Europeans Are Betting that Hillary Clinton will be 2020 Democratic Nominee

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European markets are putting the odds of Hillary Clinton becoming the next US President at 100-1, and 25-1 to be the nominee.

But that’s not stopping Europeans from betting on her becoming the Democratic nominee in 2020. Twenty-two percent of total online bets in European markets on legal sports betting sites for the 2020 Democratic candidate race has been placed on Hillary Clinton.

In terms of total money wagered, Clinton only trails Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee (25%). Not surprisingly, the most bets are being placed on President Trump’s reelection (36%). In spite of the heavy activity on Clinton, the odds for her securing the Presidency are remote. Trump, by contrast, is the favorite, at +150 odds, followed by Kamala Harris (+800) and Elizabeth Warren (+1200).

Other potential candidates with the same odds as Clinton are Ivanka Trump, rapper Kanye West, actor George Clooney, NBA coach Gregg Popovich, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Other notable potential candidates include Oprah Winfrey (+5000) and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson (+6600).

Interest in the 2020 presidential race is magnified by the looming midterm elections, which, so far, have attracted £600,000 worth of bets, 12 times the amount placed four years ago. The race to control the House is the most popular market, generating around £450,000 worth of bets, with roughly 66% of those bets placed on the Republicans and the remainder on the Democrats.

“We’re seeing intense interest in political wagers heading into the 2018 midterm elections; far more than what we’ve seen in past election cycles,” said Alex Kostin, contributor to US-Bookies.

“With potential opponents to President Trump set to emerge in 2019, this high level of activity around political wagers is likely to persist for the foreseeable future.”

2020 Presidential WinnerOdds
Donald Trump+150
Kamala Harris+800
Elizabeth Warren+1200
Bernie Sanders+1600
Mike Pence+1600
Beto O'Rourke+2000
Joe Biden+2000
Cory Booker+3300
Kirsten Gillibrand+3300
Michael Bloomberg+3300
Amy Klobuchar+5000
Eric Garcetti+5000
Oprah Winfrey+5000
Tulsi Gabbard+5000
Catherine Cortez Masto+6600
Deval Patrick +6600
Dwayne Johnson+6600
Jeff Merkley+6600
John Hickenlooper+6600
John Kasich+6600
Keith Ellison+6600
Michael Avenatti+6600
Michelle Obama+6600
Nikki Haley+6600
Sherrod Brown+6600
Andrew Cuomo +10,000
Ben Sasse+10,000
Bill de Blasio+10,000
Brian Sandoval+10,000
Charlie Baker+10,000
Chris Murphy+10,000
Evan McMullin+10,000
George Clooney+10,000
Greg Abbott+10,000
Gregg Popovich+10,000
Hillary Clinton+10,000
Howard Schultz+10,000
Ivanka Trump +10,000
James Mattis+10,000
Jason Kander+10,000
Jay Inslee+10,000
Jay Nixon+10,000
Jeb Bush+10,000
Jeff Flake +10,000
Jerry Brown+10,000
Joe Kennedy III+10,000
Joe Scarborough+10,000
John Kerry+10,000
Julian Castro+10,000
Kanye West+10,000
Marco Rubio+10,000
Mark Zuckerberg+10,000
Martin O'Malley+10,000
Marty Walsh+10,000
Mike Lee+10,000
Mitch Landrieu+10,000
Mitt Romney+10,000
Paul Ryan+10,000
Rand Paul+10,000
Rob Portman+10,000
Rufus Gifford+10,000
Scott Walker+10,000
Seth Moulton+10,000
Steve Bullock+10,000
Tammy Duckworth+10,000
Ted Cruz+10,000
Terry McAuliffe+10,000
Tim Kaine+10,000
Tim Ryan+10,000
Tim Scott+10,000
Tom Cotton+10,000
Trey Gowdy+10,000
Al Franken+20,000
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez+20,000
Andrew Yang+20,000
Bill Kristol+20,000
Chelsea Clinton+20,000
Doug Ducey+20,000
Jared Kushner+20,000
John Delaney+20,000
Jon Stewart+20,000
Meghan McCain+20,000
Oscar de la Hoya+20,000
Rick Perry+20,000
Sally Yates+20,000
Sarah Palin+20,000
Steve Bannon+20,000
Taylor Swift+25,000
Stormy Daniels+50,000
Republican nomineeOdds
Donald Trump-300
Mike Pence+800
Nikki Haley+2000
Paul Ryan+2000
Ben Sasse+2500
John Kasich+2500
Democrat nomineeOdds
Kamala Harris+500
Elizabeth Warren+600
Bernie Sanders+800
Joe Biden+800
Beto O'Rourke+1200
Cory Booker+1600
Kirsten Gillbrand+2000
Michael Bloomberg+2000
Oprah Winfrey+2000
Hillary Clinton+2500

Who is getting the most bets for 2020 winner?

Presidential victorBets
Bernie Sanders5%
Oprah Winfrey5%
Kamala Harris4%
Elizabeth Warren3%
Democrat candidateBets
Kamala Harris25%
Hillary Clinton22%
Elizabeth Warren17%
Joe Biden15%
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