Washington Football Team Betting

Washington Football Team betting is not that simple. From being champions, the formally named Redskins, became a struggling team, failing to make the playoffs. But if you are a fan of the Washington Football Team, try a points spread handicap. This article will take you through the details of betting strategies.

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Washington Football Team Picks

Washington Betting Picks of the Week

But it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the Washington Football Team betting altogether. With the points spread, you can bet on the underdog. Even if they lose, but still manage to cover the spread, you can make money off the wager. That strategy is called betting against the spread. 

Another bet type that doesn’t require a team to have a straight-up win, for you not to lose money, is the over-under wager. In that case, the sportsbook will decide on a likely number of goals to be scored by one team, or a combined score of two teams playing against each other. The bettor has to decide if teams will score more or fewer goals than the number set. 

Finally, you have the money line bets. Here, we advise you to be careful when it comes to Washington. Since they are the underdog, it’s possible to win money, but the risk of losing is sizeable.

Still, it’s worth following the season’s developments, and researching experts’ picks and predictions, as lines tend to change once the season begins. 

With the prop bets, you will often find the same types of betting rules – over/under, money line, and points spread. The difference is about the betting category. Instead of wagering on the game result, you will be judging, for example, the performance of single players or guessing which team will make it to the playoffs, or win their divisions.  

Washington Football Team Schedule

Here’s Washington’s current schedule. Their first five games of the upcoming seasons are against serious opponents. They might end up with a 0-5 record. 

WeekDateKickoff (PT)Opponent
1Sept 131:00 p.m.Philadelphia Eagles
2Sept 204:05 p.m.at Arizona Cardinals
3Sept 271:00 p.m.at Cleveland Browns
4Oct 41:00 p.m.Baltimore Ravens
5Oct 111:00 p.m.Los Angeles Rams
6Oct 181:00 p.m.at New York Giants
7Oct 251:00 p.m.Dallas Cowboys
8Bye Week
9Nov 81:00 p.m.New York Giants
10Nov 151:00 p.m.at Detroit Lions
11Nov 221:00 p.m.Cincinnati Bengals
12Nov 264:30 p.m.at Dallas Cowboys
13Dec 61:00 p.m.at Pittsburgh Steelers
14Dec 134:25 p.m.at San Francisco 49ers
15Dec 201:00 p.m.Seattle Seahawks
16Dec 271:00 p.m.Carolina Panthers
17Jan 31:00 p.m.at Philadelphia Eagles
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History of Washington Football Team

To make smart choices about the Washington Football Team betting strategy, you need to know the team’s history. The ‘Skins are one of the oldest NFL teams, and their nearly nine-decades-long record of losses, success, and controversies are at the very least useful, if not fascinating. 

Team Creation

Founded as the Boston Braves in 1932, they are among the oldest NFL teams. A year later, their name changed to the current one. In 1937, Washington moved from Boston to D.C. The team’s name has been causing quite a lot of protests since the 1960s.

Various Native American tribes and organizations have demanded a change of the name because it’s offensive and adds to entrenching harmful stereotypes. Since the 1990s, the demand has gained national attention and a growing number of supporters.

Best Seasons

The era of the Washington championships is long gone. Before the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, they won two championships, in 1937 and 1942. And in 1982, 1987, and 1991, the team won the Super Bowl. But recently, it’s been a struggle. Their last success was the 2015 NFC East division title. 

Most Famous Players

We will start with the 2019 team members, as this information will help you make smart choices about Washington Football Team betting, especially with prop bets.

Trent Williams has been playing for the ‘Skins since 2010, so far his entire professional career. Sports commentators consider him one of the best tackles in the league. He has made it to the NFL Top 100 list, every year since 2014.

Since their creation, Washington had quite a few great players, many of them among the best in the NFL history. Among them are Darrell Green (cornerback), John Riggins (fullback, running back), Art Monk (wide receiver), Sammy Baugh (punter, quarterback, defensive back), and Sean Tylor.

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