Alliance League Review: AAF Rules, Schedule, and betting in 2019

Spring football is back! With months to go until the new NFL season, football fans no longer have to wonder how they will fill the time. The AAF – Alliance of American Football – is a brand new league, with top players and some innovative new rules that will have you rooting for your new favorite teams in no time. Read on to get the full Alliance League review.

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Alliance League review

Our Pick for AAF Betting

We’ll go into the details about the new league below – and where to watch the Alliance of American Football. However, many of you want to know how to bet on the games. That’s why we’ve included the helpful table above.

Choose from one of these sportsbooks to place your first AAF bet. Our staff favorite is definitely SugarHouse. Their great welcome promotion is too good to pass up!

With sports betting legal and operational in a few states, particularly NJ, you can find AAF odds, picks, and spreads at online sportsbooks. And – using technology like the new AAF app – keep up to date for all your wagers.


Although the AAF mobile app does not have a betting function yet, fans can access all the top betting markets at these sportsbooks. Also, use the AAF app for research as well as playing along with the play prediction games.

With an eye on the future of sports betting – as well as the AAF – MGM signed an exclusive detail to provide in play betting in the Alliance League and that shows how confident these major international businesses are that the league will be a success.

What is the AAF?

The AAF is a new football league that runs from February to April. really, it’s perfect for that NFL-less time of the year. It features a whole host of players who’ve played in the NFL and some top-rated coaches. This ensures that the football on show is of the highest quality. The Alliance League has some new AAF rules as well – so fans can enjoy the game even more.

The eight teams play in two conferences with four going through the playoffs  – before a championship game at the end of April. With more states legalizing sports betting, the Alliance League has launched at exactly the right time for fans of sports and betting. There are a number of sportsbooks you can already enjoy AAF betting and it is thought that the new AAF app will also incorporate a betting feature in the future.

For now, the excitement of the new league is really building up – with fans getting behind their new teams and every AAF broadcast getting great viewing figures. Read on to find out more about the Alliance League, how to watch Alliance football and where to go for your AAF betting.

The AAF Schedule

Football fans may well recognize a lot of the players in the new Alliance League but the teams will be completely new. One of the good things about Alliance football is that most teams are located in cities that do not already have an NFL team. That means that there are football fans across the country that can now support their local team.

The eight AAF teams are:

  • Atlanta Legends
  • Birmingham Iron
  • Memphis Express
  • Orland Apollos
  • Arizona Hotshots
  • Salt Lake Stallions
  • San Antonio Commanders
  • San Diego Fleet

The eight teams of the Alliance League are split into two conferences – Eastern and Western – and will play a 10 game regular AAF schedule. The top two from each conference then go to the playoffs before a championship game on April 27th, 2019.

The AAF mobile app keeps you up-to-date with all the results and previews every week. Also, it tells you how to watch AAF as well. Most games are live-streamed to the app, so if you like the sound of the league, the AAF app is indispensable.

AAF app

AAF Rules

The people behind Alliance football have stated that they do not want the fans to have to get used to a whole new set of rules – they just want them to enjoy the new Alliance football league. But there are some revolutionary new innovations that have been introduced to help the AAF stand out.

Most of the new AAF rules have been brought in with the fans’ viewing experience in mind. The games will be quicker thanks to a shortened play clock and a decrease in the number of time outs. With safety in mind, there are no kickoffs either. Teams will just start with the ball at their own 25-yard line.

For added excitement, AAF rules do not allow field goals. Instead, they force teams to go for the two-point conversion. Plus, the AAF app provides users with instant data from the games. This technology is used in the game by a sky judge. He or she keeps an overview of every play and acts accordingly when on-field officials get calls incorrect.

This new Alliance League is hoping to bring a whole new game of football to the fans and it is very likely that if any of the AAF rules innovations take off then the NFL would pick them up in the future as well.

How to Get the AAF App

The best way to keep up-to-date with all the goings on in the Alliance football league is to download the AAF app for either iOS or Android devices. Just search in the Apple app store or Google Play and instantly have all the information to do with Alliance football, the AAF schedule, and previews on all upcoming games in the palm of your hand.

The AAF mobile app also allows you to predict the next play during games. Using state of the art graphics you can get involved with the game as it is playing.

Due largely to state laws and regulations there is no betting feature on the AAF app at the moment but this seems like the perfect opportunity to cater for sports betting fans once everything is in place.

How to Watch AAF

Although the Alliance League did not want to repeat the mistakes of predecessors by promising things it could never deliver, it has already managed to get good media coverage – televised live games and coverage of the league in general.

CBS, TNT and the NFL Network all show live games with all teams featuring regularly. As a lot of these teams are located where there is no professional football there is a ready-made football-mad audience.

The AAF app is another place where fans can watch selected games. Live streaming events through the app ensures that you never miss a single game. Plus, find out when the next AAF broadcast will be. If and when betting is launched through the app it will also be the perfect place to find out the latest AAF points, pick and spread details.

AAF Owners and Investors

Aside from the interest and investment from companies such as MGM International. The Alliance football league has aligned itself with some big names in the worlds of betting, broadcast media and football itself.

Filmmaker Charlie Ebersol is the founder of the Alliance football league – and was inspired to do so after producing a documentary on the failure of another attempt to launch spring football a few years back.

Learning from those mistakes, Charlie Ebersol has made sure that the right people are involved – and most importantly that the football is of a good standard.

Former NFL general manager Bill Polian oversees the AAF, alongside ex Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Palamaulu, and JK McKay.

The eight teams are also looked after by some high-quality talent with a lot of experience of playing and coaching in the NFL. This was seen as a very important move by Ebersol who knew that the AAF broadcast had to be worth tuning into if it is going to survive past the first few weeks.

AAF Week 5

At the time of writing, we are four weeks into the inaugural Alliance football league season and things are starting to heat up nicely in both Eastern and Western conferences.

In the east, the Orlando Apollos is the only unbeaten team in the entire league after picking up their fourth straight victory over the pre-season favorites, the Arizona Hotshots. The Birmingham Iron lost their first game of the season to go 3-1. The San Antonio Commanders beat the Iron 12-11 in a tight game that now sees them top of the Western conference but tied at 2-2 alongside the San Diego Fleet and the Hotshots.

Two of the three teams with just one win so far face each other when the Memphis Express travels to the Atlanta Legends. They both picked up their first victories of the season last week so will be high in confidence.

With the AAF app, you can pick up all the latest scores and news concerning all the action – and also play interactive games where you predict what the next play will be. This is another innovative way the Alliance league is attempting to win over new fans.

What Does the Future Hold for the Alliance League?

The Alliance football league has been able to silence some of its critics after the first few weeks of the season. With so many failures in the past, it was only natural that there would elements in the media who were predicting the AAF to go the same way. But by largely concentrating on cities that didn’t have a professional football team, the AAF has shown that they are thinking long term.

Innovative new game rules – without completely changing everything – has also been a success and as long as the football is of a good standard then the fans should keep on watching. Any new league is going to experience a few teething problems as players get used to playing with each other. But the future looks good for the Alliance league.

Although it is not integral to the future of the sport, the betting side of things also seems well in place ahead of official launches. With the betting industry changing in the US, there’s a lot of opportunity for bettors to wager on leagues like the AAF.

MGM International providing betting services is huge and the access to AAF points, picks and spreads through things like the AAF app is a great way to keep that interest up.

Alliance League FAQs

Are AAF rules different to NFL?

There are some new changes to the game, but the games are mostly the same. However, fans are the focus rather than media requirements.

Is AAF betting available?

Yes. In states where sports betting is legal, fans can bet on all AAF games. The AAF app will eventually feature AAF betting as well.

Where can I find AAF points, picks, and spreads?

All AAF betting markets are found at most legal sportsbooks.

Is there an AAF mobile app?

Yes. You can keep up-to-date and find out anything you need to know about the Alliance league with the free AAF app.

How can I watch the Alliance of American Football?

CBS, TNT, and the NFL Network show a selection of games and you can also watch via the AAF app.

When is the AAF broadcast?

Check your TV listings for details.

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