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new mexico sports betting

New Mexico Sports Betting



New Mexico became the sixth state in the United States to offer sports betting in 2018, but it did so without a law allowing sports betting to take place.

Lawmakers in the state have not yet passed a bill to approve sports betting, but Native American tribes in the state are accepting wagers.

new mexico sports betting

New Mexico sports betting is limited to retail betting at the tribal casinos, and it is extremely limited in what is offered. These tribal casinos are not partnered with big-name sports betting operators, and that creates a bit of an issue.

Lawmakers in the state have yet to put forth a bill to legalize NM sports betting, and there hasn’t been any real discussion about the topic. It appears as if sports betting in New Mexico will continue to be limited to betting at the tribal casinos.

New Mexico Sportsbooks

New Mexico sports betting is limited to tribal casinos in the state, and there are currently just five options available. The Santa Ana Casino took the first legal bet back in October 2018, but it has been joined by some other locations. 

Here is a complete list of current retail sportsbooks in NM:

  • Hilton Buffalo Thunder – Santa Fe
  • Inn of the Mountain Gods- Mescalero
  • Isleta Resort – Albuquerque
  • Route 66 – Albuquerque
  • Santa Ana Star – Bernalillo

The Navajo Tribe announced in 2020 that it would be introducing sports betting at its three properties in the state, but they have yet to do so as of January 2021.

New Mexico online sports betting is not currently available as there is no law allowing it. Bettors in the state must visit one of the properties listed above to place a bet on a sporting event. 

New Mexico Sports Betting Rules

Since there is not a true sport betting law in the state of New Mexico, each tribal casino is able to set its own rules. Most states that have sports betting have a set list of available betting markets, but that isn’t the case in New Mexico.

The most popular sporting events in the United States draw the most action at these casinos, and some of the top international events are offered as well. Each NM casino will have a completely different list of betting markets, and that could change from week to week.

Betting on collegiate sporting events is another major debate in the United States, and this is also up to each individual tribe. Some locations will accept wagers on collegiate sporting events, while others will not. 

NM Sports Betting Regulations

When the US Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports betting, the Pueblo of Santa Ana Tribe worked quickly to launch sports betting at its casino. This was allowed through the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and through gaming compacts that are in place through the year 2037.

No attempts have been made by state legislators to legalize sports betting in the state, and that is likely to remain the case in 2021 and beyond. The New Mexico Lottery has taken steps to offer parlay betting options, but that is not a complete sports betting option. 

The New Mexico Racing Commission would likely be put in charge of overseeing or regulating the sports betting industry if a law was ever to pass. 


New Mexico sports betting is technically legal, although there has not been a law passed to legalize the industry. Native American tribes have taken it upon themselves to offer sports betting, and there is no law in place to stop them.

Sports betting in New Mexico is an extremely small market, and it will remain that way until a law is passed allowing other properties to offer sports betting. New Mexico online sports betting is not an option for bettors, and all bets must be placed on-site at one of the tribal casinos. 

While other states throughout the US have continued to attempt to introduce and pass new sports betting bills, lawmakers in NM have not made the same attempts.