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Utah Online Sportsbooks



Utah sportsbooks are not legal at this time, and they likely never will be. While other states have started to loosen up recent gambling laws, the Mormon culture in Utah will not allow that to happen. 

Utah does have plenty of professional sports teams that could help drive sports wagering, but bettors in the state will likely never have that opportunity. Until an official bill is introduced in the state legislature, the topic of Utah sportsbooks will be a moot point.

Utah Sportsbooks

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Without any casinos in the state of Utah, there is really no good place to launch retail sportsbooks. Other states have had to deal with this issue as well, but it’s hard to envision Utah allowing any property to offer betting.

Utah online sportsbooks are definitely not going to be around anytime soon, as there is actually a law prohibiting online betting in the state even if it becomes legal in the US. Online operators have not even attempted to lobby support in Utah as it is regarded as a lost cause. 

UT Sports Betting Rules

Before UT sports betting is ever able to launch, sports betting rules will also have to be created. It would be easy for lawmakers in Utah to look at other states for guidance, especially since gambling would be completely new to the state.

Utah does have some terrific college programs, and allowing bettors to bet on these teams would help increase handle and revenue. Even if UT sportsbooks are allowed, expect the laws to be restrictive. 

UT Sports Betting Regulations

There is a section titled “Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, Welfare, and Morals” in the state criminal code, and this section outlines the gambling rules. While some states have been able to change current gambling laws, that likely won’t be an option in Utah.

This part of the law can be found in Chapter 10, Part 11, and it prohibits any form of online gambling in the state, even if it is allowed by federal law. There have not been any attempts made to legalize UT sports betting since the PASPA was lifted. 


With the very strict rules against gambling in the state, it is unlikely that Utah sportsbooks will be coming anytime soon. There is no gambling allowed of any kind in Utah, and sports betting has not even been brought up in the state legislature.

At some point, UT sports betting bill will likely be introduced, but it will not have much support. While much of the country will have sports betting options by the end of 2022, Utah will not be included in this group.