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Vermont Sports Betting



Vermont sports betting is not currently available, but there is a path to create a change in the coming years. There was some momentum for sports betting in 2020, but nothing has been done in 2021 and 2022 also looks far off.

vermont sports betting

A Sports Betting Study Committee was proposed by the Senate, and a bill was passed to create that group. That bill has been stuck in the House since July 2020, and a final decision has not been made.

Vermont sports betting would not be a large market, but it would give bettors in that state some legal and regulated options.

Vermont Sportsbooks

Lawmakers in Vermont are hoping to explore both retail and online sports betting options, which means that Vermont online sports betting will likely be available. The top sports betting markets in the US have mobile betting as it has become the best option.

There are no commercial or tribal casinos in Vermont, so it is unclear what properties would be able to offer retail sports betting. 

Vermont Sports Betting Rules

Another area that Vermont will be looking into is what are the various sports betting rules throughout the United States. Betting on professional sports would be included in any law, but there will likely be a debate about betting on college sporting events.

Vermont is not home to any professional teams, but there are some popular colleges in the state. Allowing betting on these teams could help bring in more action and revenue.

Esports is another potential betting market that could be available in Vermont depending on what is included in a VT sports betting bill.

Vermont Sports Betting Regulations

In 2020, Senator Michael Sorotkin submitted S 59, which would create the Sports Betting Study Committee. That bill quickly passed through the Senate, but it has been stuck in the House Committee since that time.

This bill did not include any language regarding potential VT sports betting rules or regulations, but the state is hoping to take a look at similar markets throughout the US. Vermont does not currently have any casinos in the state, and there are some very restrictive gambling laws in place. 


At this point, it doesn’t appear that VT sports betting will be legal anytime soon. Even if the Sports Betting Study Committee bill is passed, it will take that group several months to deliver the final results.

With several states in New England exploring sports betting, it is likely that Vermont will take a serious look at doing the same at some point. VT sports betting could launch at some point in 2022, but that seems to be the earliest possible date.

It’s unclear if Vermont online sports betting would be included, but that would generate the most revenue for the state.