Nebraska Online Sports Betting 2021

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Nebraska sports betting is not available in 2021, even though voters in the state agreed to a gambling expansion referendum in 2020.

Legal sports betting was not specifically listed in that referendum, and now some lawmakers are arguing that it should not be included.

It is likely that Nebraska sports betting will be legal at some point soon, but it’s looking like 2022 might be the earliest option. A number of bills continue to be introduced, but none of them have seen much advancement. 

Nebraska Sportsbooks

There are currently not any commercial casinos in the state of Nebraska, but tribal casinos are available. Nebraska sports betting could also be offered at horse tracks, but that would severely limit the options for sports bettors.

DraftKings has been vocal about including Nebraska online sports betting in any final law, but there hasn’t been a ton of support from lawmakers. Even if NE online sports betting is offered, in-person registration would probably be included, at least for a period of time.

There are plenty of decisions that still need to be made in Nebraska, and determining potential sportsbooks is one of the biggest questions. 

NE Sports Betting Rules

One of the biggest debates surrounding NE sports betting at this time is what to do with collegiate sporting events. Some lawmakers have a huge issue with allowing betting on these markets, while other supporters of sports betting want these markets included. 

Professional and international betting markets will be available in Nebraska, but it is unclear what the final sports betting law will say. NE sports betting could also include esports betting markets, but that is another area that will need to be addressed. 

NE Sports Betting Regulations

In November 2020, Nebraska residents approved a gambling expansion referendum, but that did not specifically include sports betting. Lawmakers have argued that NE sports betting is now legal, but there has yet to be an official bill passed.

Legislative Resolution 26CA and LB545 have been introduced in 2021, and these would allow for statewide betting, which does include NE online sports betting. These bills have been tied up by other pieces of legislation in the state, and it’s unclear when a final vote will come for either of them. 


Nebraska sports betting is completely up in the air at this point in time, even though it appears that residents in the state already approved it in November. Lawmakers still have some work to do before the industry is able to launch, but there is a realistic chance that this occurs in 2021.

Nebraska online sports betting does not seem to be on the radar at this time, but that could always change before a final bill is passed into law. This could be a decent-sized sports betting market if sports betting is finally made available.

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