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How to do Points Betting



Betting on sports can be a hugely rewarding experience but some onlookers might think that every betting site is the same – with the same betting lines, markets, and events.

Well, the good news is that that is no longer the case with the new Points Betting system.

PointsBet has changed the look of online betting with a form of gambling where you are rewarded for the more correct your prediction is.

You won’t be betting on whether the New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs, or even if the Pats beat the spread. You will be getting more back in winning returns the more correct your wager is.

This might all sound a little confusing – but it is really very straightforward. Read on to find out more.

Points Betting Explained

Answering what is points betting is not a hard thing to do. Just like any other kind of bet, as soon as you know what to do it will seem like second nature.

Here is a quick break down of the basic difference between points betting and other types of wagering. This will answer the question of what is points betting to you.

Betting TypeFeatures of Bet
Points BettingBetting on over 150 points in an NBA game – you win your stake x how many points.


Over 150 – for 153 points, your stake is x3

MoneylineYou bet on who wins the NBA game

Points Spread

Betting on over 150 points in an NBA

game – you win your stake x the odds on the over

Last VerifiedJul 18, 2024

PointsBet is one of the first sites to offer this kind of betting. You can open an account with a PointsBet sign up code for a bonus.

What is Points Betting?

Grasping what points betting is vital to the enjoyment of a site like PointsBet. But there is nothing really to ‘get’. A good example would be using an NBA game to illustrate how much can be won using points betting rather than conventional wagering types.

If you are betting on how many points LeBron James will score in a game the over/under may be set at 30. If you then stake $10 on the over you will receive $10 for every single point over 30.

So if LeBron ends up with 45 points you would get:

15 x $10 = $150

If he gets 32 you would receive:

2 x $10 = $20

Conversely, if LeBron had a (relatively) off game and ended up with 22 points you would lose:

8 x $10 = $80

The more you are right, the more you win – but the more you are wrong, the more you lose. You can watch this video, which explains the system. 

Points Betting Website

How is PointsBet Different to Spread Betting?

As you can see, there is more scope to points betting than traditional betting on the spread. The old way just allows you to predict if a team will get more football points, for example, than the over/under. There are other more traditional ways to read odds.

Points betting takes into consideration every last one of those NFL points. The bet is not over until the end of the game and all the football points are counted up.

This obviously opens customers up to the possibility of losing more than their original stake. But the positives can also be far above what has been placed on the wager.

If the Giants beat the over/under against the 49ers by 20 points, for example, all those NFL points could mean even more profit.

How Can I Play PointsBet NJ?

PointsBet NJ is open to anyone within the Garden State – you don’t have to be a resident, you just have to be in New Jersey at the time you want to play.

Sign up for a customer account with PointsBet and you will be able to make your selection on a whole host of player and team markets looking at the points totals in big events. You can even get the PointsBet app.

Go to the PointsBet and follow the very straightforward instructions for signing up for a new customer account. You will just need to provide some personal details such as name, address, email and mobile number – along with some basic security details that will be used when you log into your account in the future.

You will need to deposit some funds into your account to get things going – but once you have, you can discover the hundreds of betting markets open to you as a customer account holder.

Points Betting Bet Types

Points Betting Verdict

It is not always easy to introduce a whole new way of betting – as customers can get very comfortable with the same old markets and the same old wagers.

But PointsBet is bringing something new to the table. This seems like an exciting new way to bet on sports – and whether it is NBA, NFL or any other major league, there are countless new ways to make big money on the number of points scored.

Check out the PointsBet site for more details and register for a new account to discover points betting – it could be the future of sports betting!