Kleberson Exclusive: Maddison not ‘mentally ready’ for United

Ahead of Man United’s Super Sunday clash against Liverpool, we’ve got the latest thoughts and predictions from former Man United player Kleberson.

The Brazilian shared his thoughts on the two signings who could help turn around United’s season, why Maddison is not ‘mentally ready’ for Man United and which players have impressed for Man United this season.

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Maddison not ‘mentally ready’ for United

I don’t think it would be great for Maddison to join United. They have had a good start to the season but when you do a big jump from a smaller club to United, it is mentally tough for these players. They have to be able to learn to adapt to play at a big club. It will be interesting to see if they can, but I don’t know if he will be a good enough signing for United.

Mandzukic could be the perfect signing for United

When you sign big players like Mario Mandzukic, you can see the impact they bring into the club, not just on the pitch but also off the pitch. They bring experience for the young players which helps to improve them as they grow into their careers.

Koulibaly ideal to play alongside Maguire

Kalidou Koulibaly looks athletic and physical which will bring more energy in the defense. Maguire is a big name in England, but it would be good for United to look outside of the Premier League to find players who could play for them.

Maguire started well, but under pressure due to the team’s performances

I think he (Harry Maguire) brings Premier League experience into the team and confidence into the defense but there are still a few problems and they are conceding quite a few goals. I remember when I played, we had Mikael Silvestre and Rio Ferdinand in defense, and they were great. Now, they are defending well but as the attackers are not scoring, it puts pressure on the defenders to protect the goal for a long period of time.

McTominay has been very impressive this season, it’s great to see

It is great to see a player like him. He moves the ball quickly and covers a lot of space on the pitch. When he defends, he is there and when they attack, he is also there. It is the football of the new generation who have to play like that.

The FA Cup is not good enough for Man United, they need to try and focus on qualifying for the Champions League

They have to take each game as it comes. It starts this weekend; they have to win the big games. Winning the title is the main aim for United. The FA Cup is not good enough for United, they have to focus on qualifying for the Champions League. I don’t think they have a chance to win the FA Cup or the Premier League, they have to get back into the Champions League.

Pogba will be a big miss, but form goes out the window in a derby

It is a big loss for the team to have such a talented player missing, but it is Manchester United vs Liverpool, you never know what will happen! It is more of an emotional game over a technical game.

United should try to be more like Liverpool, but that could all change this weekend

Liverpool are playing really well now and United are not. But if United were to win this weekend, everything might change in a positive way. If they were to lose the game, then everything will get a lot worse for the team.

Alisson would be a huge boost ahead of the United game

If Alisson is to return, this is the game he has to come back for. Goalkeepers lose anything when they are injured. Even though he has not played for a little while, he is still a top player and has worked hard to come back from injury. When I got injured, I worked so hard to come back to full fitness and return for my team. If Alisson has the chance to come back for this game, he has to play.

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