One Month from MLB Trade Deadline: Who’s Buyers? Sellers?

We are nearing the Trade Deadline in MLB, and it’s an important time for every team in the league.

There are some big dates each year on the MLB season calendar. And the Trade Deadline is one of the biggest. This is when teams can improve their roster one final time before the playoffs, and the bad teams can start to acquire prospects.

MLB teams are usually pretty aggressive at the trade deadline, and that will be the case yet again in 2022. There are some teams that are still trying to figure out to be buyers or sellers, but other teams are already locked in.

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New York Teams Going Shopping

The New York Mets and Yankees are two of the best teams in baseball this season, and each team is always looking to get better. The Mets seems to be more willing to spend some money. But the Yankees have enough prospects to really make a big move.

In the National League, the Mets could still use some help at the catching position, and that offense isn’t always hitting well. Don’t be surprised to see the Mets swing big in July to make a move.

The Yankees don’t really appear to have many, or any, holes. But they can still find some players that will make an impact.

New York has one of the most dominant starting rotations in baseball. But it’s never a bad idea to add more.

Tanking Season is Heating Up

Ever since the new contract was signed this winter between the players and the owners, teams began tanking almost immediately. That process is really going to heat up over the next could of weeks as proven veterans will be replaced by rookie prospects.

The Chicago Cubs were one of the most aggressive teams a season ago at the deadline. That should be the case again. Chicago wants to continue giving up MLB players in an effort to build the next great team.

Oakland will look to be aggressive in selling next month also, but they don’t really have much left to give. The Athletics have been tanking all season long, but they will look to take it up another notch.

Top Players Available

Just because teams are shopping around looking for some new talent, it doesn’t always mean that there are some players available. This doesn’t feel like a year in which there will be a ton of elite-level talent out there, but you will see some big stars get traded.

Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras is one of the players that will likely be on the move. He is good enough to impact a playoff race. Contreras is arguably the best offensive catcher in baseball, and he could provide a big impact.

Oakland Athletics starter Frankie Montas is another player that will likely be dealt with at some point over the next month.

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