New Mexico Online Sports Betting 2020

Commercial Content | 21+ | T&Cs Apply New Mexico has recently become the sixth state in the US to start offering legal sports betting. However, the NM sports betting situation is rather unique. Unlike other states like New Jersey and West Virginia, New Mexico has allowed a tribal casino to offer sports betting before any legislation was even passed. Read on to learn about land-based options and what New Mexico online sports betting will have to offer in the near future.

New Mexico Online Sports Betting

NM online sports betting is still not available as the state is working on developing online gambling laws. You will not find any operating New Mexico sports online betting sites at this time. However, you do have betting options if you reside within the state. You will be able to engage in sports wagering at other US-based sites where you can bet on your favorite teams. It is also legal to place online wagers on horse and greyhound racing. So with sites like TwinSpires and TVG available, you can wager on races held in New Mexico as well as those across the US. There are also daily fantasy sports betting sites that are accepting residents of New Mexico. Unfortunately, for now, you will not be able to engage in New Mexico online sports betting until current laws are amended.

Sports Betting Legality in NM

New Mexico sports betting has not actually been officially made legal. However, it is believed this will happen soon. Since there are already land-based betting options in the state at a tribal casino. The betting laws in this state are different from what you will find in other US states. Current laws state that Class III gambling is permitted, including NM sports betting a well as pari-mutuel wagering. New Mexico is actually the first state in the country to take a sports wager without any state legislature in place to regulate betting. Even though there are no specific laws in place at his time, you can engage in New Mexico sports betting legally. You will be able to bet on major sports and college events as long as those colleges are not located within the state. You will also find that New Mexico online sports betting for horse and greyhound racing are legal. So there are some US sites that cater to this type of betting as well. santa ana star casino is an alternative to new mexico online sports betting

Santa Ana Star Casino Sportsbook

When the Supreme Court made it legal for states to offer sports wagering, New Mexico did not introduce any legislation or bills to regulate the industry. Instead, a single casino, the Santa Ana Star Casino, set up a sportsbook. It opened doors for NM sports betting in October of 2018. Since sports wagering fell under Class III gaming and there was an agreement with tribes in the state to operate gambling venues, it was completely legal for Santa Ana Star Casino to start offering sports betting at the venue. At this time, this is the only land-based sportsbook operating in the state. Though other casinos are allowed to offer sports wagering. At this venue, you can place wagers on all major US sports as well as college events. The only exception is any New Mexico college. With live sportsbook writers available as well as self-serve kiosks, you will find this venue to offer all your betting needs in a secure environment. Should the state move forward with bills, this location may soon be the first to offer New Mexico online sports betting. For now, it remains the sole location in the entire state where you can place legal wagers.

New Mexico Sports Betting Apps

Feel like betting on sports from the comfort of your New Mexico home, but you’re not sure if it’s possible? Here, you can find all the info you need about the legal status of online betting in this state. Furthermore, you can get information about the legality of New Mexico sports betting apps.

Legal Status of New Mexico Sports Betting Apps

It was October 16, 2018, when a man walked into the Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel and placed a $30 wager on Houston Astros against Boston Red Sox. Why is this important? Because it was the first time a New Mexico casino accepted a sports betting wager. This happened only a few months after the Supreme Court ruled that there are no legal grounds to ban sports gambling on the federal level. Still, this doesn’t mean that New Mexico has made sports betting legal; it’s only allowed in tribal casinos. And this means that there are still no legal online betting sites for people from this state. Nor there are any New Mexico sports betting apps you can use. A New Mexico resident who wants to bet has to go to the Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel. This is a tribal casino owned by Pueblo of Isleta. That’s the place where you can place your bets in person. It also offers you one of the four betting stations currently operating in the venue. The trouble is that the betting stations at this casino don’t work 24/7. Actually, they’re open from noon till 8 PM on weekdays, while on weekends, they accept bets a little bit longer. However, If you want to bet during the off-hours, preferably online, you won’t be able to do so. The reason for that is because in New Mexico online sports betting is still illegal. Instead, you have no other option but to forget about sports and focus on horseracing. What we’re talking about is the fact that online horseracing betting is legal in this state. There are even some New Mexico sports betting apps you can use for this purpose. So, until things change, this could be a fun alternative. But, will things change in the future?

What does the Future Hold?

Historia est Magistra Vitae – history teaches us about the future and the history of New Mexico has so much to do with gambling. It seems that it has always played a big part in the lives of the people from the “Land of Enchantment”. This was one of the first US states to legalize horseracing betting, as well as regulate charity gambling. And since 2018, it’s one of not too many states in America where you can find sports betting venues. Although there’s only one such place, it’s likely that others will follow. And what about online gambling and New Mexico sports betting apps? Well, considering that many states are currently working on legalizing and regulating these things, it’s reasonable to expect New Mexico to jump on the bandwagon in the near future and legalize NM sports betting apps.

NM Sports Betting FAQ

Will NM online sports betting be available in 2019?

Since there are no pending bills, you should not anticipate any online betting options to become available in the state this year. The case is similar for New Mexico online casinos.

What sports can I bet on in New Mexico?

When you visit the only operating sportsbook in the state, you will find you can place wagers on all major US sports as well as international sports and college sports. This venue covers all markets, so you can wager on the NFL, NB, NHL, MLB, MLS, golf events, MMA, NASCAR, and much more. The only restriction is that you cannot wager on any New Mexico college team.

Where can I place sports wagers in New Mexico?

For now, the Santa Ana Star Casino is the only operating sportsbook in the state. There has been talk of another tribal casino operating a sportsbook, but for now, Santa Ana is your only option.
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