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What Are the Steps for Signing up with BetMGM?

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Not sure where to start on the BetMGM site? We have a solution for you. Creating an account will allow you to access the site’s services and view pages that you otherwise won’t be able to.

At the same time, it will help you determine if this is the Sportsbook that you want to stay long-term with and bet. We provide you with a thoroughly explained BetMGM sign up process to help you speed things up.

But, if you already have an account, explore our expert insights into the BetMGM bookmaker to discover more about current offers.

How to Create an Account on BetMGM Sportsbook

To help you understand how the BetMGM sign up process works, we went and registered ourselves. Everything went without a hitch, showing us that it is a straightforward process that does not require specific expertise. Here is what you need to do step by step.


Visit the Website or Launch the App

Start by visiting the main BetMGM website. You will notice the BetMGM registration button placed in the upper right corner of the page. Press it so you initiate the sign up. Additionally, you can also do the same with the app.

Complete Your Profile Details

After opening the registration questionnaire, you will need to input all the needed data. Enter a valid email address first so the process will take you to the next part.

Set Up Username & Password

You are going to have to pick a username and a (preferably strong) password. Make sure to be a bit creative, and don’t pick your birthday or your pet’s name. In order to keep your account safe, do not share these login details with anyone.

Confirm Your Identity

You are also going to have to confirm your identity. This part can be done by providing certain documents that support the facts you entered during registration. For that reason, make sure that all the info matches in order for registration to go through.

Finalize Your BetMGM Account

The final step requires you to hit the Done button to finalize the process. After that, your account will be set, and you can add funds, view odds, and place bets.

Can You Adjust the Settings After Registration?

Most of you are going to wonder if it is going to be possible to adjust certain things after finishing the sign up. The short answer is, Yes. After the BetMGM register is complete, you can customize your account as you deem fit.

The most important part is that you can change your password if needed. You simply have to enter the settings menu and follow the instructions.

Also, after creating an account, we advise you to immediately pick one of the offered BetMGM payment methods and make a deposit. Deposit options can also be changed, but you need to pick one to start with.

What Are the Benefits and Limitations?

Testing out the BetMGM create an account allowed us to see both sides of the operator. Being that we witnessed both the positive and the negative, we convey all of them to you here.

👍 Things We Like👎 Things We Dislike
A fairly quick registration procedure that even beginners can finish.Signing up with the app may be a bit more confusing than on a desktop.
Does not require you to wait too long for verification.
The design and the user interface of the questionnaire look good and comprehensive. 
The operator does not overcomplicate things with the sign up.

Who Is Eligible to Create an Account? 

There are a few things that may stop you from creating an account. First of all, you have to be of eligible age to sign up. Depending on the legal age limit of the state that you are in, you cannot register if you are underage.

At the same time, you have to be located in the state where the brand is live. No matter if you are using a desktop or an app, you cannot be physically located and trying to register from a state where the brand does not function.

Finally, you can’t be on the exclusion list to be able to register as well.

BetMGM Responsible Gaming

The brand offers excellent tools when it comes to responsible gambling. The part that we liked the most is that you can take a test if you are unsure about whether you are addicted or not. The brand does a good job of helping and advising its players so they can enjoy their time while being here and not get into troublesome situations.

Our Thoughts on the BetMGM Sign up Process

The BetMGM sign up is easy to understand and very suitable even for beginners. They don’t complicate things too much, which is great as people can get to finding bets quicker. We are fairly sure that each and every user will be entirely happy with the way the process works.

FAQs: What You Need to Know about BetMGM

For a few more details about the registration procedure, here are some added answers.

The main limitations revolve around age, location, and not being on an exclusion list.

You need to complete your BetMGM log in, pick settings, and change the necessary details.

Yes, you can. You can both create an account and use the BetMGM sportsbook login via the app.

After providing all the necessary information, you may need to wait between 24 and 48 hours for verification.