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Prop Bets Explained



Now, you may be looking into more interesting types of bets that you can place, like prop bets. These types of bets can be used if you want to drill down into a sporting event that you are interested in.

If you want to spice up your wagers on the sporting events you love and move beyond simple moneyline bets, prop bets could be a great option to explore.

Prop bets are actually really easy to understand as long as you get sports betting. Get a better idea about how to read American odds.

Essentially, props are a type of bet that you can place on an occurrence that can happen during a sporting event. These occurrences that you can bet on need to have no bearing on the ultimate result of the game to be considered proposition bets.

So, usually, when someone thinks of sports betting, the person is thinking of an outright win bet. An outright win bet is just where a bettor places a bet on which team they believe will win a sporting event. But, this type of bet is not about who will win the sporting event you are betting on. Calculate betting odds and profits with this tool.

Prop bets are also known as proposition bets, but the name has been shortened in the betting world. They are also called prop, novelty, or side bets. So, now you know–if you see any of those terms, what they are referencing.

What Are Prop Bets?

So, now that you understand what a proposition bet is, you will want to know how to place these bets. And, that means finding the right kind of proposition bets to place your money on. Each person will have their own idea for what the best prop bets are for each sport.

However, we can talk about the types of proposition bets that tend to be most popular. Keep in mind, some of the proposition bets you will find will only be specific to one type of sport. So, you should look into the specific types of bets that you can place on your favorite sport.

In baseball some popular proposition bets are:

  • The number of strikeouts a particular pitcher will get in a game
  • The number of balls or strikes that a particular pitcher will get in a game
  • The number of home runs a particular player will score
  • The number of times a particular player will get on base
  • The number of times a particular player will strike out

In football some popular proposition bets are:

  • If you believe a non-offensive player will score any points in a game
  • The number of tackles a particular player will get
  • The number of yards a particular player will rush

In most sports some popular proposition bets are:

  • Which team will score first in a game
  • Which player will score first in a game
  • The ultimate discipline records of either team or both in a match
  • The exact timing of certain events
  • The number of specific events that will occur in a game (specific to each type of sport)
  • The number of specific events that will occur in a game per team (specific to each type of sport).
Best Prop Bets

What’s A Good Prop Bet?

So, as mentioned before, the types of prop bets that you can place vary from sport to sport. However, some of the bets can be placed across the board in almost any sport. You may need to do research before placing these kinds of bets as to the types that are available for each sport.

A good proposition bet is one that you should be able to predict with a fair amount of accuracy. This means you will want to be sure that the event you are betting on will occur the way you think it will. And then, you will want to make sure you are placing the bet properly for it to play out in your favor.

For instance, if a particular player tends to be the first to score during a sporting event, this would be something to note. That way, if you want to place a proposition bet, you could bet that this player will be the first to score. Then, you will know there is a high chance that this bet will be a winning one.

Round Robin betting explained will help you figure out other ways to make sports bets online.

What’s A Bad Prop Bet?

Conversely, there are also bad prop bets that you can place on sporting events. Because proposition bets can be based on a different set of odds, you will want to make sure you have done your research. You do not want to place this kind of bet on an occurrence that is not very likely to happen.

So, for example, say there are two particular teams that are very evenly matched and are going to play against each other. And, say that it often varies which player scores first when either of these teams plays a sporting event. Then, it would be a bad idea to place a bet on which player will score first in the match.

This is because you will not have very much data to back up the bet you are placing. So, you will be unsure if this will be a winning bet when it comes down to it. And, that is not a bet you should be placing at any time.

Really consider what props to make when you’re learning how to bet on basketball, there’s a lot to go through and one bad choice can ruin your whole slip!

Where To Find Prop Bets In An Online Sportsbook?

You should be able to find the most common proposition bets listed on the majority of online sportsbooks without much trouble. Try BetMGM Sports or DraftKings promo code if they’re available in your state.

However, if you are interested in a very specific type of prop bets, you may need to do some searching. But, most online sportsbooks want to make it easy for you to place the most popular proposition bets.

When you want to place this type of bet, you should go to the sporting event match up that you want to bet on. Once you have selected the match, you should be able to find the types of bets that are available listed there. This should include the proposition bets that are available.

If the prop bets that interest you are not listed on your favorite sportsbook, you do have options. You can request different bets to be added to your online sportsbook in some instances. So, that means you should check and see if your online sportsbook will do this for you.