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DraftKings Takes Over Online Sports Betting in Oregon




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The best way for a company to expand market share is by creating a monopoly in the marketplace. US-based sportsbook operator DraftKings first took this approach in the state of New Hampshire by controlling the mobile sports betting market as the sole operator.

Heading out to the West Coast, DraftKings now has an online sports betting monopoly in the state of Oregon. As of Jan. 18, the Boston-based sportsbook became the only commercial mobile betting operator in the Beaver State.

DraftKings’ Agreement With the Oregon Lottery

When Oregon first legalized sports betting withing its borders, the Oregon Lottery assumed the role as the sole online operator. All online sports bets were placed through the Oregon Scorecard App.

A few US states are governing and regulating legal online betting through their in-state lottery. However, Oregon’s unique approach gave its lottery the right to operate the only online sports betting platform in the state.

State gaming officials quickly came to realize the major flaws in this approach. While other state’s flourished with the addition of legal online sports betting, the industry in Oregon floundered right out of the gate.

In an effort to create a fresh start, the Oregon Lottery turned to DraftKings to take over this role. While the agreement became official on Jan. 18, there will still be a transition period to ensure a smooth transfer in services.

The Oregon Scoreboard App will remain in place under the supervision of the Oregon Lottery until the transition is complete.

Details Surrounding the DraftKings’ Transition

Starting on Tuesday, Jan. 18, Oregon sports bettors with a Scoreboard app were able to create a new DraftKings online betting account. They were also able to transfer any existing balance in their Scoreboard app over to DraftKings.

Individual account features such as transaction history, account information, and withdrawal services will remain in place for six months after the startup date. Any active bets with the Scoreboard app will remain in place until they are settled.

Oregon sports bettors can expect a dramatic improvement in sports betting services with DraftKings at the helm. Director of the Oregon Lottery Barry Pack stated:

“We’re excited about the improved experience for our players – including the ability to make same game parlay bets. DraftKings is the premier provider in the US.”

Oregon Still Restricts College Sports Betting

One aspect of legal sports betting in Oregon that still remains in place despite this transition is the absence of wagering on any college sports. Other states have restricted betting on in-state college teams, but Oregon gaming laws go one step further.

This will be the only legal US state where DraftKings operates prohibiting all forms of betting on college sports.

There is still a chance that state lawmakers will address this issue during the 2022 legislative session. Proponents of adding college sports to the betting board fully understand the tax revenue that the state is leaving on the table.

DraftKings did not comment on the lack of college sports betting in any recent company press releases. However, you would have to think that the company is working behind the scenes to build support for a change in this law.