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Missouri Online Sports Betting

Missouri Sports Betting



Missouri sports betting is not legal as of January 2022, but that might not be the case in 12 months. Lawmakers in Missouri have taken a very aggressive approach in trying to legalize sports betting, and it is likely that a bill gets passed soon.

Missouri Sports Betting

There were several attempts made in 2021 to pass legal sports betting, and that same scenario is set to play out in 2022. Existing Missouri casinos could allow the sports betting industry to take off quickly. 

Missouri has seen a number of surrounding states legalize and launch sports betting in recent months, and that has put even more pressure on lawmakers to get a law passed. It’s not a certainty that MO sports betting will be legal by the end of 2022, but there is plenty of optimism. 

Missouri Sportsbooks

Until a MO sports betting law is officially in place, it is unclear how many sportsbooks will be able to launch in the state. It does seem like MO sports betting will have both retail and online sports betting options.

Casinos in Missouri will likely be able to apply for a sports betting license when those are available, but professional sports stadiums could also be included. Busch Stadium, home to the St. Louis Cardinals, could become one of the biggest retail sports betting locations in the state.

Missouri online sports betting is expected to be included in any sports betting legislation that passes, but the final details have yet to be determined. Legalizing online sports betting would allow MO to compete with surrounding states, especially in the St. Louis area. 

Missouri Sports Betting Rules

Missouri sports betting rules will be included in any sports betting law that is signed, and that will determine the available betting markets for each operator. The top professional sports in the US will obviously be included, and international competitions will be available as well.

Missouri lawmakers will have to make a decision about betting on collegiate sporting events, as that has been a major debate throughout the United States. The Missouri Tigers are a popular team throughout the state and would bring in some action if betting on their games as an option. 

Missouri Sports Betting Regulations

MO sports betting bills started to be introduced in 2018, but the state never really considered legalizing sports betting at that time. The General Laws Committee approved sports betting legislation in 2019, but that bill was unable to get enough support to pass with an official vote.

2020 saw the first true attempt to legalize sports betting as three different sports betting bills were introduced. HB 2088, HB 2284, and HB 2318 were all introduced during the legislative session, but each bill was a bit different. There was discussion surrounding all bills, but an official vote was not taken.

There have already been six different sports betting bills introduced in 2021, and it will be up to lawmakers to focus on one and move it forward. Tax rate and licensing fee are two of the biggest questions that will have to be determined before any bill is passed. 

It is expected that the Missouri Lottery Commission will be in charge of regulating the sports betting industry when it launches. 


There have already been three sports betting bills introduced in 2021, and there is plenty of support for each piece of legislation. Lawmakers in Missouri will have to commit to just one bill, but it seems likely that sports betting will become legal at some point this year.

Missouri has a number of professional sports teams that will help drive MO sports betting, and it could become a huge market in the US. The state has already fallen behind other states in the Midwest, but it could make up some ground in a hurry.

Potential sports betting operators will be keeping a close eye on any new legislation as they will look to apply for a license in the state. The city of St. Louis could become a huge MO sport betting location if a law is finally passed. 

2021 is set to become another huge year for the US sports betting industry, and Missouri is looking to play a large role in the growing industry.