Texas Sports Betting 2020

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Saying that Texas is not the most gambling-friendly state in the US would be an understatement. Most forms of Texas gambling are illegal in the Lone Star state. And their stance on Texas online sports betting is even more drastic. At the moment, no form of gambling that’s done over the internet is permitted to Texas residents.

What this means is that if you’re a Texan, you are not allowed to visit online sportsbooks nor online racebooks. In fact, you can’t even access TX online casinos. The only way to enjoy your passion is to visit a brick-and-mortar casino. 

But, even that isn’t easy, considering that there are only three legal land-based casinos in the second-largest state of the USA.

The good news is that some changes might come pretty soon. It is speculated that Texas online sports betting could become legal and regulated in the next couple of years.

TX Online Sports Betting

At the moment, sports betting is not legal in Texas. This includes both online and land-based sports betting. But, that could change sooner than expected. The thing is that every US state has the right to decide on its own and many have already made sports betting legal.

Those states that did it have experienced a big increase in their budgets thanks to the gambling tax. Every sportsbook needs to pay a state tax in order to run a legal operation. Considering that Texas is a very populous state, the legalization of Texas online sports betting could begin a lot of money to the state’s bank account.

That said, both online sportsbooks and their land-based counterparts are expected to become a thing in Texas in the early 2020s.

TX Sports Betting Rules

If Texas online sports betting becomes legal, it will come with some rules attached. The state of Texas cares about its citizens, which is why it’s fair to assume there will be some betting rules to regulate sports betting.

For example, only people of legal gambling age will be permitted to sign-up to online sportsbooks and racebooks. Furthermore, the players will probably be required to confirm their identities in order to prevent fraud and eliminate the possibility of money laundering.

Apart from the sports betting rules related to players, there will be many rules related to sportsbooks. In order to get an operating license from the state of Texas, a sportsbook will need to prove it’s actually worthy of it. For example, to do that, a sportsbook will have to prove it’s capable of ensuring fair play and security of the players.

TX Sportsbooks Apps

If online sportsbooks become legal in Texas, there won’t be any reason not to make sportsbook apps legal as well. This means that Texans will be able to bet on sports events from their computers, as well as from their mobile devices.

Apart from sportsbook apps, Texas will probably legalize racebook apps and those applications dealing with other forms of online gambling, e.g. daily fantasy sports apps.

TX Online Racebooks

Texas online racebooks could see the light of the day sooner than online sportsbooks. The reason? Horse racing has a longer tradition in this state than Texas online sports betting. There are three horse racing tracks in this state, some of which have been around for decades.

Because of that, it’s fair to assume Texas will make horse racing betting legal in the near future. And once it happens, the players will be able to bet at online racebooks that carry a legit license issued by the gambling authority appointed by the state.

Apart from betting at the web-based racebooks, horse racing enthusiasts will be able to do it via their mobile devices, that is, their smartphones and tablet computers.

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