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BetRivers Sportsbook App: How To Play On Mobile

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Have you ever tried using the BetRivers Sportsbook app? This is already a very popular brand that offers loads of sports betting options when it comes to both US-based and international sports betting. They also have an app and it’s a really good one. If you are somebody who prefers betting from afar, this app should cover all the bases for you. Let’s check things out and see how the app functions.

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Simple Steps for App Download

The first thing to mention is that the BetRivers app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The apps look and feel rather similar, but the important part is that they are both very functional, accounting for excellent remote sports betting.

Installing the Android App

Installing the BetRivers Android app version takes only a couple of moments to complete.

  1. Visit the Play Store or the main site of the operator
  2. If you are using the site, click on the Android icon at the bottom of the page
  3. Click on the Install button to initialize the process
  4. Go one step at a time
  5. Confirm the installation in the end
📱BetRivers Android App✨Details
Mobile App System RequirementsRequires Android 9 and up
Compatible with Available for all devices
App support[email protected]

Installing the iOS App

As far as the BetRivers iPhone app goes, the installation steps are somewhat similar.

  1. Go to the App Store or the main operator’s page
  2. If you start with the main page, click on the iOS icon at the bottom of the page
  3. Commence the installation process
  4. Complete every step one at a time
  5. Confirm the installation
📱BetRivers iOS App✨Details
Mobile App System RequirementsRequires iOS 14.0 or later
Compatible with iPhone and iPad
App supportMain operator’s site

BetRivers App Key Features

The part that we found the most fascinating about the BetRivers mobile app are its features. They set this app apart from all of the rest, making it not only easier to use but also very efficient.


The betslip system is very comprehensive and easy to understand even for total beginners. It took us a moment to figure out how it works and we were able to load it with various sports bets to see how it works. Your parlay bet will be done in a few simple presses of a button.

SGP Quick Pick

Placing a same game parlay bet is no different than creating any other kind of bet via the app. BetRivers is actually one of the few operators that has the SGP option available. You start the same as when creating a regular betslip, but you need to make sure to add a minimum of two selections to your parlay.

Both a Sportsbook and a Casino

Contrary to what other brands are doing by creating two separate apps, one for casinos and the other for sportsbooks, BetRivers is offering “two for the price of one.” A single app allows you to play casino games and wager on sports at the same time. You can switch from one to the other at a single click of a button.

BetRivers Android and iOS App

How to Navigate the BetRivers Sportsbook App

One of the more appealing features of the app is its browsability and functionality. The part that we enjoyed the most when testing this app is the way you can easily find your way, no matter what you intend to do. They utilize an approach where you can finish each process in a couple of clicks.

Creating an Account on BetRivers App

Creating an account via the app works fast. It is basically the same as on a desktop. After initializing the signup process, you need to go step by step until you finish it. Once done, you can already start to look for betting opportunities.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds

Once you create an account, you have to be logged in to add some funds. Go to the banking section of your player’s account, pick one of the offered payment methods, enter the sum you wish to move, and confirm. The process is the same for both deposits and withdrawals. However, transferring funds from your account may take a bit longer, probably a couple of business days.

Rating the App

To better understand the app, we also took a look at what other users had to say.

How the Users Rate the Android App

According to the 2k reviews gathered on the Google Play Store, the app has an average rating of 3.8.

User Reviews

If you check out what the users on the Play Store have to say, most of the complaints revolve around the casino section. There are almost no issues when it comes to the Sportsbook page and what they praise is the fact that you can withdraw funds faster than expected.

How the Users Rate the iOS App

There are 4.7k ratings listed on the App Store, most of them positive, resulting in a 4.4 overall rating.

User Reviews

Similarly to the Android version, most of the reviewers don’t like the Casino part of the app. But they praise the Sportsbook section, some even citing this as the best app they have ever used. There are more than enough sports betting opportunities for users to bet on and enjoy.

Desktop vs. Mobile App: What Do Users Prefer?

As far as users go, it seems that they are a bit divided at the moment. They are using both the desktop and mobile versions equally. However, the tendency towards switching to the mobile app is a lot greater. More and more people are enjoying the convenience of what an app can bring them, so it makes it obvious for them to eventually switch to the mobile version.

What Are the Pros and Cons of BetRivers Mobile App?

There are far more positives than negatives that we noticed about the app. You can tell why it is one of the favourite apps for most users. Things usually go without a hitch starting with the BetRivers app download and all the way towards the end.

Easy to use and installCertain withdrawals take a bit longer to process
Browsable and neat, especially good for first-time users
Has plenty of added features

Our Conclusion

We concluded that the BetRivers Sportsbook app is worth trying out. You are definitely not going to waste any of your time on it. One of the main attractions is the ease with which you can use it and the fact that it is very neat and browsable. Everything is where it should be and there is no way one could get lost in it. Withdrawals sometimes take a bit longer to process, but it is something that other brands are having problems with. All in all, a pretty good option and app that we really liked testing out.


Find a few more pieces of information about the app below.

Yes, it is. According to the user reviews it is a really good and functional app.

Yes, you can, as long as you make correct bets. Winning is not guaranteed and it takes a mixture of luck and sports betting experience to achieve it.

You need to install the app first and log in to your player account. Create a bet slip by adding all the matches you wish, add a stake, and confirm.