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North Dakota

North Dakota Online Sports Betting



North Dakota sports betting is not legal as of early 2021, but there have been plenty of recent attempts to make the industry legal.

The final decision will ultimately be left up to the voters in the state, but lawmakers must first get a referendum on the ballots.

There are tribal casinos in North Dakota, and charitable gaming options are also available. North Dakota sports betting could be offered at these properties, and ND online sports betting could be an option as well.

North Dakota sports betting

North Dakota Sportsbooks

Native American tribes in North Dakota will likely be given the power over sports betting, and retail sports betting will be offered at their casinos. There was a push in 2019 to legalize North Dakota sports betting at charitable gaming locations, but it’s unclear if that will ever happen. 

North Dakota online sports betting would likely be a huge boost for the state, but it’s unclear if Native American tribes will be in favor of allowing this form of gambling. If ND online sports betting is offered, there could be restrictions in place as to where these bets can be made. 

ND Sports Betting Rules

North Dakota is one of the rare states that don’t have any professional or major college athletic programs, and that could affect the ND sports betting rules. Betting on college sporting events is a major question throughout the US, but it likely won’t be much of an argument in this state.

Before ND sports betting is able to launch, a complete list of rules will have to be determined and announced. 

ND Sports Betting Regulations

There were failed attempts in both 2019 and 2020 to legalize ND sports betting, but lawmakers have once again tried in 2021. There appears to be more progress this time, but nothing is official until it comes to a vote.

House Bill 1234 is currently in the House Judiciary Committee, but this bill is in the very early stages. The goal of this proposal is to create a referendum to be placed on the ballots in November. 

House Bill 1234 is going to be amended before being put up for an official vote, and there aren’t many details included in the legislation at this time. Tribal casinos would be given the green light to offer betting, but it’s unclear how many other sports betting licenses would be available. 


It’s unclear if lawmakers will be able to get a resolution passed by the end of April, but ND sports betting could be coming if they do. This would leave the final decision up to the voters in the state, and it appears that they are looking to make a change to the current laws. 

With South Dakota already legalizing sports betting, there is some pressure on North Dakota to do the same. A decision on ND sports betting will be made in one way or another this year, and bettors in the state are hoping to get an opportunity.