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1st Jackpot Casino Sportsbook

With the PASPA act abolished in May 2018, every US state gets the chance to decide on its future when it comes to sports betting. While many have already said “no” to the sports betting, others have welcomed the option, as this form of entertainment can also be turned into a new source of tax revenue.

Mississippi belongs to the latter group as one to legalize sports betting can capitalize on this opportunity. Casinos have already started working hard on implementing sports betting in their casinos. After all, it is going to bring in even more customers who like having fun in a completely different way than casual casino visitors.

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There is an issue though. Even though Mississippi has adopted sports betting, online gambling is still not included in the legislation. It might take years before local casinos get the chance to go online making it easier for anyone in Mississippi to place their bets online.

1st Jackpot Casino has opened a land-based sportsbook already, but let’s take a look and see what might happen when they go online.

1st Jackpot Casino Mississippi

Judging from what the brand is offering offline, we can speculate about what we could see become available if the brand moves online. Casino game titles are sure to be a staple at 1st Jackpot, but nowadays it’s standard practice that if a casino also has a sportsbook, it’s published as well.

From their physical sportsbook location, look for all those bells and whistles to move online. That means, opportunities to bet on a variety of sports and leagues, enhanced odds on specific games, special bonuses or promotions, and an intuitive betting system.

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1st Jackpot Mobile Sportsbook

If the brand managed to get online, it would be a good idea for the website to be completely optimized for mobile devices. The other option is for the brand to have its own app for both iOS and Android operating systems.

As a business move, this is what they should do because an increasing percentage of people rely on mobile devices- and this number just keeps growing. Therefore, we hope that the brand will make the right choice and develop an online mobile app for sports betting.

We will have to wait and see whether 1st Jackpot Casino Mobile is going to see the light of the day. It all depends on how the Mississippi gambling and betting laws shake out. But who knows, maybe in a couple of years we get to see gambling going online in this state, like in many others.

Sports betting at 1st Jackpot

It is great that the 1st Jackpot Casino was able to introduce sports betting after all these years. But making the shift to making online betting a possibility is still impossible. Hopefully, as the years go by, we might expect some sort of legal regulation that touches upon online and sports betting in Mississippi.

At that time, we might expect the online bookie to offer several different sports. We are referring to betting on sports such as:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Soccer

And many other types of sports that include tennis, cricket, and other single or team sports. Like we’ve already mentioned, all we can do is remain patient for 1st Jackpot Casino Sports. It might come online if this form of betting becomes legalized.

1st Jackpot Casino Customer Support

Customer support is an integral part in any business industry. It is no different when it comes to gambling and sports betting. In fact, these are the industries where building customer trust pay off incredibly in the long run.

So we hope that once the 1st Jackpot Casino goes live, there are going to be several different channels of communication open to the customers.

We expect to see live chat, email, and a phone available for all those who need assistance with using the platform. Even though we are far away from this, it has to be said, because it is something that is extremely useful for people.

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1st Jackpot Sportsbook Payment Methods

The principle is always the same with Payment Methods, the more the merrier. It will simply allow you to reach out to higher number of customers in a much shorter period of time. Having more payment methods is beneficial for both customers and the company. While the former can enjoy the deposit and withdrawal flexibility, the latter is in a position to attract a much higher number of players that come from different walks of life.

Final Thoughts on Jackpot Casino Sportsbook

These are some of the things that we would like to see from 1st Jackpot Casino if online gambling ever becomes regulated in the Magnolia State. Before that reality, you can always head over to 1st Jackpot Casino and enjoy playing games in their location. With amazing space, you are bound to have a great time while playing with your friends.

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1st Jackpot Casino has a new operating sports book in Mississippi and by all accounts, the launch has gone smoothly! Check it out today. For them to get 5 stars, MS needs to regulate the online world and 1st Jackpot needs to move a sports betting product online.

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