Super Bowl Traditions

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Super Bowl Sunday has become much more than just a game. It is now surrounded by a number of Super Bowl traditions that have essentially made the event a holiday for many football fans, including Super Bowl betting.

Super Bowl Food

One of the most popular Super Bowl traditions for the big day is the party. Fans pack into a friends’ house to watch the game together. The host must make sure the layout of Super Bowl finger foods is just right.

People take a lot of pride in their Super Bowl dishes. This could be anything from buffalo chicken dip to barbeque sandwiches. The beer is usually flowing at these gatherings, so the time to fill a plate never ends.

Super Bowl finger foods are a popular option because of the convenience. Things such as meatballs, chips, and sliders can all be seen lining kitchen tables for all to enjoy.


Super Bowl Pregame Show

The party has to begin before the game, and one reason for that is the Super Bowl Pregame Show. Super Bowl traditions begin early on Sunday, as pregame shows start to dominate almost every channel.

The main Super Bowl pregame show will begin several hours before the game, usually hosted by top NFL broadcasters. It will include commentary about the big game from NFL Hall of Famers and current players.

But the pregame buildup has much more entertainment than just that. Last year, the Super Bowl pregame show was headlined by DJ Khaled, Dan + Shay, Pitbull, and a number of others that performed their top songs.

Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl traditions even extend to the commercials.

There are interesting aspects of Super Sunday, even for those who aren’t football fans. This isn’t a game in which people will choose to look away during the commercials.

Super Bowl commercials aren’t cheap. These are the most coveted and expensive commercial spots of the year. Everyone is watching, so companies try to bring something unique.

Last year, the average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial spot was a record-high $5.6 million. This leads businesses to much more creativity than a normal commercial spot.

 Hyundai had one of the most popular spots last year. They had celebrities Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, John Krasinski, and David Ortiz participate in the commercial that featured their new “smart parking”.

The Monday following the Super Bowl, there is always plenty of chatter just about the commercials. Did they live up to the hype this year? Who had the best one? All of which are debated online for days following the game.

Halftime Show

It is an honor, as an artist, to get to perform the Super Bowl Halftime Show. It will likely be the most-watched performance they ever have.

This is among the Super Bowl traditions and is watched closely, as it always includes some of the biggest names in the music industry. Last year, Jennifer Lopez performed alongside Shakira during halftime. Watch it here:

Here is a list of some of the previous performers: 

2019: Maroon 5

2018: Justin Timberlake

2017: Lady Gaga

2016: Coldplay

2015: Katy Perry

2014: Bruno Mars

The quality of the halftime show is typically debated almost as much as the game. Fans will critique the show and compare it to previous years. 

This is also much more than just an average concert. An intense amount of planning and choreography goes into the 20-30 minute performance.  

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is not one to miss while refilling a plate of food.

Placing Your Bets

Super Bowl Sunday is filled with betting. The Super Bowl is the most bet on sporting event of the year, and it doesn’t stop at just the game.

It will start as early as the National Anthem, one of the most popular prop bets. The bet is an over/under on the amount of time it will take the singer to perform the song. The line is usually set somewhere around 2 minutes.

Last year, the under hit. Demi Lovato sang the “Star-Spangled Banner” is one minute, fifty seconds. 

Next is the coin toss. The simple flip of the coin is watched more closely for this game than any other. Heads or tails?

The Super Bowl has more and more prop bets each year. If a sportsbook can think of it, it’ll be added to the list.

End the game by even betting on what color the winning coach’s Gatorade shower will be.

Betting on the Super Bowl is extensive and goes beyond the results of the game. Among Super Bowl traditions, placing bets is one of the most important, and definitely makes the game itself more interesting.

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