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Oddsmakers Predict Who Will Join Donald Trump’s Social Media Platform




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–Devin Nunes is Likely to Join After being Named CEO of Trump’s Media Company–

The odds of Donald Trump’s TRUTH Social platform going live before its estimated April 2022 launch date are 1/1 (50% implied probability), according to betting aggregators (See Disclaimer Below). The odds of it launching at any point in 2022 are 1/2 (66.7%). TRUTH Social also has 1/4 odds to be live in 2024 (80%). 

“The odds suggest that Donald Trump’s social media platform has a good chance to launch as planned, with an even stronger chance to stick around to at least 2024,” says a US-Bookies spokesperson. “As for Trump Media and Technology Group’s next plans, bookies have television news on the radar, as the odds of Trump launching a television news network are 8/1.” 

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Eric Trump has the strongest odds to join Donald Trump’s new social media platform as a user. With 1/10 odds to join (90.9% implied probability), Eric Trump is the odds-on favorite to join TRUTH Social. He’s followed by Donald Trump Jr. at 1/5 (83.3%), Ivanka Trump at 1/4 (80%), with Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon tied for third at 1/3 (75%).

Given the Trump children’s positions and unending support for their father, it’s no surprise that they’re among the most likely to use the TRUTH Social platform. However, bookies suggest Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Jared are noticeably more likely to join than Melania Trump is.

– US-Bookies spokesperson

Devin Nunes has 1/2 odds join TRUTH Social (66.7% implied probability), according to betting aggregators (See Disclaimer Below). Nunes has the same odds as Rudy Giuliani and Gary Coby to use the platform. 

“Devin Nunes recently resigned from Congress to take the position of CEO at Donald Trump’s media company, leading bookies to believe that he’s quite likely to have a presence on the TRUTH Social  platform when it goes live,” says a US-Bookies spokesperson. “This suggests he’s more likely than former Vice President Mike Pence to join Trump’s social media platform.” 

TRUTH Social to launch before April 2022: 1/1

TRUTH Social to launch in 2022: 1/2

TRUTH Social to be live in 2024: 1/4

Donald Trump to launch a television news network in 2022: 8/1

Odds to join Donald Trump’s social media platform as a user:

Eric Trump: 1/10

Donald Trump Jr.: 1/5

Ivanka Trump: 1/4

Jared Kushner: 1/3

Steve Bannon: 1/3

Rudy Giuliani: 1/2

Gary Coby: 1/2

Devin Nunes: 1/2

Sidney Powell: 4/7

Michael Flynn: 4/7

Melania Trump: 1/1

Mike Pence: 2/1

Kayleigh McEnany: 3/1

Mick Mulvaney: 7/1

Chris Christie: 10/1

Jake Paul 25/1

Kanye West: 33/1

Piers Morgan: 50/1

Dwayne Johnson 50/1

Meghan Markle: 100/1

Joe Biden: 100/1

Kamala Harris: 100/1

Disclaimer: The odds posted in this article are for illustrative purposes only, as wagering on such props is not currently legal in any U.S. state. The data was based on betting markets offered by UK/European/worldwide operators regulated in jurisdictions where wagering on these props is legal.

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