Betting the AL West – Win Totals

Betting the AL West - Win Totals

The AL West Division could be wildly entertaining this season, and it should lead to a great division race. Below is a look at all of the AL West win totals that are available to wager on.

The Houston Astros have controlled the AL West Division for the last few years, and they are loaded again in 2022. A handful of teams in the AL West improved significantly in the offseason, and that could have an impact on how this year plays out.

The Astros are big betting favorites to win the AL West in 2022, but that is not the only futures betting option available to you. You can also bet on the projected win totals for each team in the division, and those numbers project how close the race could become.

Here is a look at the win totals for each team in the AL West. Those win totals will be changing as the season moves along as well.

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Astros Still the Favorite

The Houston Astros are once again the favorites to win the AL West Division, as that total is set at 91.5 games. That’s actually a lower number than usual for the Astros as they are usually challenging the 100-win mark.

Houston has lost some players over the last few seasons, and that is going to catch up to them at some point. It will likely take at least 92 wins to win the AL West Division, so you are basically predicting the division winner.

The Astros are going to be good again, but don’t be surprised to see them fall short of the 91.5 wins.

Who Makes a Run?

If the Astros aren’t going to win the AL West Division this season, then someone is going to have to take charge. The Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels look to be the best candidates.

Both the Angels and Mariners have win totals set at 83.5 games, but it’s going to take more than that to win the division. Los Angeles should be the team that actually emerges in the West, but both teams are going to be good.

Take the over 83.5 wins for both the Angels and Mariners in 2022.

Is Oakland Going to Try?

The Texas Rangers and the Oakland Athletics should finish at the bottom of the AL West Division, and they will likely be out of the race early in the year. Texas appears to have a chance to contend this season, but don’t expect them to be in the playoffs.

Oakland is a team that shed payroll in the offseason, and that will likely continue this season as well. The over/under for total wins is currently at 68.5, and it’s hard to see the Athletics get even close to that number.

Texas has a projected win total set at 73.5, and that will make this a tough decision. The Rangers are going to get close to 74 wins, but they will ultimately come up just a bit short.

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