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Iowa doesn’t have the reputation of being a gambling haven like Nevada or New Jersey. However, in Iowa sports betting practices are starting to pick up, and operators are already setting up bases. Iowa is set to benefit from legalizing sports gambling given most of the neighboring states haven’t followed suit. While the recent developments for online sports betting Iowa open a new window of investments, the state is still fine-tuning the sports betting legislation and regulations to make gambling safer within its boundaries. With mergers and partnerships between casinos and brands already underway, you can be assured that you will soon be able to bet online in Iowa.
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Iowa Sports Betting

Like many of the states across the United States of America, Iowa doesn’t have the reputation of being a gambling haven like Nevada or New Jersey. Thankfully, Iowa sports betting practices are starting to pick, and operators already setting up shop. The gaming expanse is quickly evolving for more accessibility owing to different factors as you will find out in today’s review.

There are a handful of crucial developments nationwide that have led to the sudden turn of events for sports betting Iowa. For instance, now that most North American sports allow for controlled sports betting, it was inevitable that locals would be allowed to bet online. Moreover, the excellent revenue from taxing gambling activities was also a big incentive that contributed to the change of heart for the state.

Above anything else, the recent Supreme Court ruling takes most of the credit for the turning of tables for sports betting Iowa, and several other states in the country.

Given the latest sports betting legislation, it is projected that before the start of the NFL season, everything will be smooth and running in Iowa.  Here are some of the things you need to know about Iowa sports betting.

Online Sports Betting Iowa

Iowa has been in the news recently for legalizing sports betting (May 13, 2019) following the action of a string of states. This move is construed by many experts as a result of the Supreme Court ruling which struck down the federal 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and its subsequent upholding of a 2014 New Jersey state law on gambling.

Initially, the 1992 PASPA Act banned sports betting and online bookmarkers in most states except Nevada.

In addition to this, sports lotteries were only limited to a few states, namely Montana, Delaware, and Oregon. Unlike the past where only Nevada enjoyed a monopoly of having the best online sportsbooks, several states are tapping into the taxable income and revenue generated from gambling. It remains to be seen if the move caters for the small population of Iowa or is tailored for the citizens neighboring states that are yet to pass the laws which come to Iowa. Either way, Iowa sports betting is about to get more interesting!

Iowa Sports Betting

Best Online Sportsbooks in Iowa

Compiling a list of the best legal sports betting platform in Iowa is a tricky affair depending on which angle you look at it. Currently, there exist 19 brick and motor casinos that are allowed to have two different brands, to make it to 38 possible skins.

There is a likelihood of a spike in numbers granted the new sports betting legislation by the state.

However, the 3.1 million strong state isn’t big enough a market for many online bookmakers. The only upside is surrounding states haven’t yet legalized sports gambling, and the trickle effect is a massive registration from people of other states playing in Iowa is bound to happen.

Experts contend that the Iowa sports betting market is expected to see a remarkable rise in the number of operators and users. In part, this can be attributed to the convenience that mobile betting offers, real-time update, and user-friendly interphase a feature we eagerly await once the dust settles.

Some of the best online betting sites believed to be making headways in Iowa market include; DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, PointsBet, PlayMGM, William Hill, FOXBet, bet365, 888, BetAmerica, and Caesars Sportsbook. These brands are all running online bookmarkers in states that have already legalized the practice.

Granted operators can use two skins, partnerships between two or more casinos sharing one skin is a possible reality. A possibility of Catfish Bend Casino partners with PointsBet or Diamond Jo Casino partners with FanDuel is imminent for Iowa sports betting.

This is workable considering they can both share their customer base, facilities in terms of physical registration and cut down on advertising revenue. Alternatively, an influx of game developers which partner with individual casinos are expected to cater to the mobile market as well is projected to rise exponentially.

Iowa Sports Betting Regulations

The SF 617 legal sports betting legislation was passed and signed effectively making Iowa the third state to legalize sports betting. This covers both brick and mortar betting house and online bookmakers. The law pegs a friendly 6.75% taxation rate on sports betting revenue from the online sports betting Iowa operators, and it goes further to obligate a $45,000 license fee and subsequent $10,000 annual fee for renewal.

Betting houses get only two skins per license and limited but spelled out sports betting coverage. There is an in-person registration window for mobile apps window active until January 1, 2021. Another development in compliance with the Wire Act is that to bet online; mobile betting must be carried out in the confines of the state.

Interestingly enough, there is a paradox in the law where a prohibition on prop wagers for collegiate teams in the state is effective, yet you can bet online on college sports. The Act empowers Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission as the overseer of all the betting and gambling acts in the state.

However, there are other additional fine print regulations to be added before operationalization of the Act. Even so, we all know that many of these laws aren’t usually set in stone, and thus, they could be tightened or slacked over time.

Which Sports can I Bet on in Iowa?

Granted the Supreme Court ruling that deemed the PASPA Act unconstitutional, Iowa sports betting covers the four major leagues in America (NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS) and NCAA. This means you can bet online on basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and collegiate games to enjoy betting odds in online bookmakers.

There is, however, an additional restriction on props that comes with college games. In addition to these, horse and motorsports aren’t left behind for Iowa sports betting. Besides, all the previously covered sporting events by the sanctioned 21 casinos are still covered. Experts predict that there is a possibility of increased coverage by subsequent rules established by Iowa Gambling Commission which may elect to include other previously non-included sporting disciplines.

Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy sports betting has been a legal sports betting form for a while now due to the exemption of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that was passed in 2006 to block payments to online gambling firms.

It has the advantage of faster payouts since the games are settled within a day and you don’t need to wait an entire season to take advantage of betting odds. A perfect example is NFL fantasy football, with CBS fantasy football being one of the best online betting sites for the activity.

NFL Fantasy Football

Fantasy betting on NFL is one feature most online bookmakers like CBS fantasy football capitalize in generating a following. Punters can play for real money in NFL fantasy football and also have control over their teams. This also includes the drafting of NFL fantasy football players.

If your NFL fantasy football team accumulates best statistics you win the bet and enjoy an instant payout in 24 hours and such is the case for CBS fantasy football. Most fantasy games in CBS fantasy football come with cheat sheets that aid the punter in making decisions, unlike other sports betting where you strictly rely on betting odds.

Iowa Mobile Betting

Given most betting is still subject to state laws, mobile betting comes with the stringent requirement of geotagging. In layman terms, this means that you have to be physically present within state lines to bet online. The explosion of the use of smartphones and tablets makes sports betting even more accessible than brick and mortar counterparts. It’s no wonder why there is stricter regulation for legal sports betting on mobile.

One such control is the use of in-person registration that is continuously going on until January 1, 2021. This measure ensures that it is not easy for vulnerable groups like minors to register anonymously online give the minimum age is 21 years. Also, you need to go and register at the local casino before placing an online wager. Mobile betting constitutes use of HTML5 browsers to access betting sites for easier and more efficient accessibility.

Iowa Betting Apps

Apps for the best online betting sites like the Sportingbet app are usually easy to download to your mobile devices, especially if you are already registered. The best online sportsbooks offer the convenience of betting on the go, with the apps like the Sportingbet app typically available for Android and iOS users.

Currently, Google has some super strict anti-gambling regulations, and you won’t find any apps even for the best online sportsbooks in the EU market. After launch online sport betting Iowa players will have to download the mobile application from the online bookmakers’ website.

Fortunately for iOS users, gambling apps like the Sportingbet app are available for download in the iTunes App Store.

Like the Sportingbet app, it is projected that each gaming platform will have at least two applications under its belt, one for casino and the other for online sports betting Iowa. After everything on the sports betting legislation is polished up, some of the apps we expect so see apart from the Sportingbet app include Draft Kings, FanDuel, PointsBet playMGM, William Hill, FOXBet, bet365, 888, BetAmerica and Caesars Sportsbook.

Brace yourself for appealing betting odds on the go!

How to Choose the Best Online Betting Sites in Iowa

Thanks to the repealed sports betting legislation, anyone over 21 years old in Iowa can bet online. However, picking the right legal sports betting platform may prove to be a tough nut to crack particularly since most locals are accustomed to the likes of CBS fantasy football. To select the best online sportsbooks in Iowa, here are a few tips of how you can go about it:


This is a no brainer. Before selecting a legal sports betting site to wager on, ensure you have scouted and compared a range of options. There is ready information gained from reviews from gambling authorities and editions.

Additional information, like customer support, payouts, deposit options, bonuses, and withdrawal options, is readily available on online review sites like ours.A keen comparison of each would come in handy. Also, go to the official regulator to confirm if the site is licensed to carry out legal sports betting activities in Iowa.


Online activity exposes our vulnerability. The fact is complexed further by the transaction, personal and financial information being shared between the betting houses and punters. Always ensure you engage an online bookmaker who pays attention to securing your credentials and financial information from access by third parties.

A legal sports betting platform should have SSL encryption and airtight privacy policy to safeguard its players.

Sports coverage

Not all online sites cover all the sporting disciplines that you may want to bet online on or follow up. Spare some time to look at the individual market coverage and pick a legal sports betting platform that offers unlimited gambling options.

The popular sports that you should look out for include football, rugby, basketball, baseball, tennis, and motorsports as well as horse and hound racing.

Payment options

Considering you are transferring money from your financial institution to the sportsbook when you bet online you a variety of fast and secure options at hand for ultimate flexibility.

Most online bookmakers operating in the USA offer money transfer options like Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller other than the usual inter-bank transfers, plus cars from Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Processing time for payouts

How soon you can access your winnings is every punter’s lingering question. The processing time between a win and when the money hits your account plays a role in selecting where you want to bet online. The best online betting sites will process your winnings on the same day, especially after you comply with the wire act (in mobile betting) and verification process. Others make these transfers real time.

Add-ons and bonuses

For online sports betting Iowa, nothing entices like words such as free bets, free spins, cashbacks, best betting odds guaranteed and accumulator boosts. Thus, pick an internet gaming platform with bonuses from day one of your membership.

Furthermore, the best online sportsbooks will even go an extra mile to please their customers by offering loyalty bonuses and comp points to keep you coming back to the platform. However, it is also vital to pay attention to the fine print that will come with these promotions to avoid hiccups when you’re about to cash out.

Final Words

Iowa is set to benefit from legalizing sports gambling given most of the neighboring states haven’t followed suit. While the recent developments for online sports betting Iowa open a new window of investments and revenue streams, the state is still fine-tuning the sports betting legislation and regulations to make gambling safer within its boundaries.

The future looks bright with many bookmakers setting shop and developers of mobile betting apps developers signing agreements with local casinos. With mergers and partnerships between casinos and brands already underway, you can bet that you will soon be able to bet online in Iowa. Keep coming back to our platform for more news and updates for online sports betting Iowa!

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