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Alaska Sports Betting



Alaska sports betting could become a possibility in the coming years if Governor Mike Dunleavy is able to get his wish. Dunleavy previously proposed sports betting as part of a much larger expanded gaming bill.

There were a pair of bills introduced in 2020 that would have legalized sports betting in Alaska, but those bills failed to get much support. Given its strict stance on gambling, it’s unclear if the state will ever be able to get the industry launched. 

Most states have launched sports betting as a way to bring in new revenue, but Alaska is not in a dire financial situation. The state is also separated from the US, which could make a launch more difficult.

Alaska Sports Betting

Alaska Sportsbooks

Alaska online sports betting would likely be the most preferred option if the industry ever does launch. Without any casinos available in the state, it would be hard to offer retail or in-person betting. 

AK online sports betting would need to attract online sportsbooks, and it’s unclear how many would be willing to launch in the state.

Alaska Sports Betting Rules

AK sports betting bills were introduced last year, but there was not any specific language included in these bills. Before the industry is able to launch, specific sports betting rules would have to be created.

There are no major college or professional teams in the state, and that could cause a problem in terms of betting handle and revenue. States that have allowed betting on collegiate sporting events have traditionally done better than those with restrictions in place. 

Alaska Sports Betting Regulations

In 2020, Governor Mike Dunleavy approached the state legislature about passing a new bill that would allow sports betting. This was part of a larger effort to launch a state lottery and legalize other forms of gambling as well.

HB 246 and SB 188 were the two pieces of legislation that were introduced in 2020, but neither failed to generate much support. If sports betting were to launch in Alaska, the Alaska Lottery Corporation would likely be in charge of regulating and overseeing the industry. 

This group is not yet created but was included in the suggestion by Dunleavy. 


If Alaska sports betting were to launch, it would likely still be a few years out. Passing a sports betting bill is the first step, and it is one that hasn’t looked very promising since 2018.

Alaska online sports betting would likely be the most logical option as there are limited properties that could offer in-person betting. While a majority of the country has been aggressive in looking to legalize sports betting, that has not been the case in Alaska.