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Read below for New York Knicks betting tips, including a look at their schedule, what types of basketball bets to expect, and past successful seasons.

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Please be advised that betting on the NBA is not available in all US states.

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Knicks Prediction & Odds

The Knicks had a busy offseason acquiring some new names for their roster, like Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier, as they look to repeat their playoff push from last season.

Good news is there is still the possibility of the play-in tournament! It would take a lot of crazy scenarios for the Knicks to jump back into the top 6.

Right now DraftKings has the Knicks odds at +100,000 to win the Atlantic Division or the Eastern Conference or the NBA Finals (yikes). The Knicks odds couldn’t be lower, but if you are a ride of die Knicks fan then you might love the underdog position.

However, the smarter play would be to focus on single game bets and player props.

New York Knicks betting options should include:

Moneylines– the simplest form of betting, money lines allow bettors to wager on which team will win a matchup.

Point Spreads- with point spreads bettors have the option of evening out matchups by awarding the weaker team points to begin the game.

Covering the spread bets refers to wagers on the favorites to win by a select number of points. Whereas betting against the spread refers to wagers made on the underdog to lose within the number of points.

Over/Under– overunder wagers allow you to bet on whether the total number of points will be over or under a set number.

The number is decided by the sportsbook. Outrights- with outright bets you can bet on who will win the NBA Championship at the end of the season.

Even now, outright bets are available at most online bookmakers. Prop bets- proposition bets give bettors the chance to wager on a variety of basketball predictions such as player stats.

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History of Knicks

The Knicks have been around since 1946, making them one of the oldest teams in the NBA.

The team was very successful during its early years and was constantly in the playoffs contending for championships.

Unfortunately, recent years haven’t been as kind, with only a handful of playoff appearances in the first round and no deep runs to speak of.

Team Creation

The New York Knickerbockers were originally established by Ned Irish in 1946 and are considered one of the founding members of the Basketball Association of America (BAA).

The team has always played at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Best Seasons

The best seasons for the Knicks occurred during a stretch in the early 70’s when the team was able to take down the championship twice. (70’ and 73’)

The team was also able to make two finals appearances in the 90’s under head coaches Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy.

Most Famous Players

A number of distinguished players have been on the Knicks throughout the years including Hall of Famer and Final MVP, Willis Reed.

Other famous players include Patrick Ewing, Walt Frazier, Bernard King, Earl Monroe, and even Phil Jackson back in the 1970s.

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