Oregon Online Sports Betting 2020

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There is no doubt that many sports betting enthusiasts from Oregon can’t wait for legal Oregon sports betting online. Unfortunately, for now, the majority of Oregon online gambling options are still forbidden in this state. However, no one can say that this will be the case in the future.

Oregon Sports Betting Online Rules and Regulation

Among all the states in the USA still limited in terms of gambling, Oregon seems to be moving towards a change. The state of Oregon might be ready to legalize certain forms of gambling that are currently illegal. And for now, the fans of sports gambling will have to wait a bit longer.

Let’s see which forms of gambling are legal in Oregon and to what extent:

  • Online Gambling – This type of gambling is not legal in the state of Oregon. Furthermore, it is a Class C offense.
  • Casinos and Poker – both of these gambling types are illegal in Oregon.
  • Gaming machines – this one is regulated by the Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 461.
  • Betting on virtual events, fantasy sports & sports betting – these still remain unregulated.
  • Racing, tribal gaming, charitable gaming, sweepstakes, lottery games – all of these are regulated under the gambling law of Oregon.

Get all the news about new Oregon sports betting online from this review and find out about all the changes in the gambling bill.

Former Oregon Lottery Betting Game

To point out, the Oregon Lottery used to have a sort of a betting game available once upon a time. The name was Oregon Sports Action and bettors could place bets on the NFL, including Super Bowl betting. The wagering was in a format of a parlay and the only way one could win is to have 3 correct picks. Obviously, singles were not allowed in Oregon Sports Action which was present up until 2007.

Sports Wagering

Oregon sports betting is one of the grandfathers of betting states. What does this mean? Well, there were 4 states that were exempt from PASPA regulations: Oregon, Nevada, Delaware, and Montana.

These states were free to regulate betting without having to worry about PASPA. All this has put Oregon in a different situation, as it already has a long sports betting history. But for the time being, sports betting is currently prohibited, however, give that PASPA is no longer active, it is quite likely that sports betting will once again be legal.

Currently, online gambling and sports betting are prohibited, but these things are likely to change in the near future. Once other states start legalizing sports betting laws, it is quite likely that Oregon sports betting will be legalized.

Oregon Fantasy Sports Betting

Oregon’s fantasy sports betting is in a very interesting position. Even though it is not legal, playing is also not an offense. There are brands that operate with Fantasy sports betting in Oregon.

If this form of gambling is familiar to you, you can easily find it and have some fun. Keep in mind though, it is not actually legal and in a gray area.

Oregon Horse Racing

If you belong to fans of horse racing, you are going to love legal status on betting on horse racing in Oregon.

Unlike the rest of the sports betting, horse racing is actually legal and permitted, including online.

Therefore, if you are into horse racing, feel free to bet with any online entity. However, make sure that you can trust the bookmaker.

Oregon Online Sportsbooks

There are no Oregon online sportsbooks at the present nor OR sports betting sites (even if all the fans and probably the operators would love that). On the other hand, Oregon has 9 tribal casinos to offer, charitable gaming where different games such as craps, blackjack, and roulette can be played. But that is not all. Texas Hold’Em and bingo can be played at different charity fundraisers.

Even though online gambling is currently prohibited in the state of Oregon, you should still understand what a good bookie website looks like. You can still place bets on online horse racing, therefore, you should definitely pay attention to some tips on how to recognize a good brand.

  • Register on a secure platform. Check whether the website has https:// in its link.
  • Use a platform that offers a lot of sports options. It will give you more choices.
  • Find an online bookie that has years of experience.
  • Choose a bookie with different payment options. It will make deposits and withdrawals more flexible.

These are some crucial factors that you should pay attention to. With these things in mind, you can more easily find the perfect brand where you can have some fun betting.

Also, let’s not forget the state lottery which is legal for more than 30 years in Oregon. With racing also being legal, there are several opportunities to bet on horses online and in person.

The Future of Oregon Online Sports Betting

For now, the betting fans are somewhat limited to racing, some gaming machines, tribal gaming, sweepstakes, and lottery games. But that doesn’t mean that the gambling regulation bill won’t change in the future.

There are speculations that sports betting will be legalized in the state of Oregon, and soon. Additionally, there are chances that sports wagering will be limited to mobile gaming at first. What’s more, according to Matthew Shelby representing the Oregon lottery, there are plans to launch a mobile sportsbook supported by the OR Lottery.

In the beginning, the change is planned to happen throughout a series of events. They plan to include in-game bets using kiosks at bars, cafes, and restaurants. On the other hand, those wagers might be narrowed down to professional sports.

OR Online Sports Betting Expectations

To mention it once again, Oregon sports betting online is illegal inside the borders of this state. But, discussing the potential change of the bill, it would bring tons of perks to the gambling community.

Important to note is that the US Supreme Court nullified the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act during May 2018. Due to this act, all sports betting should be illegal in all states, unless it used to be allowed in the past. The Oregon lottery decided to start Sportsbet in Oregon without the legislation.

If the bill changes in the favor of the bettor, we could expect OR sports betting sites from the major US bookmakers. This goes hand in hand with mobile betting and should that happen, gambling anywhere in Oregon and anytime will be possible.

With new online sportsbooks, the players could expect tons of welcome offers, promotions, and bonuses. In case you want to know all the newest updates on the OR online sports betting laws stay tuned and read it here first!

Oregon Online Sports Betting FAQ

Find the list of FAQ below and find out the answers to questions you always wanted to ask about Oregon online sports betting. Here you can browse through some of the most frequently asked questions related to Sportsbet in Oregon.

Is It Legal To Place A Bet in Oregon?

Yes. Unfortunately, the law concerning different types of gambling in Oregon doesn’t allow placing a bet while on the territory of that state. Some of the regulated gambling options are racing, tribal gaming, charitable gaming, sweepstakes, and lottery games.

Where Is It Possible To Place A Bet in Oregon?

As races are legal in Oregon you will be able to place bets on certain horseracing events at Burns, Union, Prineville, Tillamook, and Grants Pass. Moreover, you will be able to place bets at some other off-track betting locations in the state.

Are There Any Gambling Restrictions & Limitations in Oregon?

Of course. The main restriction, just like in most of the states, is the legal age restriction. Anyone engaging in the act of gambling will have to be of legal age, which is 18 years old or older. Some of the other limitations and restrictions are related to sports betting, casino games, poker, and online gambling. The law still forbids these.

Is There a Sports Betting Mobile App in Oregon?

For now, there are no available sports betting mobile apps in Oregon. Once the gambling regulation bill changes, some operators will probably launch their apps.

Oregon is currently looking to fully regulate sports betting and that means that Oregon sports betting apps could soon be part of the deal. We are going to take a look at what the legal state of play is now. And what the future holds for Oregon mobile sports betting.

Even though the legality of sports betting is now fully down to the individual states there are some that have been quicker off the mark than others. There is not much available in terms of gambling in the Beaver State, this includes online casinos.

There definitely seems to be a desire for Oregon mobile sports betting, however – and it could be part of the industry very soon.

The new NFL season begins in the fall and ideally the sports betting firms will be able to offer markets and betting lines for those games. The popularity of betting on football is huge in Oregon – as it is elsewhere – and this would be an opportune time to launch.

Although full regulation usually needs a new gaming bill to be passed by state legislators that may not need to be the case for OR sports betting apps. In a few cases, there is some dispensation for the state lottery organizations to simply extend their current remit. This would theoretically mean that the Oregon lottery app could branch out into sports betting.

If this was the case then standalone Oregon sports betting apps would surely be the natural next step. But we will have to wait to see if the Oregon lottery app route is legal first.

What to Expect from Oregon Sports Betting Apps

Once Oregon mobile sports betting gets the go-ahead we will likely see many of the big betting companies launching their own apps. Or they may want to team up with existing local companies – such as the Oregon lottery.

There is bound to be a lot of interest in Oregon mobile sports betting and you can expect to have a large choice of betting markets. Taking sports betting apps in other states as an example you should be able to bet on:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • MMA
  • Boxing

Many sports betting sites have many more sports available and will accept wagers on just about anything.

What Types of Bets Can Be Made with Oregon Sports Betting Apps?

The usual way that sports betting apps work is that the range of markets and bets on a conventional online site are replicated on the app. This isn’t always the case – but it does make sense that customers can choose which is more suitable for them.

Oregon sports betting apps are likely to offer the usual full range of betting opportunities. If you are fairly new to sports betting then here are the main types of bet you can make on US and worldwide sports.


The most straightforward of bets. With the moneyline wager, you are simply choosing which team is going to win a head to head event.

Points Spread

More common in the US – especially with football and basketball betting. Betting on the spread introduces a handicap system to an event to even up the chances of winning the wager going for either side. Points are added or subtracted to a total and you can then bet on the result accordingly.


If you don’t really want to bet on who will win a game then you can just place a wager on the number of points that will be scored instead. This wager is sometimes referred to as the over/under – as you bet on whether you think the final points total will be over or under the stated amount.

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