Maryland Online Sports Betting

Maryland sports betting is expected to launch in 2021 after voters passed a sports betting referendum in November 2020. The state legislature now has to work on creating sports betting rules and regulations before the industry can launch.

Maryland sports betting has been in the works for a couple of years, but bills have continued to get hung up. Lawmakers were able to simply ask a yes or no question to voters in November, and sports betting had overwhelming support.

Both retail and Maryland online sports betting will be available, but it is unclear how many licenses will be up for grabs. There are a handful of casinos in the states, and these properties will get the first available licenses.

Maryland has a strong sports landscape, especially when it comes to professional sports. Not only are there plenty of teams in Baltimore, but Washington DC is also home to teams that have a large following in the state. 

A launch date has not yet been established, but 2021 will likely be a big year for Maryland sports betting. 

Maryland Sportsbooks

Maryland online sports betting is expected to be the most popular form of betting once the industry launches, but retail betting will be available as well. A look at recent legislation that was introduced in 2020 could reveal how many sports betting licenses would be available.

That bill called for nine available sports betting licenses, with six of those going to the commercial casino properties in the state. Two online-only operating licenses could be available as well as one reserved for a sports stadium.

Maryland is hoping to lure the Washington Football Team into the state by allowing them a chance to offer sports betting. Other popular sports betting operators such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM are all expected to receive a sports betting license. 

Another question that will need to be answered is what form of registration will be available in Maryland. Remote registration would allow the industry to take off quicker, but in-person registration could be required for a certain length of time at launch.

When MD sports betting does launch, it is expected that there will be close to 10 sports betting options, with some of the most popular companies offering betting. 

MD Sports Betting Rules

Lawmakers in the state will also be trying to figure out rules to govern the MD sports betting industry. These rules will include what betting markets will be available and if betting on collegiate sporting events will be permitted.

The top US professional sports will be available in Maryland, but some top international competition should be as well. The US sports betting industry has seen plenty of action on international events, especially soccer.

Professional leagues in the United States are all now in support of legalized sports betting, and that will help drive the industry upon launch. The Baltimore Ravens and Washington Football Team are expected to be two of the most popular teams to bet on.

Betting on college sporting events has become a great debate throughout the US, and it’s not clear at this time what the rules will be in Maryland. Most college events will be available, but betting on in-state college teams or events could be prohibited.

Esports is another growing industry in the US, and several states now allow betting on these events. Lawmakers will have to determine if they wish to allow sportsbooks to offer betting on these events in MD. 

MD Sports Betting Regulations

Lawmakers in the state attempted to legalize MD sports betting as early as 2018, but a bill did not advance through the Senate. Maryland was attempting to legalize sports betting before the US Supreme Court lifted the federal ban.

In 2019, lawmakers attempted to pass a sports betting bill again as they were hoping to run the industry through the state lottery. After it was confirmed that a referendum had to be approved by voters, lawmakers gave up and waiting until 2020.

Senator Craig Zucker introduced bill S 4 in early 2020, and that bill unanimously passed through the Senate. It appeared that MD was on its way to legalizing sports betting before that bill became stalled in the House.

Lawmakers in Maryland were able to get a referendum on the November ballot, and it passed by a wide margin. That puts things back in the hands of lawmakers as they will have to create a bill to rules and regulations for the new industry.

The Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission will be in charge of overseeing and regulating the sports betting industry. This group will be tasked with reviewing license applications and approving sports betting operators. 


Maryland sports betting has been legal since November 2020, when voters in the state approved of a sports betting referendum. The launch date is expected at some point in 2021, but there is still work left to be done by state lawmakers.

In 2020, sports betting bills were introduced, but none of them were able to get passed and signed into law. Now that sports betting is legal, lawmakers will have to meet again to determine what rules and regulations need to be put in place.

There will be online sports betting in Maryland, along with retail betting options. The number of licenses has yet to be determined, and it’s unclear who will be able to apply for these licenses.

Maryland could become sizeable sports betting market in the US after getting things established, but that will likely take months. Sports bettors in Maryland are ready for the industry to launch, but it’s unclear just how soon that will happen.

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