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Oklahoma Sports Betting



The Oklahoma sports betting scene is extremely confusing, and it will likely remain that way for some time. The Oklahoma state legislature has not even brought up the topic, but Governor Kevin Stott attempted to take things into his own hands.

Oklahoma Sports Betting

It appeared that OK sports betting was set to launch in 2020, but the state Supreme Court shut down that attempt. This has now turned into a legal battle that further complicates matters. 

Oklahoma online sports betting has never been discussed, and all of the betting would likely take place in-person at tribal casinos. Oklahoma casinos are a strong industry in this midwestern state, but sports betting has not been added to the list of gaming options. 

Oklahoma Sportsbooks

OK online sports betting will likely never materialize unless the betting is all done on tribal land. The notion of allowing statewide online sports betting has never been brought up, and no legislation has been introduced that would make that a reality.

In-person sports betting could eventually be offered at the tribal casinos in the state, and that would open up plenty of opportunities. There are some very large casinos in Oklahoma, and these destinations would turn into some popular sports betting options. 

OK Sports Betting Rules

There has been plenty of debate about sports betting since 2020, but official sports betting rules have never been included in these discussions. If given the opportunity to offer sports betting, Native American tribes will likely look for as much freedom as possible. 

OK Sports Betting Regulations

Oklahoma sports betting has not been brought up by the state legislature, but Governor Kevin Stitt approved sports betting for some Native American tribes in 2020. Stitt was looking to renegotiate gaming compacts with each tribe and included sports betting in his offer. 

This decision was immediately challenged in court, and the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled against the gaming compacts. This shut down the sports betting industry in OK before it even got started.

Oklahoma Sports Betting Summary

It appeared as if Oklahoma sports betting was set to begin in 2020, but this has turned into an absolute mess. Now that the issue has been tied up in court, it could be years before OK sports betting is offered.

State lawmakers have yet to even bring up the issue, aside from challenging the power of Governor Stitt. Native American tribes would welcome the opportunity to offer sports betting, but that would require new gaming compacts. 

OK sports betting will likely happen at some point, but it could be years down the road.