ACC Championship Odds 2021

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The Atlantic Coast Conference – or ACC as it’s known – is a collegiate football conference based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. Belonging to the Power Five conferences, it currently consists of 15 members. However, only 14 members participate in ACC football. We will discuss ACC championship odds and ACC championship predictions in our review of collegiate football so you can be an informed bettor. 

ACC Championship Betting Odds

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FanDuel, one of the more widely respected online sportsbooks puts out their own list of ACC championship odds. Fanduel’s ACC championship predictions are important to consider before doing any betting. However, since their ACC Championship odds have not yet been announced, here are their national championship odds. Listed as positive numbers on the money line, this will give you an idea of where their ACC championship odds will lie. 

  • Boston College +40000
  • Clemson University +200
  • Duke University +20000
  • Georgia Institute of Technology +40000
  • Florida State University +10000
  • North Carolina State University +20000
  • Syracuse University +20000
  • University of Louisville +20000
  • University of Miami +6000
  • University of North Carolina +8000
  • University of Pittsburgh +30000
  • University of Virginia +20000
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University +20000
  • Wake Forest University +40000

ACC Football Format

In football, the ACC is divided into two divisions referred to as “Atlantic” and “Coastal” though these have no geographic basis for the distinction. They are the only NCAA Division I conference who do not divide teams geographically. The structure currently functions as follows. 

  • Six games for each division. (Each consists of three home games and three away)
  • A game against a “permanent rival” which is a team from the other division. These match-ups are always the same and are as follows (Atlantic Division teams listed first). 
    • Boston College & Virginia Tech
    • Clemson University & Georgia Tech
    • Florida State University & University of Miami
    • University of Louisville & University of Virginia
    • North Carolina State University & University of North Carolina 
    • Syracuse University & University of Pittsburgh
    • Wake Forest University & Duke University
  • A cross-division rotating game. In addition to the permanent cross-division game, there is also another rotating game. These opponents will only face each other twice in 12 years. 
  • Finally, there are four non-conference games. One of these games is against Notre Dame as they are not technically a part of the ACC football division. They play five ACC opponents each season. Also, ACC members are required to play a game against any team in the Power 5 conferences. (Notre Dame counts here.)

List of ACC Champions

The ACC has long been respected as having some of the best collegiate competitors in the country. Eleven of their teams have won the ACC Championship and eight of them have won national championships. Additionally, since 2013, ACC football teams have won more national titles than any other conference. Here is a list of all teams who have brought home both ACC and National Championship wins. 

ACC ChampionshipNational Championship
Clemson UniversityClemson University
Florida State UniversityFlorida State
University of Maryland*University of Maryland*
Duke UniversityGeorgia Tech
North Carolina StateBoston College
University of North CarolinaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Virginia TechUniversity of Miami
Georgia TechUniversity of Notre Dame
University of Virginia
Wake Forest University
University of South Carolina*
*These schools are former ACC members. 

Most ACC Championship Titles

The schools with the most championship titles are listed in descending order as follows. Notice that the team listed with the most wins and also the highest national and likely ACC Championship odds has been consistent–the Clemson Tigers. Clemson is also the most recent ACC Championship winners holding the title for an impressive five consecutive years. They are considered to be the ACC’s most valuable team. 

  1. Clemson University – 19 wins
  2. Florida State University – 15 wins 
  3. University of Maryland – 9 wins 
  4. Duke University – 7 wins
  5. North Carolina State – 7 wins
  6. University of North Carolina – 5 wins
  7. Virginia Tech – 4 wins
  8. Georgia Tech – 2 wins
  9. University of Virginia – 2 wins
  10. Wake Forest University – 2 wins
  11. University of South Carolina – 1 win

2019 ACC Championship Recap

Played on December 7, 2019, the ACC Championship game was held at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. For the fifth year running, the Clemson Tigers managed to win, beating out the Virginia Cavaliers with a staggering 62-17 sweep. 

The 2019 ACC football championship named Tee Higgins; Clemson’s wide receiver as MVP. At only 21 years old, Higgins is considered to be one of the top 20 NFL recruits in the country. Clemson entered the 2019 ACC Championship game favored to win over Virginia after an undefeated 12-0 season. The Tigers were also coming off another big win; the national championships. This was the Cavaliers’ first appearance in an ACC football championship.

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