Legal betting rules
Recently, with the repeal of PASPA, and other developments in neighboring states regarding both online and in-person betting and gambling, it seems that this state, which has always been anti-gambling, might start to warm up to the idea of legalized gambling. However, at this point, there is no push as of yet for changing the status quo.

Virginia Online Gambling

Virginia is one of the states whose legislators are strongly against most forms of gambling in the state. This means that, so far, the only state-acknowledged and regulated forms of gambling have been the pari-mutuel horse-racing bets, which can be placed either at the race-track or the licensed satellite facilities. However, with the state’s only race-track being closed for quite a while, even this was not available to the residents of the Old Dominion.

The Revolutionary Racing group, based in Chicago, has announced plans to reopen the Colonial Downs and help revitalize horse racing in the state. This has seen a push for legalizing the “historical horse racing” betting machines, which will allow the residents of the state to bet on the outcome of past races, without knowing who the horses are. There have been voices saying that this is just the “camel’s nose” and that, if historical horse racing is legalized, more legalizations would follow suit.

Also, in other developments, the Pamunkey Tribe has announced its plans for building a casino resort on Virginia soil under their jurisdiction, but it is a 5-year plan, and a lot could change in the meantime. Indian tribes are subject to special conditions when it comes to organizing gambling, and there is a possibility of making a deal with the state of Virginia whereby the Pamunkey Tribe could run land-based gambling facilities in exchange for surrendering a share of revenue to the state.

This all, however, hangs in the balance, as no bills for legalizing any form of gambling other than pari-mutuel horse racing betting have yet been put forward. We will keep you updated if there are any new developments on the matter.

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