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Minnesota Sports Betting



Recent Minnesota sports betting bills have stalled out before gaining much traction, even though there have been attempts made each of the last three years.

It does appear that sports betting will likely happen at some point, but it’s unclear when that might be.

Minnesota Sports Betting

Sports betting would likely be offered at the Native American casinos in the state, but lawmakers are hoping to offer online sports betting as well. This could prove to be more of a challenge, but there have been recent attempts. 

2022 is expected to be another big year in attempting to legalize MN sports betting. 

Minnesota Sportsbooks

There are currently 19 casinos in Minnesota, and that is likely where MN sports betting would begin. These properties are managed by 11 Native American tribes, and the tribes want to control the industry.

Lawmakers have proposed legalizing Minnesota online sports betting, but that is where much of the debate starts. MN online sports betting will likely be approved, but there could be a limit as to where bets can be placed.

In-person registration is expected when the industry launches, as that will allow the tribes to keep the money in-house. 

Minnesota Sports Betting Rules

Much of the debate when trying to legalize MN sports betting has been centered on sportsbooks, and there hasn’t been a ton of discussion around the rules. This will likely be the next step after convincing Native American tribes to support the effort.

One of the biggest questions that will need to be answered is what to allow in terms of college sporting events. Some states prohibit all college betting, while others allow for betting except for those featuring in-state teams.

Look for Minnesota to be aggressive with their laws and allow MN sports betting to feature all college sporting events. 

Minnesota Sports Betting Regulations

An official MN sports betting bill has not yet been filed in 2021, but that will be changing soon. There have been bills filed in both 2019 and 2020, but there was not much advancement with each piece of legislation.

Most of the bills introduced include language that would create the Minnesota Sports Wagering Commission. This new group would regulate and oversee the MN sports betting industry for betting on events like MMA among many others. 

Native American tribes have yet to support any of the introduced bills, and lawmakers continue to make changes to tr to gain their support.  


If the Native American tribes in Minnesota can be convinced of the value of sports betting, then the industry could launch quickly. Lawmakers have been unable to convince these tribes up to this point, especially when it comes to Minnesota online sports betting.

There is a strong sports culture in Minnesota, and this could develop into a strong market. There will likely be a long list of retail sports betting options available, but betting could be limited to in-person.