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How to Buy BetMGM Gift Cards

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You can now purchase a BetMGM gift card for yourself or to share it with family and friends to use toward placing wagers or adding a new user account. This is another great bonus opportunity.

For more details on all the features and benefits, check out our opinion on the advantages of the BetMGM bookmaker.

BetMGM Offering Gift Cards For Sports Betting Deposit

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Gift cards have become one of the most popular items to give people because they can choose how they want to use them. Instead of giving someone something they can’t or don’t want to use, give them a Bet MGM gift card and let them do the rest.

This is why it is welcoming news that BetMGM is now offering the BetMGM gift card. This can be used as a form of payment and deposit for players into their sports betting accounts. However, it is valid only in those US states where sports betting is legal and where BetMGM is authorized to operate (see list of states below).

BetMGM Gift Card Details

The BetMGM gift card is ideal for players who enjoy placing wagers online or via a mobile app.

This option comes just when players are getting into the college and professional football season finals. Not to mention the NHL and NBA seasons. Players can get in on the action by using these gift cards to fund their accounts. Additionally, they can use it for playing their favorite casino-style games.

Available forSportsbook & Casino
Available inColorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia
Where to buyOne of over 6000 locations
Value$25 and $50 denominations

Discover $25 and $50 BetMGM gift cards, each featuring a $10 deposit bonus. Elevate your experience further with the new $10 Parlay Boost gift card, equipped with a 15% Parlay Boost, giving you the opportunity to aim for a more significant payout.

The Gift Card Came as a Customer Suggestion

The choice of adding the gift card came as part of a suggestion from customers. According to Maria Tomlinson, Head of Payments at BetMGM, one of the biggest pieces of feedback we get from our customers is that they want a simple and convenient way to fund their accounts.

Buy BetMGM Gift Card

The BetMGM gift card is being offered through a partnership with TAPP, one of the leading companies, and flexible payment options. According to TAPP founder and CEO Sandy Agarwal, BetMGM is:

…The perfect partner in our journey to make sports betting and iGaming more accessible. Expanding the available funding options for sports bettors along with providing the ability to share in the BetMGM experience through gifting perfectly aligns with TAPP’s mission to create more access and engagement for fans.

Furthermore, the gift cards come in $25 and $50 denominations and are available in the eight states where BetMGM operates. Customers will be able to purchase the BetMGM gift card at one of over 6000 locations. It is expected that the gift cards will become available in additional states, once the operator expands.

States Where BetMGM Gift Cards Are Available

If you reside in one of these states you can purchase the BetMGM gift card at retailers such as Dollar General, Speedway, 7-Eleven, and more:

Please note that the BetMGM gift card can be used in one of two ways:

First, players can have their money directly deposited into their account online or with the BetMGM app, where it is stored in the same way that other payment methods are.

So, for instance, if a player deposited $25 off their gift card into their account, it would be the same as if they deposited $25 into their account using their credit card. The funds from that gift card would be available right away. This makes the process similar to other methods used to fund an account.

The other option is that players can use the money on the BetMGM gift cards to place wagers directly instead of depositing the funds into their account. They can use the BetMGM gift card to apply the funds directly towards a wager. This becomes an ideal method for those looking to follow a budget.

This way they can purchase a specific number of gift cards each month. Those can only be used toward their wagers. It is a great way to keep yourself in check while still allowing you to place wagers and enjoy playing your favorite games.

How to activate BetMGM Gift Card

Other BetMGM Offers

The BetMGM gift card is a fantastic new addition for players. Especially considering that those purchasing it can earn a $10 deposit bonus for each card purchased. It is important to note that these are not the only bonus offers currently being offered by BetMGM.

The BetMGM offers sports gambling and a full-service casino, and bonuses can be used toward either option. Players can also use gift cards toward their initial deposit into their account.

However, if you live in a state that isn’t permitted to play with this brand, there are other ways to get offers. You might try a PointsBet promo code or use a SI Sportsbook bonus code instead.

BetMGM Making You a Great Offer

This is a great opportunity to purchase the BetMGM gift card for yourself or give it to someone you know will enjoy using it. Someone you know who loves betting on sporting events, playing casino-style games, or is brand new to the betting world and is waiting for that reason to jump in. 

It’s time for you, your family, and your friends to have fun and BetMGM is making it easier than ever before to do so.

BetMGM Gift Card FAQs

If you have questions regarding this offer, the BetMGM site offers a great FAQ section where you can have your questions answered. However, they also offer players the ability to ask questions through the customer service portal.

While the BetMGM offers a more thorough explanation of players’ questions, we wanted to highlight a few more commonly asked. These include:

No fees are associated when depositing money from your BetMGM gift card. This means that the entire amount of your gift card is deposited into your user account.

Yes. BetMGM is currently offering a $10 deposit bonus per card that is purchased. This means that each card that you purchase results in a $10 bonus being deposited into your account. It is a great way to earn yourself some extra cash to use toward placing wagers.

According to BetMGM, you can deposit multiple cards as part of one transaction into your account.