DK Horse Bonus Code

The collaboration between DraftKings and Churchill Downs Incorporated has bourne out a unique horse racing platform and a potential DK Horse bonus code. The platform in question will solely focus on allowing users to wager on horse racing markets. What will it look like, what the bonus code is, and will there be a welcome offer? We discuss everything below.

DK Horse Bonus Code

While we wait for DK Horse to go live you can check our DraftKings SportsBook review.

DK Horse Bonus Code Offer

Instead of using DraftKings sportsbook, you will soon be able to use DK Horse as your dedicated online betting platform for horse racing. There is no doubt that the brand will kick things off with an interesting welcome offer which will allow it to bring in new customers.

DK Horse Bonus CodeTBA
When Will DK Horse Be Available?Expected around May 2023
States Available:Initially, Massachusetts, Colorado, Indiana, Washington, and West Virginia
Last Verified:November 2023

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Being that we don’t know a lot about the bonus, we can only assume the related conditions. The bonus will most definitely be given to users that are present in the states where DK Horse launches. The idea is to reach about 21 states in total. But we think that the initial number will be less than that.

All in all, the bonus is only provided to players of legal age from each state. They need to register an account and complete all the qualifying steps. At the same time the bonus is released, we will know more about what the terms of it are.

DK Horse Racing Registration Process

To be able to use the DK Horse Racing site and their mobile app, you are going to have to register an account. You are most likely going to need to do the following.

  1. Open the main website or download the app.
  2. Find and press the registration button.
  3. Provide the required registration information.
  4. Type in the DK Horse bonus code if available.
  5. Confirm your registration.

DraftKings Horse Racing Mobile App

While DraftKings already have a sportsbook and casino app all rolled into one; they don’t have a specific DraftKings horse racing app. This is where the DK horse racing app should appear in its stead. Acting as a dedicated platform for horse racing events.

We are expecting the launch of the DK Horse racing app to come out at the same time as the launch of the subsidiary brand. While we do expect to see a mobile site as well, there is no doubt that the app will take up a much bigger load of players compared to other systems of use.

When Will DK Horse App Launch?

While exact details are still not firmly confirmed, we are expecting to see the brand available somewhere before the start of the 2023 Kentucky Derby. To be precise, the launch should take place around May 6, 2023.

It is said that the CDI will provide DraftKings with pari-mutuel betting rights to all horse racing content. This, of course, includes the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby, among others.

Betting Options

DK Horse Racing wagering offer will differ compared to the regular DraftKings sportsbook. While fans will be able to find a plethora of sports markets on the DraftKings site, including football, basketball, hockey, and more, DK Horse will only concentrate on horse racing events. So if you are a horse race betting enthusiast, we suggest giving this app a go.

Customer Service

While we wait for the completion and release of the site and the app, we are also hoping that professional customer service is going to be implemented. Mainly, we hope that they add a variety of ways for people to contact them, like a live chat, email, or even a contact form. That way, players will be able to learn the necessary details about betting offers. For instance, how to use the DK horse bonus code or many other things they may need.

Review Conclusion

Splitting things up and creating a dedicated app and platform for horse racing only is an excellent idea. Horse racing is viewed as a separate niche by some and does deserve a separate part on any betting platform. The idea of creating its own thing will work fine for horse race bettors. It will allow them to concentrate on the market that they are specifically interested in.

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