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Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh gets a Sportsbook

To every sports fan from Pittsburgh, get ready for an awesome bookmaker coming your way. Rush Gaming has recently announced that they will introduce another sportsbook called Rivers Casino Sportsbook which will be based in Pittsburgh at their facility of the same name. As we speak, they are ready to go live any time soon since they have already acquired the temporary approval to offer gambling services to the residents of Pennsylvania.

Rivers Casino Sportsbook in Pittsburgh, PA

Furthermore, just like most of the sportsbooks available in the US, we are also expecting them to have an online version of the Rivers Casino Sportsbook. That way, many more sports fanatics in PA can have access to the betting services without having to visit the physical location.

From all the rumors and reports flying around about this Rivers Casino Pittsburgh sportsbook, we have a good feeling that it is the next big thing that residents of Pittsburgh will ever see. If you love sports, then you’ll be happy to know that they plan to set up shop in a super-strategic location – they will be based near the Pittsburgh Steelers Sports ground. Thanks to the proximity to the football pitch, they’ll automatically receive many players.

If you want to know about the bonus offers and the range of sporting events that we expect from the new Rivers Casino Sportsbook, keep reading for more.

Timetable for Building Rivers Sportsbook

Since it was announced that Rivers Casino Pittsburgh sportsbook would be launched in the heart of Pennsylvania, here’s the progress of the process so far:

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh SportsbookImportant information:
31/11/2018They acquired an interim consent from the Gaming Commission of Pittsburgh for a fee of ten million dollars
CurrentlyThe sportsbook is now under the final approval process
1/12/2018They will launch an interim Sportsbook, and it will be where punters will bet on for the time being
Last verifiedDec 12, 2018

What can you Find at the New Rivers Casino Sportsbook?

According to what has been said of late about Rivers Casino Sportsbook, they will offer a wide range of sporting events with favorable odds that appeal to every player. Furthermore, they have also confirmed that they will give priority to player comfort and entertainment even though they will launch their services in a temporary facility, as the permanent one is still being constructed. While it will be a placeholder for the actual gaming zone to be unveiled later, this temporary facility will still feature high-quality sports betting services. It will be on the floor of the casino adjacent to the gaming section of the lobby.

The short-term physical platform of the Rivers Casino Pittsburgh sportsbook will be quite impressive with reports from a local newspaper confirming some pretty neat specifications. For starters, it will have over 90 chairs and the gamers will be watching their sporting events from 15 massive TV’s mounted on the walls. That alone will be enough for over 100 punters sitting in the arena.

Rivers Casino Logo

And by the way, since accommodating over 90 people comfortably will need lots of spacing, the Rivers Casino Sportsbook will have 3,000 square ft just to entertain sports enthusiasts in Pennsylvania. In addition, they have also confirmed that they will set up a bar and shop so that gamers can enjoy drinks and snacks as they gamble.

Sports Markets

Rivers Casino Sportsbook will have to pull up its socks if they plan to compete with the biggest bookies in the market. From the look of things, it looks like they are ready to take on that challenge. We expect the bookie to feature a wide range of sporting events so that players with different tastes can also have an opportunity to bet on their various teams. We expect that they will host sports games like American Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, and Boxing as well as fast-paced racing tournaments like Horse Racing, Greyhounds, and the likes of NASCAR.

Since Rivers Sportsbook is going to operate in the USA, it would be best if it features sports from major American leagues such as NBA, NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NHL, The US opens, PGA and MLS. Wouldn’t you like to see that? Let us all cross our fingers and hope that they’ll have such an exciting feature coverage and more.

Are they going to be available online?

Rush Gaming has opened up numerous sportsbooks and casinos across the USA, and for a fact, Rivers Sportsbook is among the few that are already operational in Pennsylvania State. What is common among them all is that they are both accessible on the land and also over the internet which is the best way that remote players can have a piece of what is being offered by the bookie. Therefore, a Rivers Casino Sportsbook online version will be available, although there is no confirmation of that this is the brand that Rush Street Gaming will go with.

On the same note, we also anticipate that Rivers Sportsbook online will have a wide range of sporting events which are already covered in the land-based sportsbook. To make the online experience better, it would be great to see Rivers Casino Sportsbook online also covering international sports games besides the ones played in the US only. This can be a great way of attracting an international audience to the bookie as well or offering a much bigger coverage to locals who keep tabs on sports on a global scale.

Can you sports bet on Mobile?

Virtually everyone that gambles owns a smartphone or some kind of a mobile device which they can use anywhere. So, many bookies are taking advantage of this by making it possible for their sportsbooks to be conveniently accessed via a mobile device at any time. Because of this, it will be pretty important for Rivers Casino sportsbook to have a mobile app that players can use from anywhere to access the site. Furthermore, we hope that if they launch an app, it will be compatible with two of the most popular mobile operating systems, i.e., Android and iOS.

Even so, there’s not much to say for the mobile platform, for now. We just have to wait and see what they have in store for us. The good thing is that in Pennsylvania, the law allows mobile gambling. Thus, locals won’t have to worry about breaking the law whenever they yearn to back their favorite teams or players on the go,

What Bonus can you Find from Rivers Casino Sportsbook?

Since most all the bookies have a decent welcome bonus to attract new players, there’s a good chance that they will also have a welcome offer activated by a sportsbook promo code. A unique sportsbook promo code to be used in activating the welcome bonus will simplify things especially for beginner gamblers who want to gain more advantage. To make the offer even more lucrative, we hope that their bonus will have very favorable terms and conditions just like what we’ve seen from other Rush Street Gaming sportsbook promo code deals.

Rivers Casino Sportsbook Review

It will also be great if the sportsbook promo code will be usable on mobile devices as well to allow mobile gamers to get the welcome goodies as well. You may be interested to know that currently one of Rush Street Gaming brands has a remarkable welcome package activated by a sportsbook promo code. The deal is worth up to $250 in bonuses after an initial deposit. Don’t be surprised to find a similar welcome bonus reward when the Rivers Casino sportsbook online goes live!

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh gets Sportsbook
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