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With the sports betting now becoming legal in the state of Mississippi, several casino operators have decided to file license applications to be approved so that they would be ready for the opening of the football season which starts in September. One of those operators is Boomtown Biloxi, one of the more famous casinos from the bunch. They plan to offer land-based sports betting at first, with a strong view of going into the online platforms as soon as technically possible.

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So, at this point it is still unknown whether there will be a Boomtown Coupon Code MS, but you can read our predictions about this casino turning sports betting shop here.

Boomtown Casino Sports Betting

Boomtown is a land-based casino located in Biloxi, Mississippi. It is a casino with lots of tradition behind it, as it is one of the oldest casinos in the state of Mississippi. The theme is also old, as it is wild-west-themed, however, that doesn’t stop the numerous visitors from enjoying their stay.

The casino has no hotel of its own, so if you are planning to visit, make sure to check available hotels near the Back Bay in Biloxi, where Boomtown is located. Inside, the casino is well equipped with slot machines, but their card tables leave much to be desired, as they only have a craps table available, without roulette or baccarat, which is a shame. However, some things will definitely change once they introduce the sports betting part of their business, following a, hopefully, successful license application.

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Boomtown Biloxi Land-based Sports Betting

As we’ve said at the beginning, Boomtown Biloxi has applied to get a license for having a legal sports betting shop inside their casino. From what we know and have heard so far, the land-based sports betting in Boomtown should be available by the end of August/beginning of September, to be just in time for the start of the new football season. The SEC (Southeast Conference) for College Football starts September 1st, while the NFL season starts on September 6th. This leaves the Boomtown sportsbook employees enough time to plan everything well and execute it to perfection.

Boomtown Coupon Code MS Welcome Bonus

As of right now, we can’t really say for sure whether there will be a Boomtown coupon code MS and what will its welcome bonus entail, as the Boomtown online sportsbook seems to be still some time away. However, since the market is new, and the competitors will be fighting for every possible new customer, we can assume that a Boomtown coupon code will be offered once the sportsbook goes online.

However, we should first see how well it goes with the land-based sportsbook in the casino itself. And since there are always promotions in the brick-and-mortar casino, we can assume that the sportsbook will have its own version of promotions available for both new and old customers.

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Boomtown Sportsbook Available Sports

The intention of the Boomtown sportsbook is pretty clear – they want to offer betting on sports to their customers – and they have taken the proper steps towards making this a reality. As they will open the sports betting part of their establishment in time for the football season to start (at least that’s what they have stated), it is reasonable to assume that they will have football on their menu. Aside from that, we expect the sports betting part to have all the popular betting markets in the USA, including:

  • Baseball
  • NBA
  • Soccer
  • NFL and College Football
  • Hockey

There are, of course, many more possibilities and many more sports that USA fans might be able to bet on, however, those are really uncertain at this point. It is safe to assume that those above will be listed as they are, after all, the most popular and people will flock from all over the neighboring states to place a bet and watch the game live in the sportsbook part of the casino.

Boomtown Review Conclusion

All in all, we can conclude that we are eager with anticipation (as we are sure that you are, as well) as to what this new law allowing sports betting in Mississippi will bring for the fans of the game in this state. We are also eagerly awaiting the opening of the first online version of a sports betting place, but we realize that that might be some way off, still.

As far as Boomtown is concerned, we can conclude that, if their land-based casino is any indication, the sports book will be managed well and will offer great chances for the customers to have fun while betting on their favorite team. Keep in mind that we are still unsure about the possibility of the Boomtown coupon code MS, or any bonus that it might entail. However, that the future brings many good things, and maybe it brings us a welcome bonus, too.

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