Cleveland Cavaliers Betting

Betting on the Cavs, one of the most epic NBA teams, was always special.

The pre, during and post “LeBron era” of the Cavaliers were each epic in its own way.

All the twists and turns in their history made Cleveland Cavaliers betting even more fun.

Find out more about their schedule, the predictions and learn about the history of this NBA team.

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Best Cleveland Cavaliers Predictions

Betting on basketball games is pretty simple and all you need is a little bit of research. In order to know what you can expect from Cleveland Cavaliers betting, you can check out these types of basketball betting:

  • Money Lines – Betting on the basketball money line means that there will be a certain difference in price between two teams. This all depends on which team is favored. The bettors will often see positive and negative values that determine the winnings according to deposits.
  • OverUnders – Over/Unders are special kinds of basketball bets where there is an approximate total score of point for one game. The bettors can bet whether the actual result will be over or under the proposed score.
  • Spread – This one is the most popular type of bet for basketball games. Basically, the bookmakers will make a point spread for both teams in one game. This would mean that each of the two teams in question has an equal chance of winning. In essence, the favorite has to win by the points spread set by the bookie.
  • Picks – Related to the previously mentioned point spread, this type of betting is quite similar. The bettor will, however, bet on either victory or loss. With picks, the spread is even.
  • Betting Against the Spread – ATS bets are just like betting on a point spread in a specific matchup.

History Of Cleveland Cavaliers

The history of this Cleveland team is a rather interesting one. The team went from zero to hero, on various occasions, mainly thanks to LeBron James. Continue reading to learn more about the most known players, best seasons and other important information about the team:

Cleveland Cavaliers Creation

The Cavs began to exist as a sort of expansion during 1970.

Best Seasons

At the beginning of their career, the team wasn’t that lucky at all. They were on a streak of bad luck until their first victorious title for Central Division in 1976. After a series of bad decisions and financial loses, the year of 1983 was somewhat of a fresh new start for the Cavs.

As regular playoff contenders, they have had many ups and downs, but mainly downs, in this period. Once Lebron James joined the team in 2003, they returned as regular playoff contenders.

Besides, the Cleveland Cavaliers even reached their first NBA finals in 2007. This was the same year when they won the first Eastern Conference championship.

From 2010 to 2014, the success line of the team again went a bit downwards, due to the departure of LeBron James. In 2014 LeBron returned and during this period the team managed to appear in 4 consecutive NBA finals. In 2016, the Cavs won their first NBA Championship.

Most Famous Players

One of the most popular Cleveland cavaliers players is LeBron James. As mentioned, he managed to bring great success and fame to the team.

Moreover, the Cavs even won their first championship with James as part of the team.

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