Oklahoma City Thunder Betting

Oklahoma City Thunder betting is one of the surest in the NBA. 

That is not a surprise considering the caliber of players it has produced over the years ― Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook (a.k.a Brodie) will surely sound familiar. 

Here is a highlight specially collated for you the “bettor” if you are considering some Oklahoma City Thunder game predictions or just looking out for a team to bet on.

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Best Oklahoma City Thunder Betting Predictions

With the retainment of Paul George and Russel Westbrook on the 2019/20 roster, we can expect a great performance from the OKC Thunder squad.

Even though it may not match up with their best days in the past.

There are different tips on placing your Oklahoma City Thunder Betting. Some ideas of how to make basketball bets are:

Overunder: Predict the total point in the OKC Thunder game―will it exceed or not exceed certain points. 

For instance, most sportsbooks are already listing its overunder for the season at 31.5. If you bet over, that means the total point must exceed 31.5 to win. 

For under, it must not be up to 31.5 to win.

Spread betting: Bet that either OKC Thunder or its opponent (such as Utah Jazz) will outperform the odd predictions. If your bet outperforms the lines, you win. 

Moneyline: Simple bet predictions of whether OKC Thunder wins or not. You win when your prediction if your prediction is right.

Proposition Bets: Also called prop bets. It has to do more with what happens within the match rather than the end result of the match.

For instance, you may bet on whether a player (such as Russel Westbrook) will make more than two 3-pointers in a game.

History Of Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder has its origin in Seattle until it was bought by an Oklahoma group of investors led by Clay Bennett.

The new owners decided to move the game to Oklahoma and in spite of the lawsuit and other strategies employed by the city of Seattle, they were able to reach an agreement and finally get the club out of the city.

Under the new name, they qualified for their first playoff in the 2009-2010 season; won the first division title in the 2010 – 2011 season; the first Western Conference championship in the 2011-2012 season ― same year marks their fourth time in the NBA finals as the Thunder.

Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook’s perfect combination was the secret to their winning streaks prior to 2016 when the former left.

To fill in space and try to reignite such spirit, the management on July 6, 2017, signed Paul George from the Indiana Pacers in exchange for two other players.

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