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Georgia Online Sports Betting



Georgia sports betting did not generate much attention in 2018 or 2019, but that all changed near the end of 2020. Lawmakers, with the support of professional sports teams, began to introduce legislation that would legalize sports betting in Georgia.

Georgia online sportsbooks

That momentum carried over into 2021, and one bill has already advanced out of committee and could be up for an official vote soon. That piece of legislation is still missing a number of key details, but it could make Georgia sports betting a reality in the next 12 months.

Georgia online sports betting has been the focus up to this point as there currently aren’t any casinos in the state. This could mean that Georgia becomes the second online-only market in the US, or they could explore different retail sports betting options. 

Georgia Sportsbooks

The biggest question facing lawmakers in Georgia is how many sports betting licenses would be available and who could apply for a license. Without any casinos in the state, it makes the possibility of retail sports betting extremely difficult.

Georgia online sports betting could launch almost immediately, and there would be plenty of operators looking to apply for a license in the state. Tennessee currently has an online-only sports betting scene, and Georgia could look to follow that path.

Since there likely won’t be any retail sportsbooks available in Georiga, remote registration will be an option for bettors. This will allow residents or visitors of the state the chance to create an account with sports betting app and begin placing bets immediately. 

GA Sports Betting Rules

GA sports betting legislation has just recently started gaining some traction, and not a lot of details have been revealed. Lawmakers continue to work to gain support for their bills, but they have yet to really sit down and create any rules to govern the industry.

Georgia does have plenty of professional teams that would drive sports betting, but the state is also in the heart of SEC country. Allowing betting on collegiate sporting events would be a huge move that would increase the number of bets and revenue that came pouring in. 

Before GA sports betting officially launches, a complete list of available betting markets will have to be made available, and a complete list of rules will be in place. 

GA Sports Betting Regulations

2020 saw a pair of different pieces of legislation introduced that would have legalized GA sports betting. S 403 called for online-only sports betting with hefty licensing fees, but that bill died in committee. 

Later that year, H 378 was introduced, and that would have allowed voters in the state a chance to create a constitutional amendment to expand gaming options. Most lawmakers in Georgia don’t think that a constitutional amendment is needed to allow sports betting.

In 2021, HB 93 was introduced, and it has immediately gained plenty of traction. This would allow online sports betting, but that bill could eventually be amended before it is passed by both houses in the legislature. 

The Georgia Lottery Corporation is expected to oversee and regulate sports betting if this becomes an option. 


The Georgia sports betting push has been gaining some serious moment to begin 2021, and that could mean that a 2022 launch is a real possibility. Legislation has already started to move forward, and the measure is supported by the professional sports teams in the state.

GA online sports betting might be the only option when the industry does launch, as there are currently no casinos in the state. This bill could be tied to casino expansion, or another option would be to allow the pro teams to offer retail betting at their stadiums. 

There is still plenty of work that needs to be done before Georgia sports betting becomes a reality, but there has been significant progress made in 2021. It is likely that Georgia could be one of the first states ready to offer sports betting to begin 2022.