3 Disappointing NBA Teams Heading into 2022

3 Disappointing NBA Teams Heading into 2022

There are NBA teams every single year that come out of nowhere to contend for an NBA Championship. On the other side, there are NBA teams every year that completely disappoint, and that has been the case yet again.

Some teams enter the year with unrealistic expectations, but there are some teams that just aren’t playing as well as they should be. That’s the case for the three teams on this list, but there are others that probably could have bumped a team out.

The best news for these three teams is that the season still has a long way to go. These three teams need to get some momentum quickly if they want to make a playoff run.

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Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers had great betting odds to win the NBA Championship before the season began, but they might not even make the playoffs. LeBron James will do all he can to get them into the field, but this team is not good enough to win a title.

Los Angeles has gone just 16-16 through the first 32 games of the year, and they are clinging to a playoff spot in the Western Conference. Making the playoffs is never the goal in Los Angeles, as this franchise only cares about titles.

Injuries and other adversity have played a role in the slow start, but this team doesn’t feel like a contender.

Portland Trail Blazers

The fact that the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled so much in the West has taken a lot of attention off of what has gone on in Portland. This team has been a consistent threat in the Western Conference, but that’s not the case this season.

Portland has gone just 13-19 through their first 32 games, and it’s gone much worse than that at times. It might be time to blow the entire thing up in Portland and start over to get Damian Lillard some help.

The Blazers can still make the postseason in the Western Conference, but no one will be afraid to play them like in past seasons.

New York Knicks

The New York Knicks were one of the biggest surprises a season ago, and they are now heading in the opposite direction. New York is heading into Christmas with a record of 14-18, and they aren’t even in a playoff position in the Eastern Conference.

Head coach Tom Thibadeau did a phenomenal job getting this franchise back on the right track, but he has had some issues this season. New York just hasn’t been a good offensive team, and the defense hasn’t been good enough to win games.

The Knicks don’t have a true superstar, and that’s another thing that will hold them back.

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