March Madness Championship Betting

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What team is in the smartest choice for March Madness Championship betting in 2021?

The NCAA Tournament is three weeks of intense excitement and heartstopping moments, but it all concludes with the championship game.

March Madness Championship betting is also the last time to bet on collegiate basketball games until the following November, but there are plenty of people who could use the rest. 

March Madness Betting is not for the faint of heart, and there are sure to be plenty of ups and downs along the way. Let’s take a look at some March Madness Championship betting information in hopes of helping you win big. 

Who will win the March Madness Championship?

Team to win ChampionshipBet on these odds
Florida State+2000

*March Madness Championship betting odds are subject to change.

You can bet on these odds for the March Madness Championship game now. They’re the lastest from BetRivers Sportsbook. These wagers are a good proxy for the team that’s expected to take it all the way and win.

Ways to Bet on the March Madness Championship

Betting on the championship game of the NCAA Tournament is much like betting on any other game throughout March, but there might be a few more betting options available. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to bet on the March Madness Championship, and discuss how those betting options work. 

Championship Betting Parlay:

A parlay bet is not usually recommended, but this might be the perfect time to put together a March Madness parlay. Most of the time, a parlay bet will include the results from several different games, but that isn’t the case with a championship game parlay. 

If you are going to put together a championship game parlay, then you will need to combine an over/under bet, a bet on the outcome, and maybe a few prop bets. There is a chance to win some big money if you hit on a championship betting parlay, but there is also a chance that you lose the entire bet with one outcome. 

Over/Under Betting:

An over/under bet is sometimes referred to as a “total” bet because it relates to the total number of points that is scored in a particular game. This is one of the most popular betting options when it comes to college basketball, and the March Madness over/under is a bet that you should consider making on the NCAA Tournament Championship Game. 

This type of bet will allow you to focus on the points rather than the winner or loser, which can take some stress out of the process. 

Bet Against the Spread:

A spread is the predicted outcome of a sporting event, and the spread is the number of points that the winner will win by. There will be a betting favorite and underdog in each matchup, and that will affect what the spread is for the championship game. 

Betting against the spread usually means that you are getting the same odds for each side, and it can definitely add some excitement and intrigue into this bet. There is a reason that this is the most popular types of bets when it comes to college basketball. 

Live Betting Options:

One of the most popular forms of betting in the United States is what is known as live betting or in-play betting. This betting option allows you to bet in real-time along with the game, and some of the top sportsbooks offer this type of betting for most sporting events. 

Almost every sportsbook will have live betting lines on the championship game of the NCAA Tournament, and you should take advantage of them. Odds will be updated and change quickly when it comes to live betting, but it can allow you to win plenty of money as the game is going on. 

If you plan on betting along with the March Madness title game, then it would probably be best to find a mobile sportsbook app to play along with. 

Prop Betting:

Prop betting originated during the Super Bowl but has now transitioned into other sporting events. Major sporting events will have prop betting options available, and it can help make betting on the NCAA Championship Game more exciting and enjoyable. 

A prop bet is a bet that is placed on something other than the final score or winner, and most of the betting options don’t even focus on things that happen on the floor. 

Bet on March Madness Championship

Tips For Championship Betting

Betting on the NCAA Tournament might be one of the toughest things to do in the sports betting industry, but there are some tips that can help you succeed. Championship betting can be a little bit easier, because it is focusing on just one single game as opposed to a bracket full of 68 teams. 

You will likely get different betting tips from every person that you talk to, but here are our championship betting tips to help you win big when betting on the NCAA Tournament title game.

Watch the Final Four Games:

If you are planning on betting on the NCAA Tournament championship game, then you need to be sure to watch the Final Four games that take place just two days before. These games will give you an idea of how both teams are playing heading into the title game and should give you some idea of how to bet on the big game. 

Shooting can play a huge role in the National semifinal and final games, and you should be able to get a feel for how the teams are adjusting to the different shooting background.

Do Your Research:

You always want to do plenty of research before making any bets on a sporting event, and that is definitely the case when it comes to March Madness Championship betting. You want to look for things like injuries, scoring trends, record at Final Four venue, and age of the roster. 

All of these factors might seem like they don’t really mean anything, but they can all play a huge role in which team is able to cut down the nets. 

Look at Common Opponents:

There is a good chance that the teams in the March Madness Championship game have played each other during the regular season, but it doesn’t always work out that way. If the two teams are meeting up for the first time, then you need to try to find and look at some common opponents. 

Common opponents might not lead you to making a winning bet, but it is a great place to start. 

Look at Coaching Matchup:

Even though the players on the floor will decide the ultimate outcome of the game, the coaches on the sideline will play a major role as well. There are some coaches that just know how to get their teams ready for a big game, and other coaches will be coaching on the big stage for the very first time. 

Checking out the coaching matchup might not be the most important thing to consider when betting on the championship game of the NCAA Tournament, but you definitely need to consider it when betting on the title game. 

Make a Pick and Enjoy the Game:

The final tip that we have for you is to simply make a betting pick and then sit back and enjoy the game. March Madness Championship is the culmination of a great three weeks of basketball, and it is a game that should be enjoyed by everyone. 

Once the game starts, you can’t do anything about your pick, and it’s best to just enjoy the competition and entertainment. Hopefully, your bet hits in this game, or you have had a great run throughout March Madness. 

Either way, enjoy the game from opening tip to the playing of “One Shining Moment,” and know that another NCAA Tournament is just 11 months away. 

Championship Betting History

A historical guide of March Madness Championship betting might be helpful when you’re putting together a slip for this year.

Teams And Active Coaches With Most NCAA Championships:

The UCLA Bruins have won the NCAA Championship 11 times, but they haven’t won a title since 1995. Kentucky was able to win its eighth championship in 2012, and the Wildcats will be a factor again this year. 

North Carolina (6), Duke (5), and Indiana (5) round out the top five in terms of most NCAA Championships.

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski is the active leader in NCAA Championships with five, while Roy Williams of North Carolina has won three titles. Villanova head coach Jay Wright is the only other active coach with more than one NCAA Championship. 

Total Points Scored in Last 10 Championship Games:

Not only is it important to look at recent history in terms of appearances and NCAA Tournament titles, but it is also important to look at how those games played out. 

Here is a list of the last 10 NCAA Tournament Championship games, with a breakdown of what those numbers mean.

  • 2010: Duke 61, Butler 59
  • 2011: Connecticut 53, Butler 41
  • 2012: Kentucky 67, Kansas 59
  • 2013: Louisville 82, Michigan 76
  • 2014: Connecticut 60, Kentucky 54
  • 2015: Duke 68, Wisconsin 63
  • 2016: Villanova 77, North Carolina 74
  • 2017: North Carolina 71, Gonzaga 65
  • 2018: Villanova 79, Michigan 62
  • 2019: Virginia 85, Texas Tech 77 
  • 2020: Cancelled.

The average margin of victory over the last 10 NCAA Championship Games has been 7.3 points per game. Winners are scoring 70.3 points per game, while losers are scoring 63 points per contest. 

That means that 133 total points have been scored on average over the last 10 years, and that could be a number to keep in mind when it comes to over/under betting.