Betting the AL Central – Win Totals

Betting the AL Central - Win Totals

Win totals betting is available for every team in MLB, including the AL Central Division. Here is a look at those win totals and which way you should be betting.

The AL Central Division is expected to be dominated by the Chicago White Sox this season, but there could always be some surprises along the way. After the White Sox, this is a division that looks to have plenty of parity.

If you don’t want to make a futures bet on the eventual division champion, then you can still bet on the projected win totals for each team in the AL Central. There are four teams expected to be right around the .500 mark, and it shows just how tight this race could be.

Here are the projected win totals for each team in the AL Central Division:

  • Chicago White Sox 91.5
  • Minnesota Twins 81.5
  • Detroit Tigers 78.5
  • Cleveland Indians 76.5
  • Kansas City Royals 74.5
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White Sox Look Loaded

The Chicago White Sox are the clear betting favorites to win the AL Central Division, and they have a projected win total of 10 more wins of any other team. Chicago should cruise to a division title, but this projected win total seems way too low.

The White Sox have a lineup that can pound opposing pitchers, especially when the weather gets warmer. Chicago also has some Cy Young candidates in the starting rotation and a bullpen that could dominate opponents.

There are just no holes on this White Sox roster, and they are going well over 91.5 total wins.

It’s Time For the Tigers

The Minnesota Twins are expected to finish in second place in the AL Central based on win totals, but the Detroit Tigers are the team to watch out for. Both teams weren’t afraid to spend some money this offseason, but the Tigers already had a solid roster in place.

Both teams should be right around the .500 mark all season long, and they could keep pressure on the White Sox for a while. Look for Detroit to be the team that actually finishes above the .500 mark for the year, though.

Take the under 81.5 wins for the Twins and over 78.5 wins for the Detroit Tigers.

Who Finishes Last?

No team in the AL Central Division is expected to be really bad in 2022, but there is one team that has to finish in last place. It looks like that “title” will belong to the Cleveland Indians or Kansas City Royals in 2022.

Cleveland was in the World Series just a few seasons ago, but they are getting really good at shedding payroll. The Indians have a win total set at 76.5 but don’t expect Cleveland to get close to playing .500 ball this season.

The Royals are going to be fun to watch in 2022 as they will be unveiling some terrific young talent. Kansas City is a team that could surprise people this season, and taking the over 74.5 wins is the way to go.

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