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Panthers Betting Picks

Panthers Betting Picks of the Week

Can anybody claim with a dose of certainty whether the next season will be a good season for the Panthers? The answer is no. However, some assumptions and predictions can be made according to their previous success, some statistics, lineup, and other things.

Talking about Carolina Panthers betting means that you should always take a look at the odds, picks, and predictions. That is, before making your own decision.

As a matter of fact, all of these should affect your decision for the type of betting you are going to choose. There are numerous types of bets you can opt for when betting on Panthers. In case you are not familiar with any of them, stay tuned and learn all the specs that can affect your winning chances.

Here are some betting types you can use when betting on your favorite American football team:

Point Spread

In a game, one team can either be the favorite or the underdog. According to the logic, the favorite is the team that has better odds. The bettor wagers on the point spread set by the bookie. It represents how much the favorite will beat the underdog by.

Prop Bets

Also called the prop bets, this type of betting gives the bettor all the freedom. You can bet on basically any outcome related to anything in the game.


The bookies will set the approximate and accumulative number of points in one game. The bettor will have to bet on the number and guess the nearest one.


By betting on the lines the most important thing is the deposit. The odds will be transparent and you will be able to win certain sums. That is, if the favorite wins, if not the ones betting on the underdogs have a chance to win bigger money.

Panthers Schedule

For the latest news and details related to the Panthers’ games, take a look at the schedule available here.

WeekDateKickoff (ET)Opponent
1Sept 131:00 p.m.Las Vegas Raiders
2Sept 201:00 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3Sept 274:05 Los Angeles Chargers
4Oct 41:00 p.m.Arizona Cardinals
5Oct 111:00 Atlanta Falcons
6Oct 181:00 p.m.Chicago Bears
7Oct 251:00 New Orleans Saints
8Oct 298:20 p.m.Atlanta Falcons
9Nov 81:00 Kansas City Chiefs
10Nov 151:00 p.m.Tampa Bay Buccaneers
11Nov 221:00 p.m.Detroit Lions
12Nov 291:00 Minnesota Vikings
13Bye Week
14Dec 131:00 p.m.Denver Broncos
15TBDTBDat Green Bay Packers
16Dec 271:00 Washington Football Team
17Jan 31:00 p.m.New Orleans Saints

History of the Team

From the foundation to this date, the Carolina Panthers have had some ups and downs. Throughout their rich quarter-of-a-century long history a lot has happened, and let us see what:

Team Creation

This NFL team based in Charlotte, North Carolina that owns their home field and the stadium where they play, Bank of America Stadium. The Panthers have been playing in this city since 1996, and before that, they were based in Clemson. The exact year of the team’s creation is 1993, according to the records, even if the Panthers didn’t get to play for the next two years. 

Best Seasons

To point out, this American football professional team was founded in 1993 but began playing two years later. During 1995 they have had a marvelous start and they still hold the record for the best NFL expansion team’s initial season. That success went downwards, and they had no success until 2003. In that year they won the NFC Championship Game and even participated in the Super Bowl.

Up until 2008, the Panthers have had playoff participation, however, from 2008 to 2013 they had a period of stagnation. Then, starting from 2013 they have had 3 consecutive NFC South victories. Afterward, they attended SuperBowl in 2015, and unfortunately, they lost. In total, the team attended 7 playoffs and won 6 division titles. 

Most Famous Players

Some of the all-time best Panthers players who are famous all over the world are Steve Smith, Julius Peppers, Cam Newton, and definitely, Thomas Davis. The unforgettable Luke Kuechly and Sam Mills are also players worth mentioning.

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