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North Carolina Sports Betting



While North Carolina sports betting became legal in 2019, it was only available in brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. However, 2023 saw the push for new laws which would allow users to start betting online. The new law will take effect in January 2024, but you should be able to start betting online in June 2024.

Sports Betting in NC – Current Update

North Carolina sports betting is coming soon, and you can learn more about its current status. Check out the following table for more information on NC sports betting.

📜 Is sports betting legal in North Carolina?Yes, with land-based bookies
🔜 NC Online Sports Betting Start DateAfter January, 2024
🔢 Number of Online NC SportsbooksUp to 12
📆 NC Retail Sports Betting Start DateJuly, 2019
🔞 Legal Sports Betting Age in North Carolina21+

As far as the legal status goes, the latest NC sports betting update is that the law to allow online sports betting was passed. However, the state is still waiting for legislation that would allow betting via sportsbook apps.

North Carolina Sports Betting History

Flag of North Carolina

After the overturning of the PASPA in May of 2018, NC signed the law to allow sports betting to take place in-person at two locations in the state in the summer of 2019. However, it was in 2023 that we saw the push towards legalization by Rep. Jason Saine and his HB 347 act, which was signed into law by Governor Roy Cooper.

The law will take effect in January 2024, officially allowing online gambling in North Carolina. However, estimates are that it could take some time before users are able to get their hands on the first betting apps. A rough estimate is that this will be an option around June 2024.

To put it shortly, if you are still wondering is sports betting legal in North Carolina, the answer is, it will be. The official law is there, but it will kick in from January 2024.

Expected Sportsbooks in North Carolina

As North Carolina considers the possibility of legalizing sports betting, the anticipation grows for the introduction of legalized sportsbooks in the state.

North Carolina Sports Betting

Some of the sportsbooks that we can expect will provide online services in North Carolina are the following:

With NC’s sports betting industry going online, you will be able to easily bet on your favorite teams. North Carolina has an outstanding list of sports teams with numerous achievements.

Aside from the professional clubs, we also have college teams, which will also be available for North Carolina online sports betting. Some of the most popular teams are the following:

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are an NFL team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The club came onto the football scene in 1995 as an expansion franchise but reached the Super Bowl in 2004.

Under the leadership of quarterback Jake Delhomme and head coach John Fox, the club excelled. In their history, they have developed a strong fan base known as the Panther Nation.

The team’s iconic black and blue colors represent their tenacity on the field. Similarly, the fierce “Keep Pounding” motto has become a rallying cry for the team and its fans. The Panthers continue to evolve and aim for further success in the NFL.

Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets might have started as an expansion team in North Carolina, but they soon became fan favorites. Known for their distinctive teal and purple colors, they are among the most popular NBA teams in NC and worldwide.

The team is part of the Eastern Conference of the strongest basketball league, the NBA. While they have never won a ring or made it to the NBA or conference finals, the team has a lot of potential.

In 2012, due to financial reasons, the team moved to New Orleans and became the New Orleans Hornets. While they had some success as the rebranded club, they soon returned to their roots, to Charlotte.

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Carolina Hurricanes

The Carolina Hurricanes hold a special place in the history of North Carolina’s sporting history. The club started as the Hartford Whalers, known for their whale-tail logo and green uniforms, but moved to North Carolina in 1997 and became the Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes are part of the NHL and are the most prominent teams of the strongest hockey league. Soon after moving to NC, the team went on to win their first Stanley Cup and establish themselves as the first to bring a major professional sports championship to their state.

Another reason why the team is so popular and has a huge fan base, known as the Redvolution, is the so-called Storm Surge. In this traditional celebration of the club, the players engage with the fans after a victory.

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The Carolina Hurricanes
Apr 22, 2019; Raleigh, NC, USA; Washington Capitals left wing Alex Ovechkin (8) celebrates his second period goal against the Carolina Hurricanes in game six of the first round of the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs at PNC Arena. The Carolina Hurricanes defied the Washington Capitals 5-2. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Betting in NC – Step by Step

Once online sports betting becomes available in the state, users might wonder how they can bet. But don’t worry. You will find that the process of placing bets online is very simple. Here is how you can start betting online once this service is available.

  1. Before bettors can start betting on the available sports, they need to join an operator available in the region. The list of operators might vary, but should be able to find numerous licensed operators in the region.
  2. Join one of the brands by creating an account. Simply open their website or download the app, and click the Sign-Up button to start the registration. Fill out the form with accurate information. After registration, bettors will have to verify their accounts.
  3. Once you have an account, you need to deposit funds before you can place your bet. Use one of the available methods, and top up your account with some funds.
  4. Open the Sports Betting section and find the desired markets. You will likely have countless options, from basketball to football, including college competitions. Place a single bet or combine several markets into one by adding them to the slip.
  5. Once you have the markets on your slip, you are ready to place the bet using your available funds. Enter the stake amount into the right field and place your bet. If you are betting on live events, the odds might change, but the operator will notify you of any changes.

Other Types of Gambling in NC

At the moment, North Carolina doesn’t have friendly laws towards other types of gambling. Other options that users have are the state lottery, charitable gaming, and casino. However, options such as casino, poker, horse racing, or fantasy sports betting are not available.

Nonetheless, even sports betting was not allowed until recently. Following the change of opinion on the sports betting industry and its legalization, we might expect other types of gambling to follow. While there are no rumors at the moment, this speculation has a firm basis.

Available Payment Options

While the list of available payment options will depend on the operator, it should include some common options. Users will most likely find some of the following payment methods for online sports betting in North Carolina.

  • Bank Cards
  • ACH Transfers
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Digital Payment methods and e-wallets

At the same time, while the list of payment options will vary, each will have unique specifications. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts, processing times, potential fees, etc., will all vary depending on the specific method. Once online operators are live, you can check out their site and find information on each available method.

NC Sports Betting Conclusion

In summary, sports betting is legal in North Carolina but only for land-based operators. However, the push for online sports betting to be legalized has come to fruition, and the newly adopted law will start its function from January 2024. The new act allows online sports betting in the state, but an estimate is that it will start its work around June 2024.

Once online sports betting is available it will give users an opportunity to place sports bets. The options should include both professional and college leagues. We might see a limited number of online sportsbooks, but that won’t mean they will lack in quality.

North Carolina Sports Betting FAQ

Find answers to some of the most common questions about sports betting in North Carolina.

At the moment, there are only a few land-based operators available in the state. However, with the new law allowing online sports betting from early 2024, we could see up to 12 different brands available in NC.

The new law allowing online sports will start its function from January 2024. However, some estimates evaluate that we could first see online betting platforms around June 2024, with some slight time variations.

The newly adopted law allows online sports betting in North Carolina, but will come into effect from January 2024. At the moment, you won’t be able to place bets online, but you will have this options soon.