casino or online through your mobile device.

To place an online wager, you will need to be inside Arizona’s state borders. All online sportsbooks will use your mobile device’s GPS software to assure that you are within the state.

You will be able to view Arizona online sportsbooks outside of the state, but you will not be able to place a bet unless you are in the state.

Arizona has a professional sports team in every major league. There will be no betting restrictions on professional competitions.

The professional sports franchises will help push sports betting, but there are popular college teams as well. You will be able to bet on college sports that take place inside Arizona, and throughout the rest of the nation.

The only exception with college sports betting in AZ is that you are not allowed to make prop bets. These will not be listed on any legal sportsbooks in the state.

AZ Sports Betting Regulations

There were a pair of sports betting bills introduced in 2021 that both passed in their respective chambers. Each bill had plenty of support and it showed with the overwhelming number of positive votes.

HB 2272 and SB 1797 were the two sports betting bills that were passed in the AZ House and Senate. These bills were accompanied by an updated tribal gaming compact. Sports betting seemed hopeless because of the disagreements between the tribal nations and the legislature.

However, the bills and compact was established, which gave Governor Ducey the ability to make sports betting a reality. AZ sports betting is going to be vast and cover retail and online wagering.

All 24 casinos in the state and the professional sports franchises will be able to open a retail sportsbook. These properties will most likely be used by the tribes as a way to bring visitors to their casinos. Retail books typically take a back seat to online wagering because of convenience, but states that offer both options generate the most revenue.

At one point, there were predictions that sports wagering was only going to be available in a retail format. It did not appear that the tribal nations were going to budge in terms of online wagering.

The professional sports franchises in AZ, the Cardinals, Coyotes, Suns, and Diamondbacks, all lobbied for the two bills to pass. These organizations were joined by sports betting platforms like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM to rally support for online betting.

The legislation that Governor Ducey signed will allow 20 sports betting platforms in the state. The professional sports teams and tribal nations will each be able to sponsor ten sportsbooks.

Horse tracks and off-track betting facilities will be given the ability to open retail books, but they will not be awarded any online betting licenses.

FanDuel and the Phoenix Suns have formed a partnership. A retail sportsbook will be constructed at Phoenix Suns Arena and FanDuel will be given one of the online licenses. These partnerships will frequently arise in preparation for the estimated sports wagering launch in September of 2021.

Legislators want to establish sports betting by football season to take advantage of the lucrative nature of the sport.


Sports betting is legal and it will be live in Arizona in 2021. The exact launch date is unknown, but legislators are hopeful that sports betting will be available by the beginning of football season.

HB 2272, SB 1797, and an updated tribal compact were all signed by Governor Ducey in April of 2021, legalizing the form of gambling. Native American tribes supported sports betting after compromises were formed with the state in the updated gaming compact.

Arizona sports betting will feature mobile and retail betting. All casinos and professional sports teams will have the ability to open retail betting facilities. There will also be up to 20 mobile wagering providers in AZ.

Arizona has the potential to be one of the largest wagering markets in America after sports betting becomes part of the gaming economy.

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